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Wishlist for IW Zombies?

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So with Infinite Warfare zombies, I'm really not sure what to expect. But I hope it has the following traits:


- Not taking itself too seriously. Treyarch zombies taking itself mostly seriously is fine, I'd just like to see IW take a different direction. Variety in the spice of life.


- Unique locations. Exo-zombies was terrible at this where Treyarch excelled. All the locations in Exo-zombies were pretty bland and all the same. I think IW zombies is covered in this department with the first map seemingly being in a movie theater.


- Creating new ideas. Exo-zombies had some new, good and not so good ideas. But with the mistakes learned, hopefully IW can create some new ideas for zombies that could even influence SH or Treyarch games in the future. Zombies after all was always a testing ground for ideas Treyarch didn't think would work elsewhere.


- A useful, intuitive upgrade system. Exo-zombies' upgrade system was garbage, like literal garbage. You never felt a sense of power from your upgrades. Whereas upgrading in Treyarch games is something you work for, in Exo-zombies it was a chore, something you had to do to keep up the pace with the rounds.


- New perk ideas jesus please. Treyarch has had a dry spell with perks recently, putting all their creativity into the gobblegums, which are cool too, but some new original perks would be a neat addition to the mode.


- No microtransactions. This is the only wish I feel almost cannot be fulfilled. Activision will find some way to get more money from the mode, if not gobblegums, then something new. Gobblegums still at least have somewhat of a rarity factor, so it isn't completely pay-to-win. But the mode could potentially be ruined by having App Store-like microtransactions like buying lives if you die. Ugh. I'm getting sick just thinking about all the high round runs where they just keep buying lives. Sorry if I triggered anyone. I know I am.


- The story can be goofy, but have the characters be likeable. Please don't have these characters be generic personalities. They should all have some relevance to what is going on. Zombies has always had that problem with the four man teams where there is always that third, and sometimes fourth wheel character who doesn't really have any meaningful backstory, doesn't really say or do much, and doesn't really have any investment in what is going on. Or they are just overshadowed by the other personalities.


- Also avoid famous actors for the characters. This works in certain cases, such as Mob of the Dead and Shadows of Evil. But these are one-off maps and that's why they work. Exo-zombies had the same actors for four maps straight, and it was clear they had no investment in the characters they played. A better idea would be having famous voice actors voicing them. I mean our main zombies crew has a set of voice actors with a huge deal of famous voicework. They are paid to have eccentric, recognizable voices. Actors are paid to act on film. So take your pick. Even the TranZit crew had some recognizable voices in the cast. (Voice of Marlton voiced Robin in Teen Titans, voice of Misty is the voice of female protagonists in many games.)


Anything on your wishlists I missed?

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