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"Accept Your Fate, Begin Anew!" Theory

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"Accept Your Fate, BEGIN ANEW!"


This line has been brought up time and time again, and yet it still seems to be one of the most overlooked quotes in Zombies history. It is essentially establishing a canonical rule of the Call of Duty Zombies storyline. There was a time loop in Shangri-La, and it would repeat the cycle only once all people in said cycle died. There was a time loop in Die Rise, and it would repeat the cycle only once all people in said cycle died. There was a time loop in Mob of the Dead, and it would repeat the cycle only once all people in said cycle died. The pattern is quite clear. And so, we begin to see the significance of "accept your fate, begin anew".


There has been an astonishing amount of evidence suggesting there being a time loop starting right before Origins, and ending most likely at Revelations. I have another post where I am compiling that evidence, but it is still a work in progress (going through audio files can take awhile). I will just list a few of the more significant pieces of evidence here. #1: Richtofen has the blood vials before Origins. #2: Nikolai had the dent in his bulletproof vest from being shot by his other self before Origins. #3: "The loop must be closed"-Quote from Maxis, Samantha, S.O.P.H.I.A., and I believe Richtofen as well but don't quote me on that.


And then #4: The topic of this theory. Why are the characters killing each other in the trailers that we keep seeing? There was a cipher that stated that they had to go to specific universes to kill specific versions of themselves at a specific time and place. This cipher also stated that they would only be successful once all versions of themselves were eliminated across all universes. Blundell then put a different spin on that cipher in an interview. He stated that they had to do that in order to eliminate all versions across all universes. In other words, killing that specific version of a character, at that place, at that time, would cause a chain reaction across the multiverse that eliminates all versions of said character. This would explain the inconsistencies in Der Eisendrache with Richtofen being dead before enacting security protocol 935. This would explain Takeo never being taken as a test subject by 935, thus being left to Division 9. This would explain how everything gets further and further from the way things were supposed to unfold.


So, what happens when they miss their opportunity for starting that chain reaction? They have no choice but to restart. These aren't other versions of the Origins crew in other universes that failed. This is the one and only Origins crew that is stuck in a cycle. They screw up, Richtofen reveals to them the truth that they need to accept their fate and begin anew. Obviously, not everyone in the group would be open to suicide. Thus, they turn on one another. They kill each other to begin again.


Well, that is what I believe to be the best explanation for these trailers. Let me know what you think of this theory.

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