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Change Map Difficulty


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Now I know the last DLC is coming very soon and this feature probably wont ever get added, but why hasn't there been a setting to change the difficulty of the map that you're playing on. In Campaign you can choose from five difficulty settings which include Recruit, Regular, Hardened, Veteran and Realistic. Realistic difficulty was quite rage inducing since I spent hours and hours trying to complete it. Even in multiplayer the custom game you can customize you bots difficulty which a lot of games have but is still an addition to Black Ops III. Even in Nightmares!!! The hidden game mode that not many of my friends and people know about and is in the BONUS section of the game along with. Now I know what you're thinking oh if you can change the difficulty of Zombies then the Main Easter Egg would be a peace of cake, but NO that's not what changing the difficulty is for.


What would changing the difficulty of a zombies game do? Well for a classic and basic example where a Regular difficulty is the same as what zombies is as of now. Well for new players and experienced zombies players why not bring in Recruit, so what would be different you might ask and here's what I suggest!


Recruit - Zombies do less damage, You're starting Pistol is buffed, You are not able to complete the Easter Egg, PaP cost less, You are not able to earn achievements, Wonder Weapons are a little bit easier to draw from the box, Buying perks cost half as much along with gobble-gums, and finally you are not able to use mega gobble-gums


Regular - The current zombies stays exactly the same


Hardened - For experienced zombies players, Zombies do more damage and can swing faster, guns do less damage, harder to draw wonder weapons from the box, some steps on the Easter Egg take a longer time to complete, the Zombie Shield has one less boost and takes less hits, the Dragon Shield has one less flame thrower thing and can take less hits, weapons contain less ammo, the perks, gobble-gum, PaP cost less, zombies move faster you and you can't run for as long of duration.


Now I know what you're thinking "No recruit is too easy or Hardened is too hard" but seriously these are jut some ideas for players who need A LOT of help in a zombies game or for players who are good and really want a challenge, anyway just an idea

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Well I kinda like this idea and kinda not. In BO2 we had easy mode. Which I used a few times in Tranzit. It was actually good for learning the map, but otherwise there is no use for it for players who have played even a bit of zombies... It's just outright boringly easy for even the average player like me.


Now to give my thought about your recruit and hardened modes...


Recruit - first of all wonder weapons are in the box only in half of the maps. And yeah you shouldn't be able to do even the first step of easter egg in recruit mode (so you can't just practice everything easily). Making everything to cost less too as well as making zombies easier... it feels like you don't actually "learn" that much. I'd rather get a "tutorial mode" which actually tells you some tips and maybe zombies have slightly less health or something...


And the hardened mode... it just seems... I think the community would play this as a challenge, but otherwise it's not that great. First of all if weapons do less damage, they should remove the double-pack-a-punch in this one. Cause they give unlimited damage. Zombies do more damage and are faster, but player can't sprint as long? Feels like it would be unfair actually. Why would perks, gobblegums and pap cost less if this is supposed to be harder?


I don't think there is really a need for different difficulties... You can do your own challenges if you want to play a harder game. 

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