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ADFGX Cipher - Need Help with Computations

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Hello all,

I've recently been creating a program with a friend to implement frequency analysis in a program in order to construct a phrase from the ADFGX ciphertext. Sadly, either my implementation was incorrect or the cipher does not follow the english letter distribution found here: http://www.math.cornell.edu/~mec/2003-2004/cryptography/subs/frequencies.html

So, what I've done is broken the alphabet into two parts - the upper half of the graph displayed on the page above. I am going to continue tweaking my code throughout this weekend, but I am hoping to gather several people who have relatively fast computers to help me compute different variants of the ADFGX based on the keys I'm sure everyone who has been following is familiar with. (fedcba, fedcab... etc.)

If anyone has experience in programming and would like to lend a hand, let me know! Though, the point of this post is to find people to compute the keys. If you are interested, please post below. I will write a little blurb below of what is needed to start computing.


1. Eclipse IDE - https://eclipse.org/downloads/index-developer.php?release=mars

2. My Project - https://github.com/WaterKH/TreyarchCodes-Ciphers

3. Change file Resources.java - This file was setup for my computer and when I was having gigabytes of text being written. I've now implemented a word it looks for before writing to file, which saves a lot of data from being written. To change, go to Resources.java in Eclipse and change the save and load location to where ever you saved the CipherKeys.txt. I may change the program to simply save in the project location since I am not running into memory issues. 

4. Since we will be distributing the keys out, I want to get everyone on the same page so that we are all computing different keys - this way we won't run into duplication. 

5. I'm going to need the files back that are going to be saved, so once finished I'd like everyone to upload their files to a dropbox or Google drive or something in order to get the data back to me. 

If you have any questions or concerns let me know! I hope to get several people from this community involved so that we can make quick work of these computations. I believe we will be doing something like 16! permutations. While this is a lot, 26! is a looooot more. This is simply a last ditch effort before I go back and try to implement another attempt of letter frequency analysis. 

Thank you to anyone who participates and I look forward to working with you!


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