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No Siberian Outpost in BO3?


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"Does the Siberian Outpost exist in the Der Eisendrache universe?" It might be a risky thing to say, and you probably  think "Why not?". I wanna say that I self really don’t know, but in the following thread I will talk about the idea of the Eagle's Nest being the "Siberian Outpost" of that universe.

Point 1: The Siberian Outpost is never mentioned in any quotes, ciphers or radios. What was exactly the function of the Siberian Outpost in Black Ops 1? The things we know about it is that it was a place where Richthofen experimented on his testsubjects: Nikolai, Takeo, Tank and the Mexican subject Pablo, who eventually died because his spleen was cut out. Lets look to the following cipher in Der Eisendrache:


"My name is Pablo or at least I think it is or was, I don’t know anymore. I have been locked away, held prisoner in this cell for many months by German scientists. They keep experimenting on me pumping me full of some blue liquid. I think it is responsible for the repeated visions I have been having which I swear look and feel real. In this vision my name is Pablo Marinus and I am a knight coming back from the crusades {{unknown}} fight in a great battle against strange demon like creatures who are trying to devour the earth. At one point it appears I am doomed, trapped in the tentacles of a great three headed beast, when suddenly four knights decimate it with magical elemental staves saving me from certain death. There are {{unknown}} other worldly creatures that fight on our side against the demons. The creepy thing is that the sigils on their tunics resemble the ones I noticed on stones here at the castle as I was being brought to my cell. I just hope I can eventually find a way to escape this."

From this cipher it is clear that Pablo was imprisoned and experimented on in Eagle's Nest, instead of the Siberian Outpost. On the projector in the castle you can see Pablo's spleen, probably meaning that Pablo's spleen incident and his death also happened here.
Now a cipher from Zetsubou No Shima:


"Entry 56: Just finished a very long shift. We were awaiting the test subjects arrival from the castle but they never showed. Those group 935 pigs didnt even bother to radio the asylum to let us know they were not coming. I am getting sick of those arrogant scientists. They have given the asylum the nickname Verruckt Asylum. I loathe it. We are as every bit as important to the completion of project as they are."

From here it seems that Division 9 gained testsubjects from Der Eisendrache. This is off course no proof that there is no Siberian Outpost, but it would be more logical if Group 935 would sent testsubjects from the Siberian Outpost to Division 9.
As a last piece of possible proof: The Golden Vrill Rod. In Black Ops 1, this item is present in the map Call of the Dead, taking place in the Siberian Outpost. In Black Ops 3, this device is in Eagle's Nest. Coincidence? It could be possible that there are more than 1 of such Rods, or that the Rod is transported later to the Siberian Outpost, but it fits so perfect in this idea of Eagle's Nest having the function of the Siberian Outpost.


Once again, I really don’t know what to think of this, but I just thought of it and I wonder what you guys think about this.

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