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Pokemon Go!

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Well, have you guys played it? what do you think about it?


I have personally been a fan of pokemon and pokemon games since generation 1 and as the pokemons in Pokemon Go are currently 1st Gen I thought I'd give it a go. And damn I like it! There's still a lot it can improve but I find it very addicting and fun.


I like how it basically forces you to go out and search for the pokemons. Just be careful and look where you're going so you don't end up in dangerous situations. The tracking system doesn't work at all at the moment which is a bit shame, but they'll probably get this fixed at somepoint. Also I think the pokemon spawn rates are a bit dumb... (I find pidgeys, rattatas and weedles everywhere I go... they could at least make it so more COMMON pokemons spawn in constantly). I get that the "better" and rarer pokemon are not an everyday catch, but if something like even Caterpies are uncommon idk...


At the moment the 151 1st gen pokemons are enough (although I think you can't get the legendaries yet), but I'm pretty sure they'll add more generations as time goes on... otherwise the game gets boring and after you have all 151 pokemons, there's not much you can do actually. Also I think they'll adding a trading system, which makes completing Pokedex a lot more easier. I have played for like 4-5 days and I have 38 registered pokemon in Pokedex. I think it's good so far and there's still a lot of pokemons to catch :D

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