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Takeo's Katana

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Ok so I and many others agree that Takeo's katana is a pretty epic weapon but my question is that if Treyarch had planned on adding it in, why didn't they do it in Zetsubo. Wouldn't it make sense to have Takeo's sword in Takeo's map. I just think that it would have made Zetsubo so much better and it would have fit the story much better. That's just my opinion however I love that katana whatever map its in.



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I agree with you. putting the katana is revelations and NOT on zetsoubo was quite odd and I didn't really understand why they had made this decision.

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Probably wasn't even planned, just a bit of a last minute idea I'd imagine, or maybe they did plan it all along but wanted it to be special, hence the requirement of competing all the EEs. They could have patched it in to ZNS now though.

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Good point, thought it was a lost hope when I didn't see it in Zetsubou after a month or so of people searching for EEs. Anyone know how long it's a one hit kill? Thinking of finding out and making a video if it's still unknown...

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