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I have read on the forum that it is unlikely that this Easter Egg hinges on the Spark from the truck light.  It really would not surprise me a bit if you could lose the spark and forfeit your chances of not completing the Easter Egg.  If this in fact the last hurrah, and the Easter Egg has not been found yet, then I would say that there is a good possibility that the reason we have not found it yet is because someone lost the spark.  Why would they give us the spark in the beginning and make it so damn difficult to keep while maneuvering around the map.  Let's see, 4 players, 4 generators, and Blue Lightning?  Sounds like it is at least worth checking into.  I have not tried it yet, but @noobslayer935 might be on to something.  I will be trying to do this later in the week.  That spark is the key, I'm sure ,of it.  Unlock it's mystery and the Easter Egg will be revealed!!!

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I'm not suggesting that the wisp (spark) is the key to everything, but I do believe it is the key to progression. What interests me the most about this topic is that it's being put on the back burner by the zombies community. I have yet to see a video other than Glitching Queen's that examines in detail the possible uses of the wisp.

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