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Pentagon Theif Return? or Maybe Monty?


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So looking at the model and how the thief works, anyone notice the thing on his belt? kind of looks like one of the gadgets on the moon loading screen, could this be how he travels? with multiverses being a thing now could we see him again? Or maybe with all the equations and things on him, and him being from 935 as shown on his bag, could this be monty?







Who remembers this? In one of the "ads" it talks about a pocket personal teleporter as well as an xenon belt. Now could the Pentagon theif be Mr. M after all we only saw him in one map however he had some of these items (my opinion on closer inspection of the thiefs model.) as well as equations almost as if he was figuring stuff out like we see on the scraps of paper from SoE.

refer  to this old post for full break down of items on image:

Now here is the model : 



notice the red numbers, the specs, (xray goggles?) the very interesting thing on his stomach and or belt (pocket teleporter?) also if you get the chance to look at the model from other perspectives his bag has a group 935 logo on it. On the left hand side of the jacket you can see the illuminati symbole as well. It is said if you see the doc from the side his eyes are glowing yellow. Yet he does not act like a normal zombie. I think this odd person could actually be our Dr Monty. Obviously a little different per universe though but following the charactors never the less. Could also explain this: Nacht_der_Untote_Loading_Screen.jpg


Just wanted to throw this out there and go a little more in depth on the reasoning

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