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A short explaination of what might be The Great War


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The beginning



Kronorium intel: "In the beginning, there were only the Keepers"

The beginning, what is the meaning of that: The beginning of the multiverse? Of everything? Of this human era? The beginning of everything is impossible, because there were things before the Keepers: The Aether, the life force, the First One and probably also the Summoning Key. 



The Keepers, we know they have fought a war against their corrupted selves, later the Apothicans, to finally ascend and become the wards of the multiverse. But what happened before this very first war. Or isnt it even the first war? Lets look at the second sentence from that cipher:


Kronorium intel: "but then corruption of the dark Aether leached its way into the realm and twisted the mind of some of the Keepers. "

If the Keepers lived in the Aether before the Great War, the word "realm" would have been replaced by "dimension" or even "Aether". So the Keepers didn’t used to inhabite the Aether. Only after the defeat of the corrupted Keepers, they would, like in another cipher said, "ascend and become the wards of all universes." That would be the moment when the Keepers went into the Aether. They ascended from darkness into the Fourth Dimension, a known as Aether, Agatha by the Buddhists, Asar by the Scandinavians, Amenti by the Egyptians, Alberi by the Persians, Walhalla by the Germans and many more names. This mythical place contained the city called Shangri La, El Dorado, City of Sun, and many, many more names.

But were did the Keepers live before the Great War?  There are many theories of what the residents of Agartha originate from. Many ancient mythologies and legends talk about a huge war being fought in the past, with as result the beginning of the human era we know.


The War


Lets begin with the Scandinavian myths, where this war between the so called "gods" is called the Ragnarok: A great battle leading to the occurrence of various natural disasters and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, some gods survive this all and the world will be reborn.
There are also mythos known about two master races, living in Atlantis and Lumeria. .These two places were in war with each other, but I think it is meant as metonyms: Atlantis stands for the Keepers, and Lumeria for the corrupted ones. Note that Zetsubou No Shima takes place in Nan Madol, a place that is theorized to be a remain of Lumeria. Nan Madol is also a city in which a squid-like creature (Apothican) resides in the book "the Call of Cthulhu".


In the tales of Atlantis and also in Aztec myths, this war was fought with some kind of UFO's. Indian myths talk about Vimanas: Flying pyramids that were used during a war between gods. We can see these pyramids in the Shangri La and Moon loading screens. It were these things that inspired the Nazi's to create the anti-gravity device Die Glocke.
Beside these UFO's, the war was also fought with Vrill Rods, the ones we see in the Call of the Dead, Moon and Der Eisendrache Easter eggs. These rods are powered by Vrill force, and have therefore unimaginable much power, which can be used to build things, move things, enpower things, but also destruct things. In the Great War, they were used as generators to move the Vimanas, but also as very destructive weapons. In almost every culture, cult and religion that talks about this war large fireballs are also mentioned. What this could be was previously unknown, until a South American archeologist named Harrold Wilkins came with a theory: that the Keepers, Atlantians, Hyperboreallians, Vrill Ya or however you call them went to Agartha to escape the radio active fallout resulting from a nuclear war they fought. Also, the Atlantian tales, the Scandinavian Ragnarok and even the Christian Bible mention a flood that will make this "Old World" disappear, and later reborn the world with as result our known history. The flood was ment to destroy all evil and end the war. Was that a plan of the Keepers?


UFO's, supreme power rods, nuclear bombs…. These beings were much more technological developed than we are in the present. Now here comes my question: Could these creatures have been humans? Could it be us in the far future, of which some of us are corrupted by the Dark Aether, starting a war against us own. And after this war, could it be our future us ascending to the Aether, becoming the wards of all multiverses. And after this war let our history start over again, as a enormous loop? By releasing the Apothicans, Primis would have broken this loop.

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