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Warning: Outro-cut-scene spoilers

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Obvious spoilers are Obvious. 



For those who have seen the outro-cutscene for Zetsubou no shima, you'll find things to be... Actually quite predictable... 


Takeo finds himself, and after learning that the orders to endure this torture came from the emperor, he commits suicide and Takeo 2.0 finishes him off. Then his soul is absorbed by the summoning key. 


Now... Here's where things get interesting however. 

I don't think we're going to Stalingrad for DLC 3. 

Tank specifically says "Three down, looks like you're next Nikolai", only to then be interrupted by Richtofen stating: "Nein, not yet, there are a chain of events that MUST be set in motion." Oddly enough, when the cut-scene is over, there's a brief bit of dialogue from Tank to Richtofen as well: 

Tank: "Well that was unexpected..."
Richtofen: "Think of it as an insurance policy in case we don't like where we are going.."


So, what does this mean? Well I have 3 theories. 


Theory one: We are going to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard that is Maxis.

The current status of Maxis (from this world) is unknown. Likewise, the current status of aether-maxis (origins) is ALSO unknown. Even MORE SO, his daughter samantha's status is ALSO unknown. Simply put, we have NO idea what the maxis-es are up to. Now, Richtofen states that this is an insurance policy, meaning this is some sort of back-up plan. Maxis is likely the best person to convince to assist the group should something go wrong... Samantha being number two. 

Theory two: We've already been there. 

The way the sudden jump from conversation to conversation is worded, it's POSSIBLE, (but not likely) that Richtofen and CO. Jump IMMEDIATELY  to this area of this chain of events using the summoning key RIGHT THEN AND THERE after killing takeo. If this is the case, we've already set the chain of events in motion. However there are some flaws to this theory: Why would we come back here? Why would they mention this change but then show nothing about it? 

My personal favorite: Theory 3. 

For those who don't know. I'm fully behind the idea of the N4 (the tranzit group) becoming a sort of back-up-plan for Richtofen. If we're traveling to the future to secure these 4's assistance, that would BLOW MY MIND. It would make sense as well in terms of story too. 

We know that what originally united Marelton,Misty,Russman, and Samuel was the destruction of the earth. However, we ALSO know that by blowing up the moon, we stop any sort of destruction of the earth that would later occur. So now these 4 have no reason to even meet each other, unless somehow the moon's destruction somehow brought them together...  

So if we ARE focusing on these 4, there's two ways to execute this: 

-Go to the future and pull them out of their time, bringing them back to this time. 

-Go to another universe, one where the original story-line took place, and pull them into our universe. Personally, I'd prefer this option.

Imagine Richtofen and co. captured in a Russian base by Yuri or anywhere really. Then the N4 appear and fight off a zombie horde unleashed upon them. Likewise, because these 4 were pulled from another universe, that universe's richtofen then has to butt-in from time to time. By manipulating something on the map, you could swap the universe the N4 came from. So, by doing this, you control wither richtofen is running around as a zombie, or inside Samuel's head. I feel like it would be amazing for the easter egg to revolve around using both the endings in buried to manipulate aetheric-richtofen into performing steps to this easter-egg. But that's just my 2 cents. 



I feel like this doesn't stop us from killing off Nikolai however, even if it doesn't mean we're going to kill him off in DLC 3. However, I also HIGHLY doubt we'll be killing him off in DLC 4 as well, as I'm expecting a BIG finale of the execution of Rictofen's plan. 

Remember, Richtofen was killed in the giant, this is evident by the gateworm easter-egg marker on the map selector. We also haven't seen any sign that the giant DLC will be released as a stand-alone DLC like Nuketown zombies was in BO2, which was released as a standalone in March, shortly before DLC 2 was released. Well it's April now,almost May, and we don't have anything on a stand-alone, which leads me to believe the giant will be a part of DLC 4. If we have a main map and the giant released for DLC4, what's stopping that from being a full zombies DLC, with one of the smaller maps being a re-creation of Stalingrad from WAW, but with zombies and we kill of Nikolai? Maybe I'm just wish-ful thinking at this point, but that would be amazing to me.



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