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What I mean by "Sacred topic" is that THIS thread is designed for Xbox one, and PC uses. As well as any PS4 users who have waited to buy the game. 

I'd not normally ask for this, but I was wondering if when the time comes, If I could regulate posts on this thread? Like I could report someone for breaking the rules, and a moderator would delete the post as fast as possible?  


Simply put this area is for people that have to wait for the DLC map. It's designed to preserve the easter-egg hunt feel for one month so when we get it, we have just as much fun with the map, discovering easter eggs, and working things out our selves. 


And I can not express this enough: 


NO HINTS (Unless otherwise asked- See "hints") 



-Any information that's uncovered before the release of the DLC that isn't a leak, is FAIR GAME. This includes trailers, twitter teases, and possible theories. 




Simply put, if you've played or seen the


actual game before the XB1 and PC release,




I really ask that everyone here take this thread seriously. 

Don't try to SOUND smart by watching a PS4 video and then posting your "Idea" up here. That destroys the point, and it's more obvious when you do this then you think. 




We only want the Blind! 


-On the topic of Hints: 

Should we become stumped and generally we DON'T know what to do, tell a person who asks in a spoiler. 

Like say Nightmare Voyager wants to know how to open the floodgate door. (Theoretical situation) 

He then posts here, "Can someone drop me a hint to how to open the floodgate?". 

Then Lenne will come in, and do this: 

@Nightmare Voyager

  Reveal hidden contents

This allows simplistic hints to be given, without the threat of spoiling the fun for everyone else.





I ask HUMBLY, that everyone takes this seriously, it's designed as a way to discuss between our selves without spoiling everything. 

Violators of these simple rules, or trying to bend the rules in a way that defeats the purpose of this thread, will be reported. 


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