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boss fight

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hi all, been playing zombies since the waw days, but only just starting to do easter eggs, never really bothered only played to survive before, this is the first ive attempted  usually play co-op with a mate and the past 3 or 4 playthroughs, get to the boss fight and usually die, just wondering what you guys think is the best set up and gobblegums for a 2 player run through, don't usually get to the boss fight until round 21/22


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It doesnt matter if you go in a Higher round

Set Up: (my fav)

Perks: Jugg, Stamin up. Double tap,qr

Storm Bow shield

Gg: To Stay Save aftertaste 

Thats all you need for solo


 Coop  is Harder because a Panzer spawns in the last keeper round

To play safe in Coop Both Should have 

Jugg,qr,stamin Up and a fourth (or just perkaholic who cares)

Storm Bow and the other Player could use Monkey bombs 

As Secondary weapon a paped shotgun or the paped dingo

Gg: aftertaste

You Should Both Run in one direction 

Take your time with the panzer and play safe - just Keep running and Shoot if you are safe

In the last Step you need To Take care of a Panzer

I never tried To Catch the Panzer which spawns with the Second ragnarok but Maybe it is worth a try

Just Keep going a Second round in the last step but take the panzer out as fast as possible


If you want to get the ee faster do it solo 





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I usually get to the boss round around round 20 and I can't quite seem to ever beat him. I'd like to try co-op but need a good partner.

I've experimented with Arsenal Accelerator thinking it'd be great to recharge the DG4...it's not. I found the storm bow, drakon, and dingo/haymaker is the way to go.


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Took about a dozen tries but I finally beat the boss on solo. After doing the steps so many times I was consistently ready for the boss by Round 15.


Tried many gum balls, Danger Closest was what made the difference for me. I felt it gave me enough immunity from the Panzers to run around and recharge my ragnarok for a little while. For weapons I only had the lightning bow and upgraded Dredge with blast furnace.


All I have left is Gorod Krovi to do.

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