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Wolf Bow glitch?

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I'm pretty sure this is a glitch/bug but thought I would ask here as I haven't used the wolf bow much, except for as back up when the storm bow is out of ammo. I know the wolf bow has a freezing/slowing effect on zombies and in the later rounds can knock them to the floor without killing them, but when the zombies are knocked down they are not collidable until they start to get back to their feet. This is the main benefit of the wolf bow as it can be used to clear paths or get out of trouble if trapped.

I was making a few silly mistakes in this game, and when I had to train in the anti gravity room with the wolf bow, I mistimed a cutback and got trapped. I used a charged wolf bow shot to get out, and then attempted the same cut back again. Except the zombies had set up a trap. 20 seconds after I had fired the wolf bow shot, a group of zombies are still playing dead on the floor, except I cannot run past them. They are collidable and have set up some kind of shield to trap me for their friends. Then as soon as I go down they all rise to their feet and rejoin the group. 

I would be interested to know if this is how the wolf bow is supposed to function in later rounds. I could imagine the delay effect freezing the zombies for longer, but I can't imagine that the zombies would be collidable objects when laying flat on the floor. Either way, I found this pretty funny. I was pretty tired at this point and dismissed the group of zombies on the floor as bugged out dead bodies, not noticing the lights in their eyes. And at the end of the day, I was outwitted. These zombies are getting smarter.


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These Zombies are straight Savages, even the damn Hell Hounds (the main reason I die every game during the "Spirit Keeper" phase).

They are Smarter, Faster (can hardly walk faster then they run now), & Stronger (bitch smacked to death by 1).

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