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Moar of Der Eisendrache

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(Name changed to Moar of Der Eisendrache to align better with my other "Moar of..." threads).


This is the companion thread to my SoE thread; ("Moar Zombie Maps Inside!") which was recently retitled "Moar of Shadows of Evil" . This thread is about breaking DE into small maps and/or alternate-play game modes for variety, or shorter/faster games. See that SoE thread to better understand terms and acronyms used here.


This will have considerably less to say in the Survival Map section, as DE doesn't have quite the clever design that SoE has for multiple Survival Map builds, so this is mostly about Old's Cool Mode. [See Moar of The Giant also].


I'll be honest, even "Moar of The Giant" has more to offer. So...


Highlights of this Thread:

1. Build basic Bow (Wrath of the Ancients) and leave it in the tomb for 'no ammo' situation. Do not upgrade it, do not use Alternate Ammo types. This makes a great Der Riese feel with almost no busywork for limited time play. (Ragnarok optional).


2. The Pit (at Der Eisendrache): Dont open the Start Room door, nor GGm door by DT2. Open Barrier (500) above, drop to pit for fast loads or tiny map challenge.


3. GobbleGame Mode: No Power (or ban pap and perk purchases). Wall Power, and Perkaholic GG are mandatory in your pack.


4. Areas and Items Available added at end.


Read on if you enjoy my Moar threads.


Game modes and Ideas; Alternate Play Options:


Old's Cool Mode: This is for that old school WaW zombies feel.


>Rules: Strict; (Pre Der Riese style).


Ban Ragnarok.

Ban Bows.

Ban PaP.

Ban Bowie knife.

Ban GobbleGum.


MP Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Quick Revive. (Others Banned).


Solo Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Mule Kick. (Others Banned).


>Optional Rules; If Strict OC is too strict for you, try these out:


PaP allowed, but not Alternate Ammo Types [RePaP]. (Der Riese style).


Bowie Knife allowed. (Der Riese style).


GobbleGum allowed as "New Feature". This could be Power GGs, crappy GGs, Classic GGs, or old-school style GG like the drops (Nuke, x2, Instakill) and one's that reflect old abilities (Sword Flay/like BK, In Plain Sight/Zombie Blood).


Perks allowed: MP all. Solo, Trade Mule Kick for another, or use GG for others, as "New Perk".


Ragnarok: Allow as Wunderwaffe. This works well as the wonder weapon of the map; It's powerful, yet limited, and everyone can have one. 


Bow: Allow as Wunderwaffe. This kills Old's Cool Mode to be honest. I'd suggest for Solo Dog Bow Only (with Mule Kick) because it's the least overpowered, yet lasts for high rounds, yet has ammo issues. Dog Bow with no GG might be balanced enough for Old's Cool Mode. Find the right balance for you, but try to Ban Bows. You could keep a Bow by the Tomb for Emergencies Only; Like no ammo, or versus Panzer, just filling the Dragons and having the basic Wrath of the Ancients Bow as an emergency back up for all players would be acceptable. 


Try to only use a few Optional Rules, to keep it Old's Cool.


Some things to consider: (Much of this was incorporated above in Old's Cool).


>PaP: Yes, No, or Restricted (no alternate ammo allowed). 


>Bows: Options; 1. Yes, all bows allowed. 2. No bows allowed. 3. Restricted Bow use (See Old's Cool above). 4. No upgrades allowed. No Bows means no busywork.


Shield: Avoiding it is not in your best interest, but if you want some challenge, skip it for faster games.


Ragnarok: Easy enough to get, and it doesn't break the game, i would always allow this, but skip it if you want to keep set-up shorter.


Power: No power means; No Perks, Shield, Ragnarok, Bows, nor PaP. It's up to you (or your team), basic guns, and your GobbleGum pack. Some map areas will be inaccessible. Faster games. Solo QR is available. 


GobbleGum: Yes, No, or Restricted (ban or add specific GG to your pack). No Power map would love Perkaholic, Wall Power, et cetera. Camping GG would vary from Training GG.


More thoughts on PaP and Bows;


PaP is simple to add.


PaP: Yes, but ban bows and you'll get pretty far, but with much less set up. Alternate ammo to the rescue. It's SoE 2!


PaP: Restricted (no double PaP allowed). Ban bows and you have Der Riese 2, with GG! Other options would be to use only Turned, for camping, or Thunder Wall and Dead Wire only, as they don't take out entire crowds usually. 


PaP: Not allowed. With bows, this is stupid, leaving Ray Gun and XM-53 to shoot Panzer maybe.


Without Bows or PaP, you have Shi No Numa 2, sans WW, plus GG, Shield, and BK (and Trip Mines instead of Betties).


No Bows: Leaving these out is the biggest change that you can make. Suddenly, it's one old school type of play or another, depending on the PaP option (yes, no, or restricted). Almost no busywork.


Bow Restricted: Keep for 'no ammo' scenario, or 'anti Panzer only', or 'reward for passing round X'. Skip the upgrades and leave "wrath" in Tomb.


Ragnarok: As trap, revive aid, or Panzer holder, these help with any games.


For shorter play times, I suggest No Bow, Restricted PaP games to completely change the feel of the map to Old's Cool, yet still have a powerful set up.


Trap Map Ideas: Making Traps work (Because they are mostly useless in BO3).


1. Gate Trap by DT2: Open door (1000) by GGm, open Barrier (500) above Double Tap 2.


Gather at DT 2 area, walk through and activate trap (when needed), wait for carnage, walk up steps, drop down (through Barrier opening), walk around trap through DT 2 Room, wait for zombies to wander through.


2. Church Electric Trap: Gather zombs in Church, or Upper Courtyard, walk them through Trap.


3. Bastion Electric Trap: Train at Bastion, activate Trap.


For fun using Traps, I recommend that you skip bows and restrict pap (no ammo types), and play Der Riese style and utilize the traps for higher rounds, so that they actually matter.


Thirteenth Round Maps; Solo Challenge (you may ignore challenge and rounds and do as you please with these 2 small maps).


Pro Map: "The Double Trouble Pit; (by DT2)". [See Post 2. See high round strategies thread].


Before start of round 13, you must be in The Pit;


The Pit: Area by DT2, door to Start closed, Door by Dt2/GGm closed, barrier above DT2 open to allow access to The Pit. Drop in before start of round 13.


Shield allowed: Can't be replaced in The Pit, so get a new one before you enter.


Trip Mines allowed.


GobbleGum restricted: No Perkaholic, no ABH!, no Undead Man Walking. Many GG will be pointless, so craft a pack wisely.


Guns required: Krm-262 and the Start pistol must be PaP'd by End of Round 12, Blast Furnace on Dragon's Glare (krm). No other guns.


Perks required: Juggernogg, Speed Cola, Stamin Up, Double Tap 2. No others allowed. 


Good luck, save the Ragnarok for the Panzers.


(Add friends for fun. Drop SU for QR).


Pro Map: "Rocket Pad (13th round)".


By Round 13, be at the rocket pad and never leave. 


Weapons: Dog Bow and VMP w/Blast Furnace. Or PaP Start Pistol and VMP w/BF.


Perks: Jugg, SC, SU, DT2.


Shield and Trip Mines allowed.


GobbleGum restricted: no Perkaholic, no ABH!. Some will be pointless. 


(Add friends: Bows banned, pistol and VMP w/BF only. Swap SU for QR).


Racing Game Mode: "Power the Castle".


2 or 4 player quick racing game for limited time game or fun. 2 single player teams, or 2 two player teams.



First Team to activate Power Switch wins.


Each team must buy 4 doors to Power Switch (750, 1000, 1250, 1500). 2250 per player if evenly done in a 4 player game, or 4500 each in 2 player games.


Team DT2 will open in DT2 direction (near GGm). Team MK will open in MK direction (from QR). Switch teams between games for fairness of play. 


Start: A player grabs the Tram Fuse and activates Tram. Ignore Instakill, take Max Ammo or x2. Team DT2 takes 100 from QR machine. 


(DT2 will get another 100 from DT2).

(MK team gets 200 from MK, and SC).


Round 1, split the zombies evenly, 3 per team.


Round 2: Open your team's starting door and the race is on. 


In a near tie, the Player’s Character (Tank, Takeo...) who actually pulled the switch usually says a 'power on' script, so you know who got it. Like a photo finish.


Old's Cool Team Mode.


"Last Men Standing".


Form 2 teams of 1, or 2 players.


One Team buys past MK and can play from Start to Courtyard with Wundersphere. No more doors allowed. 


One Team buys past DT2 and can play from start to Courtyard with Dragon. No more doors allowed. 


Last team standing wins, then switch sides for next game. 


Only Classic GobbleGum allowed. Mega GG banned. 


Only Guns on your side may be bought, and start room guns. Box banned.


No Power, so no shield, PaP, Bows, Ragnarok, nor perks.


Optional: griefing allowed. Same doors open, once your team opens to the Courtyard, you may then play anywhere on the open map and may purchase any guns available. ?Box banned.


Full Power "Last Man Standing" Grief Mode: Pick your Teams (best with 2 two-man teams, but can be 2, 3, or 4 Players out for themselves).


Play as normal DE map, but only revive your team mate, (if you have one) and try to Grief the other Team(s).


Last Team with a member alive wins. 


If a player is still bleeding out and the last man goes down, it's a tie (unless, of course, they are on the same team).


Game Mode: "GobbleGame DE".


Like GobbleGame on SoE, but it is a little more restrictive on DE.



No Power (and all the baggage that that entails).


GobbleGum: Perkaholic and Wall Power are mandatory.


Map: Anything that can be opened, without Power, is allowed. 


The idea is to to survive using GobbleGum. Choose any 3 GG to go with Perkaholic and Wall Power and build your pack.


Some Map Build ideas for Survival maps;


Door between Demon Bow (Void) room and Wundersphere courtyard closed: Demon Bow room is excellent for circles, reverses. The courtyard area on the other side of that door is also much safer to train at.


Area by DT2: You can keep the 1000 point Door by the GGm/DT2 closed and drop from above by DT2 to force you to go through the Start room door, which is usually full of zombies. 


This may make a 4 person camp spot in the lower courtyard right by the door (if zombies don't fall through the barrier  from above). 1 on window, 1 watches left, 2 watch right (switch as needed).


Or make The Pit style map. Build described below in The Double Trouble Pit.


No power Church: if you open to church via the balcony over the Wundersphere (this also opens the other church door across the coutyard), you can camp inside (balcony, 15 feet through that door, turn and face that door that you opened) and the Panzer can't fit through the arch doors and waits just outside. Look out the door to shoot him.


No Power Lower Courtyard MP camp: Camp by the dragon, 1 on window, 1 mainly watches steps and window on left, 2 watch courtyard overall.


No Power Upper Courtyard MP camp: In front of church, 1 on window, 1 dedicated to left, 1 dedicated to right, 1 watches center and covers others.


Areas and Items Available: (Bow upgrade items not listed).


Start Room:

>Items: Tram (w/power ups), Tram Console (needs random-dropped Fuse), Landing Pad (Rocket Test WS), GGm (500+), Shieva (500), RK-5 (500), Quick Revive (1500 MP, 500 Solo).

>Doors: 2 (750) doors, near Tram (Right Door) and by Quick Revive (Left Door). 1 Power-activated Door to Juggernog.


(Right Door open): DT2 Room:

>Items: Double Tap 2 (2000), GGm, KRM-262 (750).

>Doors: Start Room (750), Lower Courtyard (1000), Barrier [above] (500).


(Right Side): Lower Courtyard:

>Items: Landing Pad (Upper Courtyard), Wundersphere (500) (Parapet), Workbench, Wunderfizz (1500), GGm, Vesper (1250), VMP (1300), BL, Panzer Claw, Shield Part, Dragon Head.

>Doors: DT2 (1000), Barrier above DT2 (500), Barrier outside Workbench area (500), Barrier by Dragon (500), Door to Bedrooms (1250), Power-activated Doors to Undercroft, and Bastion.


(Left Side Door at Start): Mule Kick Room/Void Bow Room:

>Items: Mule Kick (4000), L-CAR-9 (750), KRM-262 (750), GGm, Panzer Claw.

>Doors: Start Room (750), Upper Courtyard (1000).


(Left Side): Upper Courtyard:

>Items: Wunderfizz (1500), Landing Pad (Lower Courtyard), Wundersphere (500) (Lower Courtyard), GGm, Shield Part, Kuda (1250), Vesper (1250), BL.

>Doors: Balcony 2 Doors (1250), Mule Kick Room (1000), Power-activated Doors to Church and Bastion.


(Left Side): Mission Control/Church:

>Items: Speed Cola (3000), M8A7 (1500), Workbench, BL, Dragon Head, Wunderfizz (1500).

>Doors: Power (1500), Balcony (1250 both open), 2 Balcony Barriers (500 each), 2 Power-activated Doors to Undercroft, and Upper Courtyard.


(Center): Bedrooms:

>Items: KN-44 (1400), Wunderfizz (1500).

>Doors: Lower Courtyard (1250), Power (1500).


(Center): Power and Bastion:


>Items: Stamin-Up (2000), Bowie Knife (3000), Power Switch, GGm, Panzer Claw.

>Doors: Bedrooms (1500), Church (1500), Power-activated Door to Bastion.



>Items: BL, PaP L, Wundersphere  (500) (Rocket Pad).

>Doors: 3 Power-activated Doors to Power, Upper and Lower Courtyards.


(Center): Undercroft: [And Juggernog, Tomb, L Courtyard Steps].

>Items: Shield Part, Workbench, GGm, PaP L, BL, KN-44 (1400), HVK-30 (1600), BRM (1250) [Hidden Wallbuy], Juggernog (2500), Dragon Head.

>Doors: Teleporter (1500), Power-activated Doors to Church, L Courtyard, Start.


Teleporter Room:

>Items: Teleporter (500).

>Doors: From Undercroft (1500), if you are here, it is open.


Rocket Pad: (Initial Access from Teleporter).

>Items: VMP (1300), Trip Mines (1000), BL, PaP L, Landing Pad (Bastion), Wundersphere (500) (Start), GGm, Teleporter (500).

>Doors: Rocket Test-activated Blast Door.


Happy Gaming!

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Things and stuff.

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Double Trouble (The Pit) for speed high rounds?


The Pit (or Double Trouble): 1000 point door by DT2 closed, start room 750 point door to DT2 area closed, 500 point barrier above DT2 open, to allow drop down into The Pit.


When i was considering The Pit Challenge in DE, i first thought of Bows, but then realized that some might not be able to be made with that area sealed, and so i dropped the thought of Bows.


Well, now I'm exploring it academically. Later, I'll try some real game application. 


Camping The Pit: in that area by DT2, there are 3 windows and 3 wall climb spots for the zombies. Above DT2, there are 2 windows, plus possibly the courtyard broken wall load, and the window heading above DT2 to the Bastion. So that's 8-10 nearby load spots. Camp by Start Room door (shoot steps) or circle by Fire circle.


The Storm (electric) Bow can be made without entering The Pit and is best for camping (Demon/Void would be my second choice for this, but would require ABH! GG to escape during upgrade).


So, the combo of Multi-load spots in a tiny section and the Storm Bow could make for the fastest rounds. Ragnarok for Panzer trap, or for eating through rounds (set by start room door, or circle it).


Anywhere But Here! (ABH!) GG could get you out for a new shield. GG always available. Perkaholic, for if you go down maybe. 


Dragon's Glare (krm) w/BF (or turned), could be for zombies or Panzer (krm wallbuy in The Pit for emergency ammo).


I'll try it, but I'm not too concerned with high rounds. Someone interested in high rounds please try this and give feedback too.


Speedy gaming!


Edit: by 35, the rounds were under a minute still. Zombies only came in through the 3 windows, and over the wall in 3 spots. None came from above DT2. Very fast spawns. Panzer fell through steps on 360 and was trapped underground. It was a bit too hectic for training and using the Shotgun w/BF on my first try, forcing constant bow use, but I'll give it more attempts.


Edit2: using ABH!, i was able to exit the map at one point. The first use put me in the air, next to the barrier by the WS above DT2, so i just fell straight back into the pit (oddly, this is an actual load spot for ABH! as it's put me there previously, standing on air).

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Edit, obviously.

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