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Moar of The Giant

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This is a companion thread to my SoE thread "Moar Zombie Maps Inside!" and the Der Eisendrache "Moar DE..." thread, dissecting and discussing the map and playing options. (Note that these 2 mentioned threads have been renamed "Moar of Shadows of Evil" and "Moar of Der Eisendrache", so all of my "Moar of..." threads align and can he searched easily. I have a Moar thread for each map except Gorod Krovi so far. 1.25.2019).


Too often, I hear "The Giant is just DR reprinted, so go read up on that". But not everyone played WaW or the BO1 reprints, and the game is a little different now too, with Gobblegum, different weapon-types in old spots (Shotgun is on Thompson side), extra Perks, Perks and Box that randomize, and the Annihilator. Even the way the zombies move is changed (note that they fall into the tunnel now).


So, this thread is here to describe the map rooms, item locations in said rooms, common map openings, uncommon map openings, unusual gameplay options, and camping and training spots of varying quality.


Most abreviations are as SoE "Moar" thread, but in short:


(####) = Amount of points to purchase or use item.


TP = Teleporter (TP A, TP B, TP C). Note that they are called teleporter 1, 2, and 3 by the Maxis Voice (announcer).

BL = Box Location (950).

PL = Perk Location (Various Pricing).

GG and GGm = GobbleGum and GG Machine. GGm prices are not listed, starts at (500) each round.

MB = Monkey Bomb.

TM = Trip Mine (1000).

BK = Bowie Knife (3000).

PaP = Pack-A-Punch Machine (5000/2500).

Trap = Electric Trap (1000).

MF = Mainframe.


1. Camp = Move little while mostly facing one direction.

>Window = Window watching player [calls out if swarmed]

>Marksman = Headshotter [Calls out reloads].

>Shortstop = Often between Window and Marksmen, helps Marksmen mostly, but is also Window's definitive back-up, giving support where needed [Should have MB, and fast reflexes].


2. Train = Move around zombies.

>Loop = Long distance training around map.

>Circle = Train in a relative circle around zombies in a single spot.

>Reverse = Turn tight 180° to go back the way you came, either making an 8 or C shape, or if blocked while looping/circling.


Areas and Items Available:


[Stand at PaP, face Clock. TP A area will be to the <Left; first room on left is Room L1. TP B area will be >Right; First area on Right is Room R1. Many rooms have specific names, (even several), so I'll use this method to start, then address individual rooms of note after]. 


(< is Left, > is Right, - is centered)


-Mainframe (Pack-a-punch): All players load here at Start. Each Teleporter takes you here.

Items: Shieva (500), RK5 (500), PaP [Link all 3 TPs to Mainframe to access PaP].

Doors: Ramp Door (750), to Room L1. Steps Door (750) to Room R1.


<Room L1 (Aisle 4, Flytrap hall, The Alley): This is the end of a hall of the Concourse that makes up the middle of the map once power is on. It is blocked off by a metal wall until then, making it a room.

Items: GGm, L-CAR-9 (750), Trap w/L2 open.

Doors: Mainframe door (750), Room L2 door (750), Power-activated door to Concourse.


>Room R1: This is the end of a hall of the Concourse that makes up the middle of the map once power is on. It is blocked off by a metal wall until then, making it a room.

Items: GGm, KRM-262 (750), Trap w/R2 open.

Doors: Mainframe door (750), Room R2 door (750), Power-activated door to Concourse.


<Room L2 (Animal Testing, Lower Left):

Items: GGm, Kuda (1250), BL, Trap w/L1 open.

Doors: Room L1 (750), TP A (1250), Upstairs Left (1000).


>Room R2 (Warehouse, Garage, Thompson Room, Lower Right):

Items: VMP, BL, PL, Trap w/R1 open.

Doors: Room R1 (750), Upstairs Right (1000).


<Upstairs Left (Juggernog Hall): [Juggernog likely won't be there, but that's it's old name].

Items: Trip Mines (1000), PL.

Doors: L2 (Animal Testing) (1000). Drop spot to Concourse below. Bridge to Upstairs Right with power on.


>Upstairs Right (Double Tap Ledge [DT2 likely won't be there, but that's the old name], The Ledge).

Items: PL, GGm.

Doors: R2 (Lower Right) (1000), TP B (750). Drop spot to Concourse below. Bridge to Upstairs Left with power on.


<Teleporter A: (Left TP).

Items: TP to MF (1500), M8A7 (1500), BL, Frags (250).

Doors: From L2 (Animal Testing) (1250). If you are here, it's open. 


>Teleporter B: (Right TP, Upstairs).

Items: TP to MF (1500), HVK-30 (1600), BL, Frags (250).

Doors: From Upstairs Right (750). If you are here, it's open.


-Concourse: (Power, by Power Switch, by ?Box [it always started here in Der Riese]).

Items: Vesper (1250), PL, BL, (Hidden PL too), Trap, Power Switch [Activating Power Switch activates PaP, Perks, and lowers the Bridge and the metal walls by L1, and R1, making them ends of hallways of the Concourse, and therfore connecting the map in one or possibly two paths back up top to the Bridge. If Room L1 was not open at all, that area is now a team camp spot].

Doors: TP C (1250), 2 simultaneous power-activated doors to Rooms L1 and R1.


-Teleporter C: [Opposite end of map from mainframe].

Items: TP to MF (1500), GGm, KN-44 (1400), Frags (250), PL, BK (3000).

Doors: From Concourse (1250). If you are here, it's open.


☆That's the basic content of The Giant's areas.


☆Specific Areas and Uses:


Each TP Room.

>1. Camp 4 player. Basically 2 Window, 2 Marksmen.


TP 😄

>1. 'The Catwalk'. Go up the tall steps, camp at the end, 1-4 players. 1 player can be in the opening over BK (solo or mp).

>2. The Floor solo: Good circle training, and run up KN-44 steps and jump off/repeat is effective.

>3. 4 Player Perk Camp. 1 Window, 2 Marksmen, 1 Shortstop. [Alternately: 1 Catwalk, 3 Perk Room]. This window is hard to maintain, i don't recommend this.

>4. Solo camp KN-44. Headshot w/Turned LMG. <30 Rounds.



>1. A CODZ member recommended running solo clockwise around vat next to frag room. 


Room L1: ["Clean up in Aisle 4"-Tank].

>1. 'Aisle 4': 2-4 Player Camp (Best w4).

Turn on Power through Right Side, come to Room L1. P1 is Window, P2 is Marksman, P3 is Marksman, P4 is Shortstop. [Players choose their role]. Emergency Escape w/Trap to L2, or EE to MF option.


Room R2 (Thompson Room, Lower Right, Garage, Warehouse):

>1. Open Left Side to Power, cross Bridge, open Stair Debris between Upstairs Right and Thompson. 

>1a. Camp. Walk down steps, make right, turn to face VMP wallbuy. Headshot. If 2+ players, mix with 1b. Emergency Escape to R1.

>1b. Camp. Down steps, cross room, go right to corner. If 2+ players, mix with 1a.

>1c. Solo Train. Near Trap door to R1. Mix with 1a, above. Emergency Escape to R1.

>2. Hard Camp 4 player. Instead, open R2 only from R1. 2 Window, 2 Marksmen. Semi-Escape to Upstairs Right. Electric Trap to reload and/or double up on Windows momentarily.

>2a. Solo Train. Activate Trap if desired.


Mainframe Room.

>1. RK5 Solo Camp. Camp by RK 5, circle as needed. May work with 2+. Seems to be best with Ramp Door closed.

>2. Camp 4 player. Ramp Door closed, Steps Door open. Windowman by Ramp Door, 2 Marksman by RK 5 (circle + camp), Shortstop on Mainframe proper (stay near PaP, watch railing break mostly).


Concourse: [area by Power Switch]

>1. Solo circles (or circle mp games alone here).

>2. MP lone player camp/circle. With campers at the catwalk, stay closer to the bridge than the Power Switch and you should get almost no rear attacks, stay left by barrels, headshot.


Room L2 (Animal Testing).

>1. 4 Player Camp. This should be easier than WaW. Open from L1. Don't open Steps Debris. [TP A can be open]. 2 window [effects may help each other], 2 Marksmen. L1+2 Trap can help. Emergency Escape Steps.


Room R1. (I call this Aisle 5).

>1. 4 Player Camp. This was doable, but hectic in WaW, should be easier in BO3. 1 Window man should be able to cover both windows with Sniper or LMG early, 1 Shortstop/Window back-up, leaving 2 Marksmen on Hallway. Emergency Escape: R2 Trap Door (possibly camp R2 next if R2 was still sealed), or EE to MF option.


Upstairs Left (Juggernog Hall).

[This was a disaster in WaW, I haven't tested it this in BO3, but I'll mention it].

>1. 4 man camp. 2 Window by perk. 2 Marksmen on Bridge. Communicate well.

>2. 4 man camp. 2 Marksmen on Bridge. 2 Marksmen by door to animal testing (By Trip Mines). Bridge players drop down to escape, Trip Mine players may drop down or open animal testing (L2) for escape.


"The Pit" (The Original, revisited) + "The Pit Extended". [For 'No Power' Game Modes. Only 'Anywhere But Here!' GG can get you out].

>1. 'The Pit'. Drop from Upstairs Left or Right. Do not activate Power nor open TP C. [Vesper, BL].

>1a. 'The Pit Extended'. As 1, but open TP C also. [Vesper, KN-44, BL x2, Bowie Knife, Frags, GGm].


Perks in The Giant: [5 Randomized Perk Locations as 'PL' above].

Any PL may be;


>Double Tap 2 (2000) [Fire 20% faster, each bullet becomes 2].

>Juggernog (2500) [Strength: 2 more zombie hits].

>Mule Kick (4000) [Carry 3rd gun until downed].

>Speed Cola (3000) [Faster reloads+].

>Quick Revive in 2-4 Player (1500) [Revive others time halved]. 


>Quick Revive Solo (500) [Self revive. 3 purchases allowed].


Hidden Perk: [Under snow in Aisle 4].

>Stamin-Up (2000) [Run some]


>Deadshot Daiquiri  (1500) [Headshotaide].


Expose hidden Perk: Get Monkey Bombs, throw an MB into a TP (weird sound), then (any player) teleport(s) to MF. Repeat for each TP. A green light will light up on the MF small panel each time. When all 3 are lit, a red button will flash. Hold X (ps# □) to activate.

The extra perk is randomly DD or SU.


Special Weapon (From "Hide and Seek"/Flytrap. Rechargeable): Annihilator Pistol; 15-shot high-power pistol.


Check the Zombies Library thread above for details of Special Weapons, Hidden Perks, and various 'Easter Eggs', if you are seeking that knowledge. Thanks to Pinnaz.

## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##


Map Builds: These designs will show how to utilize different areas or be for fun, like GobbleGame, No Power, or worse. Maps separated by ######...



Basic Giant Map 1: "Catwalk and Run"; Solo or 2P Loop [with guidance for beginners] [Map can be played by 4 players, loop is good for up to 2]. [This is the most common map opening of WaW, due to in-game factors of that time. Currently (BO3), this gives the quickest access to all perks, since a Perk Location has been added in R2].


[I used to start on the DT Ledge in WaW, but that ledge is harder in BO3, and The Catwalk is easier, so i often start at The Catwalk and then run the loop, giving me an easier headshot train at The Ledge.

Use caution with the "Warehouse Defense" electric Trap (R1-2) as it will cause massive respawn traffic coming down the steps. Freely use the "Bridge Defense" (Bridge Trap) around 30+ or when desired.



Specific Map openings only.


Map build:

From Mainframe, open Room R1 Door (750), Room R2 Door (750) [Recommend VMP (1300)], and the Steps Debris to Upper Right (1000) [Camp on Ledge opposite PL, or drop by Power Switch for early points].


Drop to Concourse, activate Power Switch. Open TP C (1250) Door. Link TP C to MF. [Recommend Bowie Knife early]. Make points. 


Open TP B (750) from Upstairs Right and link the TP.


Open Room L2 from Concourse Hallway (Aisle 4, Flytrap), open TP A from Room L2. Link TP. [Recommend ?Box. Recommend PaP].


Now, do the Loop: Drop off of Catwalk or Bridge Ledge, move to the other spot, using Bridge Trap as needed.


Run Circles/Reverses in TP C, Mainframe. Camp Mainframe, Catwalk, Ledge. [It's reasonable to Catwalk camp to 30+, then Loop].


Generally move and fire thusly:

1. (Either start here) Drop off Bridge Ledge, fire and/or activate Trap [always use switch nearest BL]. Move to TP C opening (past BKnife), turn and fire. Circle here if needed, go up steps, Camp in opening over BK and headshot until dangerous, drop. [Go to 2 below].


2. (Or start here) Dropped from Catwalk, run the Power Switch side of Concourse, activate Trap if desired, go through door to right, then head hard left towards perk location. As you approach Area R1, turn and fire. Move to Room R2, turn and fire and/or dash upstairs to Ledge, Camp until Dangerous. [Go to 1 above].


Repeat 1 and 2, use Teleporters as an escape route or "TP Dash" strategy. 

[TP Dash involves camping a TP until overrun, using that TP, then running to another, possibly using Traps on the way. It was an endgame strategy for when nothing else worked].


Optional "Aisle 4". Leave L1/L2 Trap Door closed, open TP A from Juggernog Hall (Upstairs Left). This gives "Aisle 4" 4 Player camp spot (L1), with Emergency Escape w/Trap.


Basic Giant Map 2: "Down in a Hole". [In WaW, it was rare to see this opening, but it offered interesting Thompson room options. It is much more player friendly in BO3].



Specific Map openings only. 


Map build:

Open Left Side to Power and TP A when able.

Open R2 (VMP/Thompson Room) from Upstairs Right only. (Do not open R1/R2 Trap Door unless Emergency Escape). 


This offers the Thompson Camp/Train, Left Side loop, and 4 player R1 Camp, as well as the usual Catwalk.


Optional: "ThompsOn"; Open Thompson from from R1. (Do not Open R2 Debris Steps to Upstairs Right).

4 player Thompson Camp w/Trap. Long path to TP B.


Optional: "ThompsOff"; Do not open R2 (Thompson) at all [may depend on R2 perk].

This offers 4 player R1 camp, with Emergency Escape w/Trap to "ThompsOn" 4 player camp above.


Old's Cool Maps: "The Pit" and "The Pit Extended". For Old's Cool Game Mode or GobbleGame Mode.


Game Modes explained:


>Old's Cool Game Modes = (See Old's Cool Mode under SoE 'Moar' thread for more details).

-In the Giant, your Old's Cool Options are: 1. No power. 2. No PaP. 3. Restricted PaP (No Alternate Ammo, or specific AA). 4. No Perks. 5. No Annihilator. 6. No BK. 7. Ban or Restrict GobbleGum (Limit which GG can be used or create specific packs).

Mix and match as desired.


>GobbleGame Game Mode: PaP and Perk purchases are Banned. Perkaholic, and Wall Power are Mandatory. [Could be No Power games, but not necessarily].


Back to the maps, now that the Game Modes are understood;


1. OC Map: "The Pit (the original)". 

[Hard] 1-4 Players.



Specific map openings.

Power Banned.

GobbleGum Banned.

You may purchase exactly 1 wall gun before you enter "The Pit".

You may purchase Trip Mine.


Map build: 

Open either side, exactly 3 Doors to Power. (Do not activate Power. Do not open TP C 1250 Door).


In The Pit, you have a Vesper wallbuy, and a BL with a 1 in 6 chance of the ?Box spawning there and that's all. At least you can take 3 hits.


2. OC Map: "The Pit Extension". (TPE).

[Medium] 1-4 Players.



Specific Map openings.

Power Banned.

'Anywhere But Here!' GG Banned.

You may purchase exactly 1 wall gun before entering "The Pit Extension".

You may purchase Trip Mine.

No other purchases allowed before entering "TPE".

(All wallbuys, GG, and ?Box locations that are in "TPE" are allowed).


Map build:

Open exactly 3 Doors to Power. (Do not activate Power).

Open TP C 1250 Door.


Available: [wallgun on way], [Trip Mine on way], Vesper, KN-44, Bowie Knife, Frags, GGm, BL x2 (Roughly 1 in 3 chance of ?Box).


Alternate TPE 1: As 2 above, but with GobbleGame Rules. (Wall Power and Perkaholic are Mandatory. ABH! is still Banned).


Alternate TPE 2: No Power, but allow all Door purchases, Mandate 'Anywhere But Here!' GG. Players play full map, only ABH! can get you out of TPE.

[+ option to play GobbleGame Game Mode; Pack includes ABH!, Wall Power, Perkaholic + 2 GG of choice]


OC Map: "Der Riese Reprint #2";



PaP Restricted [No Alternate Ammo allowed]. GobbleGum Banned. Annihilator Banned.


Map builds:

As desired.


"Seems like I've been here before, fuzzy then and still so obscure" -Born Cross-Eyed, the Grateful Dead. 


>The Other Old's Cool Builds and Ideas:


If you turn on Power, you are basically playing "The Giant", but you could still Ban TP areas*, or one side (Dont open Left or don't open Right), this would leave you without PaP, for a WaW ZV or SNN feel (With optional GG).


Otherwise, without power, you have the Pit (+Pit X), or you can build minimaps off of Mainframe for NDU style maps with varying guns (but you take 3 hits and have GG option). This is more fun than expected. I know that very few will try these, but you're the ones that I type for.


*OC Map: "The Not So Giant".


Rules: Restricted openings only. 


Map build: Do not open any of the 3 Teleporter Rooms.


What this means to game play: 1 Perk, by TPC will be inaccessible. PaP machine will be inaccessible. Box may be inaccessible or become inaccessible. Consider Wall Power GG. [Perk: Juggernog, Quick Revive, or possibly Mule Kick are the least needed].


4 Player camp options (not listed above): See above for other options.

>1. TPC door camp by power.

>2a. Animal testing (L2): Upper Left debris closed, open from L1. 3 Window, 1 Marksman with Trap option by L1.

>2b. Animal Testing (L2): Door to L1 closed, open steps debris to Upper Left. 1 Window by TPA, 2 Marksmen on Hallway, 1 Shortstop usually on Hallway.

>3. Exploit (if unpatched): Open Left Side, keep VMP steps debris closed. All zombies load in window by TPB door, if all players stay there. (Sort of cheating, but you won't break any records doing this, so have a laugh).



>NDU map options (should be obvious):


Play just the Mainframe Room only (Start Room Challenge).


Or Mainframe + L1 or R1, or both. (Adds gun and GGm).


Then maybe open L2 or R2, or both. (Adds decent SMG).


Then maybe add Upstairs Left or TP A area on Left, Add Upstairs Right, or all of these...et cetera, until you could play all but the Pit.


Maybe add Pit or TPE, and ABH! to escape.


I think that you get the idea. 


Have fun with 1-4 player NDU style games, use GobbleGame Mode if desired.


I've build you this NDU (Perkless) Style Map to point out the Wall Power GG and Annihilator trick.


>OC NDU style Map: "Annihilator Violator";



No Power. Specific Map openings. Wall Power GG Required. Do not enter The Pit (area by power). [May play GobbleGame Mode].


Map build:

Open Left Side to Bridge. Open TP A. Open Right Side to Bridge. Open TP B. (Do not enter Pit).


This accesses the entire map except "The Pit Extension" and the Bridge.


Get Wall Power and use it, activate Flytrap, shoot Bears and Monkey, get Annihilator Pistol.


[Flytrap: Go to L1, look out of map by the corner window, shoot the small switch on a column with a PaP'd gun. (Power-ups appear and fly away) (Gun must have some range).

Enter TP B area, go to left side of left vat, jump to see and shoot Bear in Vat (voice confirmation).

Go to Ledge, shoot Bear on highest fire escape above Power area (voice conf).

Go to TP A, shoot Cymbal Monkey in alcove under TP (sound and voice conf).

Go to Furnace in R2 (Thompson) hold X (PS# hold Square) to pick up Annihilator].


MP Camp Juggernog Hall, Ledge (don't drop), TP A, TP B, or Mainframe, Solo Mainframe. Trip Mines help slightly. Strong GobbleGum can change up the game play. 


NDU-Style Quick Start OC Maps: Remember, you have .5 Juggernog built in.


This is the best flow I've found for an NDU (perkless) map;


Simple Map build 1: Open Room R1 (KRM-262, GGm) and Room R2 (VMP, BL).


Fight by RK5, if routed, run to VMP, train and return to RK5. VMP for headshots, KRM for dogs.


Optionally, open Steps in R2 and open TPB for HVK-30 or extra box location, if desired.


Simple Map build 2: Open L1(L-CAR-9, GGm) and L2 (Kuda, BL) instead.


This map has terrible flow, forcing you to play the Mainframe mostly, but that works fairly well and plays differently than if you opened R1 and R2, for a different quick map experience.


Optionally, you can open TPA (M8A7, Frags, BL) and Upper Left (Trip Mines) without affecting gameplay much.


Hybrid Mode: "Earned it".

Start Old's Cool, finish Full Power.


1. Pick a Side (L or R). Open that side entirely, do not drop to power, do not open Doors on the other side.


2. Play the chosen side (and Mainframe) until the end of the first Dog Round. As soon as a player picks up the Dog-spawned Max Ammo, you must open the other side entirely.


3. Play on both sides until the end of the second Dog Round. As soon as a player picks up the Dog-spawned Max Ammo, drop to Power. Do not activate Power Switch.


4. Play "The Pit Extended" (TP C can be opened) until the end of the third Dog Round. As soon as a player picks up the Dog-spawned Max Ammo, activate Power and play as "The Giant" without restriction.


Racing Game for 2 or 4 players: "Powers Which?".


Start: Form 2 teams [Team Left, Team Right]. Each team can only play on their Map Side and Mainframe and purchase Doors and wall buys on their side.


Team that activates Power wins.


Notes: [Mostly for WaW players].


You take 3 hits to kill. 5 with Juggernog, instead of 2 + 4.


Guns can have earned attachments.


You can run and reload. 


Zombies are more aggressive, but easier to get around, unlike the 8 foot wide WaW zombies.


Zombies drop in tunnel now from "QR Room".


Zombies path erratically, not a smooth flow directly at you as WaW.


Bouncing Betties are replaced by the less effective Trip Mines. However, TMs can be held in hand for faster melee, or for slightly faster run if you have heavy guns.


Opening either side is viable now: a useful gun added and steps not frequently blocked by zombies on TP A side, as happened in WaW.


An SMG now awaits either side, the Shotgun (KRM-262 now) has moved to the first door out of the Mainframe on the Thompson side (R1). (Early shotgun is still a bad point making strategy, but if you love it, it's there).


The location of each Perk is randomized each game, like WaW Shi No Numa (5 perks though).


Quick Revive can be bought Solo 3x, for 3 self-revives (500 points), then the machine basically becomes invisible and inaccessable (it's still there though, don't get caught on it).


A fifth Perk Location was added in the Thompson Room (now VMP there), if you had the BO1 reprint and were connected to the internet, Mule Kick was there.


GobbleGum adds pizzazz. 5 machines dispersed around the map.


Training is generally much easier. 


Alternate Ammo (re-PaP guns for 2500):

1. Turned: Makes friendly zombie; Great for Camping, but not windows (no longer triggers out of map). Also good for emergency shotgun as the Turned zomb will immediately blast zombies away, like built-in Thunder Wall.

2. Thunder Wall: Verticle Thundergun effect; Blasts a few, looks silly, can be good in emergency.

3. Dead Wire: This causes a slow 'WW DG2' effect; Not great for hard camping as it blocks your view, and is underwhelming in other uses.

4. Blast Furnace: Great for circling; fire into crowd, crowd dies while you reload, gather horde, repeat. Decent window watching option.

5. Fire Works: Great for camping or circling. Works well at windows.


Instead of a reprint that was less than the original, as BO1 gave us, BO3's "The Giant" is at least as much fun as WaW's "Der Riese", if not more. 


Happy gaming!

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