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Possible easter egg step

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So after playing some revelations today i spotted something. If you look around the map there are big blue 115 crystals floating in the air. At first i thought nothing of them. But after playing today and whilst  upgrading the apothicon servant, my shot swayed off and hit one of the blue rocks and instead. At first i though it would clip through but it actually collided with the rock and had the same effect as if hitting the rocks you needed to upgrade the thing. After upgrading i tried to hit them again, it hit but did not consume the rock. i later tried with the xm-53, hoping it may shatter the rock. Alas it did not. So i was wondering. These rocks have to be part of a step if they are colidable right? (https://twitter.com/thekooldude65/with_replies there is a pic of the rock here on my twitter)


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hey guys, new to this forum but i noticed you are looking for an easter egg step, me and my friends were playing last night and when in the belly of the worm there is stomach acid.


i thought maybe if you kill zombies in the acid you are feeding the worm? we kept going down because there was that many zombies, ill give it a go today on my own to see if i can get further but i noticed when you kill the zombies inside the acid you are feeding the worm? what happens when this is complete has anyone managed this step? let me know thanks or add me on PSN suttie420.



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