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"Within" - A map By Stop Mocking Me

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Map Description:  “Nethugast Astoth Anneth. Ujaneth Astoth Ujoth. Astazor eomar zoroth urgnar. Lorozzeth astorr Jstoth.


Opening cutscene:

-Scene opens with margwa-like creatures laying ruin to the world around them in mass panic.

Samantha: The world was ravaged…. Destroyed… No longer did man own the earth. Creatures of shadow filled the world with death and destruction.

Despite there being no master to control the hordes, four guardians obtained the most powerful artifact between all worlds…

Edward: The summoning key…. Leading the crusade, edward richtofen and the test subjects of legend, Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski stepped through the gate of worlds.

*Kids are playing with toys, when all of a sudden a door opens behind them.

Tank: What the actual….

Richtofen: Samantha……

Samantha:.... No…. No this isn’t right….

Edward: Sam it’s ok… Maybe this is part of your dad’s…


*Siren goes off


Richtofen: NO! Samantha you must stay here!

Edward: SHE NEEDS to go down to the basement…

Nikolai: (Whispering to tank)Do you have any idea what’s going on here?

(While the camera is focused on this conversation you can hear the one between Edward, Richtofen, and Samantha in the background, Richtofen asks some questions to samantha: Tell me… What does your father look like… Or the world outside this room… Why don’t you know… )

Tank: (whispering back) No idea, completely lost…. What about you Tak?... Tak?

*Looks around to find Takeo has left the room

Nikolai calls down the hall: Takeo!


The group migrate down to the basement to find a massive machine similar to the teleporters in “the giant”, where takeo has his massive katana focused on the neck of Maxis.


Takeo: You…. You are the head of 935… It is my duty to destroy you…

Maxis: You’re insane…. I’m trying to correct the mistakes of my former colleagues… Schuster, Monty, Gersh, even Richtofen…

Samantha: Wait… I thought richtofen was my friend…

Richtofen: I am Edward Richtofen… Your father’s former partner…. Or what’s left of him…

*The room begins to diminish

Richtofen: Samantha… YOU alone control this world… Please… it’s up to you to stop this… And set everything right again…

Samantha: How…

Maxis: All you have to do… Is step in here...

*maxis fires up the machine, opening a glowing mirror-like portal which shows samantha in the MPD…

At this point Edward goes for Tank’s pistol from his holster, and shoots Samantha in the face.

She doesn’t like that…


Samantha: Edward…….. NO MORE! RAAAAAAAAAAA!!

The world arround the group diminishes to shadow, to which the O4 find there’s no longer any footing.

The screen fades as Tank, Takeo, Maxis, Nikolai,Maxis and Richtofen fall into the magnificent world bellow. Meanwhile Edward floats above with Samantha, the two of them now holding yellow and blue glowing eyes, as they engage in battle.



New Gobblegums:


Turncoat Twist: Enjoy the luxuries of being a zombie, SLAP YOUR ENEMIES INTO DEFEAT! 1 use that lasts 60 seconds. Common, activates upon going down.




Sugar Rush: Move at double speed for two rounds. Common Mega Gumball.




Bomb Delay: The longer you wait the larger the blast is when detonated on command by pushing up on the D pad. It charges to max after 3 rounds. When you activate it, it can be insta-death on any round. Has 1 use. Common Mega Gumball.




Hangover: Causes one to get all perks available in the map, however, it also causes you to lose each perk you didn’t purchase, one per round. Rare Mega gumball, activates upon consumption.




Perks available:

(Note perks with astrids mean the perk is only available in one area of the map.)

On the map: Juggernog, PHD-slider*, Speedcola, Double tap, Staminup, Quick revive, and Mule kick*.


Perks available only in the wonderfizz: Deadshot daquiri, Electric Cherry, Widows wine.


66a90bdd9f17f19a0062b99f8ace4396.jpg latestPhD-Flopper3.png

PHD Splasher: As expected, this is the stand-in for PHD flopper. It costs 2500, and eliminates all splash damage, and fall damage. FURTHERMORE, it has an added effect of a jet-like propulsion while sliding. If one comes in contact with a zombie, it gets blown out of the way.


New weapons


Customizable weapons

(via weapon kits)


Handy (and Lefty): Revolver, lightweight, high damage at close range, decent damage at long range. Upgraded it becomes the Trigger and Armie.


-Long barrel



-Dual Wield  



Pepper-Grinder: A FUN heavy crank-able weapon, it works in a UNIQUE way of reloading the chamber by tapping the left trigger, alternate between left and right for your own rate of fire. Upgraded it becomes the Salt-and-Pepper.


-Long barrel

-Lighter build- Makes the weapon lighter, but also reduces damage.

-chain bayonet- useful melee assistant, continue to load the gun and your melee attack will also improve.  


NON-customizable weapons

(unique to the map)


Black-cell: Rocket launcher, meant for long range, but very accurate.



Double-barrel shotgun: Makes it’s triumphant return.




Wonder weapons:

There is one specialist weapon for this map, and four buildable devices that are also quite cool to have, note all the tablets are built with 3 stone pieces, and a power stone, similar to how the staffs are built. The abilities assessed by the tablets all leave the player at risk however of being over-run, so while in use, the player will be invisible to the zombies.  



-Solar Tablet: A powerful stone linked with the sun. Essentially it’s a hellstorm missile. Upon use, four solar blasts will come forth from the sun and blast into the earth, killing any zombies along with it. It uses the Red stone.



-Linking Tablet: Gain power over the beings between worlds. This can cause wisps to appear and DEVOUR zombies whole. Simply place the summoning beacons (turrets) where you want wisps to appear. Uses the green stone.



-Golem Tablet: Allows one to control different golems that spawn around the map, there are 3: Earth, Air, and Water. Earth controls like a GI unit, Air like a quad rotor, and Water like an RC-XD but in water only. Uses the yellowstone. When one dies, it can be a few rounds before it comes back.



-Philosopher's Tablet: TRANSMOGRIFICATION at it’s finest, use it to turn zombies to stone, people, or certain thin walls into sand. Uses the black stone.




Specialist weapon: Aetheric control: Forces zombies in your gaze to be blasted violently away at the flick of your wrist.




Other Buildables:


-Diving gear: Needed to survive underwater for long periods of time, however it also makes you heavier and thus isn’t the best fit for swimming.  A bit like metal-man Wario from super mario 64 DS.  The three parts for this item can be found in random locations in the Desert, one typically found near the glass pyramid, the ruins of gods, and the sacrificial altar. You can build it in the Oasis, or the beach if you prefer.




Maxis’s machine: This is a true masterpiece, it takes a total of 10 parts to build each of which is signified by its own crucial easter-egg step. This is end-game stuff. When it’s complete you’ll find this thing allows you to upgrade your tablets:




Solar---> Hellbound Causes massive fire-tornados on contact.  



Linking---> Binding: The summoning beacons are now much more powerful, bringing in self-firing weapons occasionally like the fireworks drop. It also works like a tesla coil, with any zombie that touches it dies.



Golem---> Slaving: Golems that spawn in are now twice as harmful, and armed with rockets.


Philosopher---> Redmatter: (Black stone becomes purple) same properties, however, it has the added bonus ability of causing a random effect on different zombies, ranging from blast furnace, blizzard, deadwire, and acid drip. Likewise, you can still temporarily create doors from thin walls, but also those doors can now sometimes come equipped with chain or electric traps you can use for 1000 points a pop.



Special zombies:


Mutants- A special round dedicated to these little shits. They look like zombies, but are covered in a sick twisted worm-like parasite with tentacles. They never get any stronger, but have the NASTY added bonus of NOT being able to take damage unless the mutant is in water.



The thing- Beware the beast of the depths. It gets it’s own round, but it lurks in the dark depths of the caves and waters on other rounds, enter too dark and area, and it WILL kill you. When it does come out to play on it’s round (about 13) you’ll need to take out it’s tentacles with FIRE.



Pyroplasmatic souls- These are ghost-like zombies that can’t hurt you and only have 1 health. They wander the map and only serve the specific purpose of offering you incendiary ammo. They only appear on “Thing” rounds. To obtain the ammo simply knife the souls and your clip gets a few bullets of fire-filled amo.





There are several features not listed above implemented into maps before this such as:

-A freeze-effect PAP alternate ammo, it’s called blizzard, it’s used for one of the challenges.

-There are also several new gobble gums and weapons with customizables, but we don’t need to know about all of them for this map.

-This is the 4th and final DLC of black ops 3. Before this map was Der Eisendrache, A map staring the N4 as a backup crew for the O4, and a map that involves you saving maxis and getting him into a human body. All must be completed to do the full easter egg.


Map walkthrough:



The Beach of Birth:

You wake up… Prone…. On the beach, before you the bliss tide rolling in, behind you, and under you, a pale dry sand, debris, bits of plane. You notice, that in the distance, the earth actually ascends towards the sun in the center sky, with all kinds of environments to see. To the north, a jungle, to the east a frigged forest, to the west a mountainous region, and to the south is nothing but ocean. As if you’re standing in the middle of a bowl. In actuality this map is a sphere, with the sun and several waterfalls allowing for fast travel between areas.



About 50% of this map is in water, so it’s important that I explain how zombies work in them.

There are 3 possibilities with water.

-1 wading level: This isn’t this much difference between regular running, aside from the slower speed of you AND the zombies. Beware of risers as well.


-2 Diving level: This is the ideal situation, you can swim MUCH faster than zombies, and they hit much slower underwater, watch out for zombies above you though…. On the other hand you WILL drown if you don’t get air after about 40 seconds… It’s a pain but it’s a fairly lenient amount of time. With the diving gear you can survive for about 10 minutes before you need to breach. HOWEVER, you ARE much heavier, slower at swiming (same speed as zombies) and sink faster.



-3: High pressure situations: These currents will rip the fragile zombies apart, but they’ll spawn back. You on the other hand will be pushed away at tremendous speeds. Essentially fast-traveling if you know how to maneuver the rapids. Later on there will be massive gravity-fueled funnels of water connecting regions, this is the best way I can describe it:




At this point you can head in any prefered direction. Doors are rare on this map, simply traversing the length of the whole map is hard enough as is. Don’t worry, the map is adapted so that traversing as a group is prefered in all situations. Perks are attached to players, as is the box.
It works like this, perks will only appear when a certain player enters a specific area. There’s a formula for 1, 2, 3, or 4 player play. In solo all perks are tied to one player. In two player jug, stamin up, and the box are tied to one player for example (not realistically) and speedcola, double tap and the wonderfizz. In four player, two players are tied to juggernog, staminup, and the box, and the other two will have speedcola double tap and wonderfizz tied to them, that way, there’s no annoying kid wandering off away from the group, taking juggernog or box access with him.


When you enter a specific area, it causes the perk machines in the area, or the box/wonderfizz to activate, leave the area, and the mechanism moves with it. it is possible to have two boxes or two juggernongs, ect active at once.


But back to the map:

You’re in a sort of glade to start off with. There are 2 starter weapons this round:

-Shiva, -MK5.

Weapons are typically the same the further you proceed along to the top of the world. They go something like this in terms of progression:

Shiva/MK5, Double barrel shotgun, KNV, Vesper/Xm2, Man-o-war/Thompson drum barrel, Uzi, STG-44/bootlegger, black cell.


The stun grenades, bowie knife, and semtex grenades are scattered in specific locations of the map:

Bowie in a cabin on the frozen lake, stun grenades in the ruins of gods, and semtex near a sacred stone.


Moving on: The glade is an alright training spot, but the debris is really a problem. You can actually buy open the plane (750) and see what’s inside, it’s typically a power up for use at your own free will. It’s also a great camping spot in the back as zombies can only enter through the front and you can crawl out the back into shallow water. There is a drawback as the only perk that spawns here is quick revive, so it’s best to venture out before beginning your crusades within the plane.



The Mountain of Questions:


Travel a bit further to the west and you’ll find a boat on the river. Step into it and you’ll be swept away into an underground cavern for a small fee of 500 points. It’s dark… Really dark…. But after a second or two lights will spring on, revealing that inces from your face is a threatening tentacle. On a less scary note, the characters hint towards there being a neurotoxic gas leak. It won’t bring you any harm, but while you’re in or on this place you’ll find your character’s speech is garbled and mangled so they can’t communicate with one another. In actuality, what they are saying is being translated into Apothecon Language.  


Stay close to the lanterns until you get out of the darkness. Stray too long in there and you’ll be eaten by the thing. On the other hand, you’ll find the cave art that you can “kind of see” to be quite exquisite and entertaining.



If you ascend up the stairs you’ll find your way to the top of the mountain. Lots of exposed iron ore deposits riddle the mountain as the four ascend. They find a couple of randomly spawning perks, the box maybe, and maybe the wonderfizz. As you can guess after moving through the mountain in numerous spots, this is a volcano, with lava not offering to be the best thing to be present in a world where gravity is so broken to begin with. However, if you purchase the “Sacred stone” of the area, (1500) the lava slowly oozing out of the volcano will be dosed in water bursting from the stone, which then offers a high-speed rapid trip to the sun’s core. Meanwhile the constant oozing of lava and cooling and force of the water has built you a thin pathway over to the last region: The desert, with the lava bridge offering as a sort of zipline to use for 250 points each use (1 way trip) right into the pyramid of Glass’s interior.


If you take the free water slide you’ll find yourself in the center of all regions: The sun’s core. Only by riding through the inferno within water streams will you survive. The sun’s core is basically the subway station from SOE, it’s a central hub that can be used to access any point in the map quickly enough after it’s sacred stone is unlocked. Furthermore, within this place, you find that the sun is half bright yellow, and half deep blue, constantly fighting with itself….


The actual sun’s core is again, water, so don’t spend too long in here. You can choose to exit back out into the mountain, OR, you can return to the starting beach.



The Desert of Heat’s Glass Pyramid




You slide down the slide-like road to the open roof of the glass pyramid. Within the pyramid everything outside appears to be night, making it easier to see the illuminated walls and passageways. Tread lightly, this is a dangerous place to be. If you manage to luck your way past all the dangerous traps that will eject you from the pyramid, you can find the Pack-a-Punch room here in the center of the pyramid.. It is glorious.

-There is also a lone piece of maxis’s machine here.-


The Oasis at the top of the world:


Outside the pyramid, the desert is more of a valley then an actual desert. Continue as far as you can along the excruciating heat of the area until you find the Oasis. The Oasis is the top of the world entirely, and holds a sacred stone for returning to the sun’s core.  It’s also the only place on the map to buy PHD Slidder.


You then return back to the spawn beach. It is time to begin a new journey.


You don’t have all the parts to the scuba suit yet, so the ocean is out of the question.




The Frozen Forest


As you head eastward, you are quickly enveloped by a fog-like snowstorm wind. After a bit more of blind walking you can find the frozen pond.


The pond is a massive open pond which is slippery, but zombies can and will break through the ice to get to you. You can swim in the water, as it’s surprisingly not cold. Underwater you can actually find a perk and wall buy.


Continue across the pond to find an area encased in ice. To continue past this point you need to activate the sacred stone in this area, allowing you to pass, and opening up a new waterfall back into the sun’s core.


The castle of Ice


Press on slightly forwards and you’ll find a massive mansion made of ice, to enter you need 1500 points. You’ll need to crawl, slide, and time jumps just right to get to the other side of this frozen castle. Play your cards wrong, and you’ll fall into a warm little room you may remember from campaign…




This area is very bad, and it will let zombies consume you. You must escape by jumping through the fire up the stairs, then maneuvering through more halls (see what I did there) until you find yourself outside the ice castle.


Continue forwards and you’ll find a snow-drift and an ice slide similar to the one in COTD. Use it to slide down the frozen spine of some beast and appear out of it’s skull.


The Desert of Heat’s Ruins of Gods.




Around you, buried in sand are hundreds of bodies of giants. Massive skeletons the size of Titans. There is also a thunderbolt statue the size of a skyscraper. Activating the switch under the bolt will summon a thunderstorm trap that works similar to Exo-zombie’s orbital attack. But with lightning. There isn’t much else to do here yet, so it’s best to continue forward until you sit upon the top of the world again, in the oasis.


Once again, it is time to restart your journey. Return to the beach to begin your new trek through a different land again.




The Jungle of Sap



Head towards the jungle, and you’ll find a patch of purple-goop-like sap, which when jumped on, launches you high into the trees.

This is a very peculiar jungle as it’s filled with different kinds of trees all excreting saps of different kinds. Orange Sap is slightly sticky and is excreted by large trees you can use to wall-run on across branches. Purple sap lines the floor of the jungle and is super bouncy, as you’ve seen. And green sap is spewed out by trap-plants that swallow whole zombies. Be careful, that sap will suck away any gumball effect you have. Then there’s red sap, which appears from time to time, if shot, it can explode.


The majority of this area is using your wall-running capabilities to jump between the trees here. There’s one debris to clear so you can enter through a single tree to the other side to progress onwards.It costs 1500 to buy open. There is a sacred stone as well here along the base of the trees you’ll need to open as well.


This area is deadly at first, but once you have PHD slider’s fall damage cancel, it’s a breeze.


The Altar of Death


Eventually you’ll find a sort of zipline-basket mechanism you can buy for 250.

Using it will land you on top of a cliff surrounding a massive hole. At the bottom is a glowing sacrificial altar. You can venture down into the pit, but be warned, it’s dark and the thing can kill you. Otherwise, you can kill zombies on it and it will spawn drops for every few kills. The first time it’s one zombie for one drop. The second time it’s 3, then 6, then 12, then 24, then 32, then 42 where it stays the rest of the game. Sacrificing the Pyro-souls won’t do anything, and you can’t kill mutated zombies here…


Eventually you will make it back to the Oasis, and return to the beach with your diving gear at last.




The Unknown Ocean



You don’t need to have the scuba gear equipped to enter the ocean, but it’s much better that you do. Otherwise you’ll be forced to stick to the surface.


Enter the waves, and you’ll eventually be hit by a big one, ending up WAY far out to sea. The ocean is your oyster. But there are 3 key significant areas. Remember this is ALL water, so unless you have a death wish or scuba gear, don’t try to access the lower levels.


The Pit of the Thing



This is where the thing is when it’s not attacking you. It lays dormant and sleeps at the bottom, most darkest part of the ocean, but be warned, going too far into the darkness will kill you remember.


The Burning Submarine

USS Lexington (CV-2) burning and sinking.jpg


(yes I know the image isn’t a submarine)

At the surface of the water you can find the occasional dingy with a gun in it or perk, but the biggest thing to notice is the burning submarine. It sits as a massive structure above the water, and you can climb up onto it. But the interior is on fire. Yet, the sub never sinks…. Odd. You can even climb on top and act as king of the hill for a while, or activate a torpedo trap which blasts everything in the water to smithereens.



The sunken ship



Much more impressive is the sunken ship in the middle of a coral reef. It’s the only place on the map to get Mule Kick, and it’s holding some Nifty images about it.  There’s also a sacred stone here, although the water spout it creates will appear above the surface. There even appears to be four familiar bodies in the crow's nest….



To exit the sea, head south as far as you can, eventually you’ll come upon a massive water spout. Let it take you up and you’ll notice the water become sand.


Eventually you’ll land in the final place in

The Desert of Heat: The Tornado that connects to the Sea.



Simply make your way back to the oasis, or not. It’s entirely up to you.

You now have seen all this map has to offer, however there is more to discuss:


Facing the “Thing”:


The thing is a horrific beast that will attack you once the 13th round arrives, and then again every 6 rounds after that . It’s a doozy.

It’s tentacles will appear in numerous places around the map, typically emerging from an off-map water source. To kill it, take out a pyro-soul, then attack the tentacles you can see. It will eventually die, either by killing it’s tentacles or it will just leave,  leaving behind a perk-bottle drop that will rise up to the center of the sun’s core IF you managed to kill it in time. If you only survive the round by letting it get away, all you get is a max ammo. .


The beast’s main forms of attack is smashing you with it’s tentacles. Keep moving if you notice a shadow appear around you. Getting squashed by it is insta-death, but don’t worry, you’re given plenty of time to get out of the way. Sacrificing 115 souls to the sacrifice pit however, will reward you with the golden helmet which keeps you from dieing by being squashed, making it a breeze to survive this round.



The Tablets:


Throughout the map there are 4 tablets listed below that you can acquire to give you a serious edge on all things zombie. There are four parts to each tablet, one power gem and three pieces of tablet, similar to the way staves are built. It’s also similar to which a player can only hold one gem per person.


The solar tablet: The stone pieces for this piece can be found in the ruins of gods, the sunken ship, and in the hell-pit beneath the ice-castle. The red gem can be found in a dormant state within the volcano, on a platform separated by lava. To get to that stone, you’ll need to toss some grenades up to the roof. A few stalactites will fall allowing access to the island. Grab the stone and head on up to the sun. You’ll find a glowing little rift in time and space you can build into the sun’s core’s center. Simply leave the stone there for a couple of rounds, no kills needed, no power transferred, just time. Once the stone is charged, a pillar will appear in the spawn’s beach out of the sand for you to build the tablet.


The linking tablet: The stone pieces for this can be found outside the sand side of the tornado, on the bottom of the frozen pond, and amidst the base of the trees of the jungle of sap.

The green gem can be found in the coral reef near the sunken ship. Finding it is the easy part, activating it is another story.

To activate it you need to place the stone within the eye of one of the massive skulls in the ruins of gods. The only way to get up there is to parkour along the bones of other giants. Once placed you need to line the inside of that beast’s ribcage with shock charges, each one will glow yellow when a charge is placed correctly on each of the 4 ribs. Then return to the bolt and activate it, the storm will strike the charges and relay the electricity to the head, charging the gem and dropping it at your feet. If you head back to the spawn location, another pillar would have emerged out of the earth for you to build on.


The Golem Tablet: Amidst the snowstorm, within the crashed plane, and in the sacrificial pit is where you’ll find the 3 stone pieces of this tablet. The gem can be found somewhere within the glass pyramid. Take the gem to the thing’s den. You’ll find that the beast will offer his tentacle to take the gem, give it to him. Now, you must simply kill the beast to get the gem back, the round will automatically become a beast round as well. Once it’s defeated, the beast will drop the gem somewhere in the cave beneath the mountain, take it to the new pillar and build the tablet.


The Philosopher's Tablet: The pieces for this tablet can be found outside the glass pyramid, within the castle of ice, and among the tops of the trees in the Jungle of Sap. The gem must be summoned however, to do that you will need to activate 4 buttons on the same round, one above the ice on the pond in a shack. One in the oasis. One on the submarine’s bottom. And finally, one in the ruins of gods behind the bolt statue. Pushing all of these will spawn in the stone upon the sacrificial altar. To charge it, pick it up. The day will then become night.  You will need to show the stone the light of day, but the map is dark, and thus the thing is a threat. If it slams you, and you go down, you drop the stone and you’ll have to summon it again. To activate it you just have to go around the map and find your way into the glass pyramid, once inside, the stone will activate and time will turn back to day outside, night inside. Go to the pillar to build your final tablet.








5gs: The Richtofen code: In Within, find and use the PAP.

5gs: Tree hugger: In Within, wall run across all trees in the jungle.

20gs: RELEASE THE KRAKEN: In Within, kill  “The thing” before it escapes.

5gs: Unda tha Sea: In Within aquire scuba gear.

5gs: Icesee what you did there: In Within, escape the ice castle using the philosopher's tablet.

5gs: Chill out hot stuff: In Within, freeze a zombie within the volcano.

10gs: Where’s the Leak mam?: In Within, activate all five sacred stones in one game.

50gs:Child’s play: In Within, rebuild the machine.

100gs: The end…?: In Within, uncover the truth of this world. (A secret achievement)







There are 15 challenges which are map-specific to “Within” enjoy:


King of the Sub: In “Within” stay on top of the burning submarine for 10 full rounds in one game.


I’m walking on Sunshine: Survive 3 (separate) full rounds within the sun’s core.


Crank that!: Fully unlock the Pepper Grinder


Update: Upgrade your tablet.


Tools of trade: Build all 4 tablets in one game.


Candy CRUSHED: Use Bomb Delay to take out 100 zombies.


Blood Sugar: Kill over 50 zombies during a single sugar rush use.  


Hot Topic: Take out over 250 zombies with the solar tablet.


Bonding time: Take out over 250 zombies with the Linking tablet.


Rock out: Take out over 250 zombies with golems.


You’re a wizard: Take out over 250 zombies with the philosopher’s tablet.


Pyro-maniac: Kill over 100 pyro-souls in one game.

Snork: Get eaten by the thing while underwater. (Pun on “Zork”)


Dark Ops:

-Build maxis’s machine, then use it to bring Order.

-Built maxis’s machine, then use it to bring Chaos.




The Easter Egg:


The first step is to activate all 5 sacred stones.

Note-to reach that point you will have needed to work your way through at least one area, and acquired all 3 scuba parts. Once you reach this point the real fun can begin. I also am going to go ahead and assume that you’ve built all 4 tablets.


Just activating all 5 sacred stones will trigger the next event. Near the beach is a tall cliff, atop which if one looks they can find a KOed body on the top of. Once the stones are active, the body will wake the next time a player walks by. The body is Maxis from before. He’ll say this line of dialogue before being forced to retreat down the cliff by zombies:

“Uggg,,,, No… NO! This isn’t good. The DAMAGE of their fighting would be catastrophic to all worlds… It must be stopped…. You! You down there! You were with Richtofen! (Or just “Richtofen” if he’s present) You need to rebuild my stabilizing device! It’s the only way to keep them from killing each other, us, and every dimension we know of..AHH! GET OFF ME VILE…CREATURE! (Fires off Mauser in zombie’s face) Take this! It will help you on your journey. You’ve met it before, it’s power is dead and used up now but what remains… Well it won’t exactly shatter worlds again, but perhaps a few skulls….. “




What maxis drops will be none other than the artifact from Moon. It’s somewhat grey and dead now, but it’s usefulness knows no bounds.

You’ll all equip it as a specialist weapon once one player grabs the ball, and the power is called the aetheric control.


The next time a player passes the Oasis, there will be a hole for the artifact. Placing it in there will not strip players of their abilities however. It will activate a mechanism which erupts from the surrounding sand. Your job now is to build this machine, which requires 10 different parts to build. One of which you’ve found near pack a punch, a lever .


These next 9 steps can be obtained in any particular order, pick and choose as you please.


Part 2: During a round with the thing roaming the map, the darker areas of the map will suddenly become open for exploring without the threat of tentacles killing you.  In the thing’s den you can find not only the second piece: The 6.022 gigawatt battery.



But there’s also a new code: Use this site to decypher.





Part 3:The third piece can be found in a similar manner in the mountain’s dark cave, it’s a needle, similar to the one seen on the nuketown loading screen’s machine,


as well as another cypher:




Part 4: The last dark location is around the sacrificial altar, to which you don’t find a cypher, but you do find a fourth part: A black box radio covered in a strange swamp-like moss.



Part 5: The fifth part is found in a particular way: First you find a frozen chunk of ice above the pond. To melt it, you need to set off some explosive red sap near you in the jungle region. It will melt giving you part 5: A box of electrical doodads in a slightly rusted case.



Part 6: You will need the Tablet of Golems for this. In the mountain, simply use an air golem and fly up to a higher clif partway up the mountain. Knock off the obvious giant round glowing boulder and pick it up, no need to shrink it  this time.



Part 7: found by leading a mutated zombie into the mouth of a hungry plant. The plant will in turn spit out what appears to be a dead monkey.. How sad….



Part 8: To get this part you’ll need the solar tablet to rain down fire in the ruins of gods. One of the bones will fall off and fall down. It’s an electrical panel.



Part 9: This is found in the cliff maxis was standing on, you need the philosopher’s tablet to open up a wall. Inside is a very old mahjong tile box suited up with wires and switches.



Part 10:The final part must be gotten last. You will need the Linking Tablet. Once all the other pieces are built, a pyro-soul will appear above the sacrificial altar, activate it with the linking tablet. You will then need to continuously kill a horde of pyro-souls as they come in from the darkness. Eventually you’ll earn enough to see the return of the goldenrod, the final piece.




At this point a cutscene will endure much like the one in SOE. It will depict maxis approaching the machine and activating several levers. “No.. NO! It’s not enough power… I was so close… We need a contraption… Something that will transcend time itself and fly between dimensions, ripping the holes we need to accumulate their energy…. ARAHG!” At this point the machine activates but pulls maxis through, forcing him out the other end as he was meant to be: A brain in a jar hovering around being useless. Unlike his help in origins, this robot maxis won’t actually help you, he just keeps working the machine.


2: Now take lively as this next part is a doozy, you need to perform the ritual to summon the 4 artifacts needed for this temporal cannon ball.  


Hellbound: This must be performed from within the glass pyramid. It will rain flaming tornadoes onto the pyramid causing an effect similar to shangri-la where night will become day again, but don’t worry, the threat of the thing isn’t present this time. This is due to the MASSIVE moon that’s appeared orbiting the sun, it reminds you of Nact….



Binding: Approach the tornado that connects the sea and desert from the desert’s side. From there, activate the stone, to which you will enter a ghost-like state, to which you will hear the voice of Al Arlington talk to you.. Do not fear anything, and continue activating it until the Mob of the Dead plane flys out of the tornado. It will land somewhere near the machine/oasis.



Slaving: Head on over to the ruins of giants, and be ready. One of the skeletons has moved… And is causing a massive ammount of damage to the area. Simply take control of it with the tablet, then let it walk into the nearby ocean… This will kill the beast and cause it to melt into the wisp-like creature from buried, which will float over towards maxis.




Red Matter Tablet: Now at the sacrificial altar, use this tablet to transform zombie after zombie, eventually you’ll transform one into the biggest hellhound you’ve ever seen….


It’s in pain, but will slowly limp back to maxis’s side at the command of samantha.





Maxis is ready, and he will prepare the vesicle for travel.  It will take a round to do so, during which maxis will kill fluffy and feed her to the wisp. Then the wisp in turn opens a portal to which the plane can fly through.


Now you have a choice. And that choice changes the outcome of the easter egg and what you should do next.


Do you pull the lever and launch the plane, or do you take down maxis right then and there?


====Take out Maxis NOW====

If you try to take down maxis, he will activate the emergency protocol, and samantha will lose the war above. Making the zombie’s eyes, and the sun go blue. Portals will open up from all eras, letting in untold horrors from all the maps before this. Margwas, paracites, hell hounds, novas, they’re all coming through.


Little eddie will play with you for another 3 rounds, then claim to be bored of playing with himself. He will then offer you the CHANCE to leave based off a bet Eddy makes with Dempsey (you need all 4 players to get to this point). Eddy doesn’t think you can do it, but if you survive the challenges, you can leave. Truth is… There’s 6 challenges… But very straightforward.


Each challenge is set in a different part of the map:






-Frozen Forest

And in each one you can activate a ritual circle. If you do, a horde of one set type of enemy(s), will appear to attack you. Most are random, but the ocean one will always be parasites (to deal with water physics) The other possibilities are skeletons, Margwas, panzers, Meat-RAPS, and Hell hounds.


If you survive a challenge you’re teleported to the inside of the sun. When you do, you find that that particular area is no longer accessible, and has actually changed forms.

When you complete all 6 challenges, you recognize where you actually are:



The summoning key.

With that, the map ends. And the four are teleported outside of the artifact, where they sit alone in a familiar place: It’s nact again. And there’s one thing you know you’ve failed…. And all 4 players will continue their torment… Forever….



You can now actually play this map whenever you want. It has weapons most similar to the ones in the original WAW map, going as far as to put the purifier in the box. After a month or too, nact will be open for all to play.


But this isn’t the way things happened.
Afterwards it shows a cutscene of how samantha picks up a killed tank dempsey, and says “That’s not right… It’s not what happened…(Fades to black forest)”.


=====Activate the Machine=====


Get ready, because regular round progression is going on hold for a WHILE.


By doing this, you create a hole in the universe, to which anything can leak through. Holes will start popping up everywhere with different beasts inside them that will sometimes pop through: Zombies, Margwas, Panzers, you name it.


It’s utter hell, but you have new help: Behold your new specialist ability charged by these rifts: Aetheric Chaos. Once fully charged, you’ll have the ability to use a random specialist weapon from before, ranging from the annihilator to the aetheric control, to the upgraded apothecon sword. Likewise you get the help of all perks, permanently.


You’ll need all the help you can get, as you’ve got to survive a long time here, to be frank, a whole round worth of zombies, only instead it’s filled with Panzers, Parasites, Meat-RAPS, Margwas and worse. When it finally cools down maxis will  say “Quickly! We’ve got all the power we need, we must deactivate these rifts quickly!”

This step is easy, simply have a player standing at each sacred stone (aside from the one at the Oasis, covered by maxis) and hold X on them.Note there are still beasts from the whole game everywhere.  

Now the hard step:
Cutscene the 3rd:


Maxis will then hover back into the portal and emerge out the other side in a ghostly form. The form will then rise into the sun.  Now for the final showdown.  The thing is now inside the sun, and impervious to fire attacks….


The older Edward is your only help now… You may remember where he is: Stuck inside a zombie’s body from buried. Around the map there will be tons of pyro-ghosts, but there are a few zombies stumbling with blue eyes. Kill them all to release richtofen. Kill 10 to turn the sun blue. When it is, the thing is weakened, use that time to find a sacred stone and ride into the sun. Maxis’s ghost form is sort-of like the shadowman. Keep shooting and he’ll eventually spit you out.


Get used to that.

Now, do the step again, but this time you’ll find that the richtofen zombies are all frozen on the pond. You’ll need to use the Hellbound Tablet on it to destroy them. Then re-enter the sun and start shooting maxis.

Round 3: All the zombies are stuck between reality amidst the mountain, use the Binding Tablet to suck them back into the real world to die.

Shoot maxis, and repeat.

Round 4: Every zombie you need to kill is blocked by walls of fire. Use the Slaving Tablet to order golems in to take out the zombies, don’t worry, there’s one of each golem in the map at this point and they won’t ever stop respawning.

Round 5: Zombies are now all phased with an effect. Use the stone to apply an opposing attack, making them shootable for a few seconds. Have your friends use that time to kill them.



At this point, when you’ve turned the sun blue… The whole sun will disappear entirely, taking the thing with it.


Return to the beach to see Richtofen and Samantha floating over the hunched body of maxis. Half his body is covered in a black residue. At this point samantha gives you a weapon that will replace the Aetheric Chaos:

The Golden Raygun-Infinite damage on any round. Splash damage still applies though (although you won’t take infinite splash damage) Can’t be upgraded though, and holds less ammo.


There are no zombies, or disturbances. Just you four, and maxis.


Take out the raygun and shoot maxis. First the Shadowman will appear and block the shot, dieing in front of maxis. Then more people and characters from the past, the 3 evil mobsters, a drone that used to hold maxis’s brain, then several scientists, Once you see the body of a woman come out of nowhere. It’s time for the final shot.

Cutscene endures.

“Edward Richtofen: Maxis… What you have done is unforgivable, and unfathomable. I can not let this go unpunished. These people in front of you… Dead and rotting. Are all you can manage to muster in terms of allies, most of whom you’ve lied too, tooth and nail They failed. And you’ve failed.

Samantha: Daddy… How could you… I trusted you…

Maxis: Samantha….

Edward: Shut it maxis, you destroyed every universe where I became ruler out of grief for your lost brat.

Maxis: I… I had to…

Takeo: What you’ve done is completely dishonorable.

Nikolai: This talk of ridding the universe of evil… It was all just you, you sick twisted fuck.

Tank: You’re beyond the help of any asylum, and we can’t risk any containment in any prison. As this war, I can only offer one thing… Death.

Richtofen: Maxis…. You were my best friend…. And you betrayed me…

Maxis: HYPOCRITE ! You did the same thing to me, A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE in COUNTLESS other worlds.

Edward: ……

Richtofen: You were controlled by the voices. Forced to do their bidding… And I can forgive you… But I can’t trust you ever again…. And now…. Tank… I must ask you to do this….

Tank: I’ll make it clean and easy…

Edward…. Or not at all….

Tank: What?

Richtofen: No.. STOP!

*Ghost Edward jumps inside of ghost samantha.


Time itself begins to move backwards… Until…


You’re back in the original intro cutscene. This time, Edward goes for Tank’s gun, but Tank manages to stop him, and push him to the ground.

Samantha see this and asks Edward what he was trying to do.

Edward: “NO! I MUST end HER!”

Maxis: Edward! NO! They instructed you to kill…


Takeo’s sword makes quick work of maxis.

In horror, the two children watch as Maxis keels over. Around them the room spins, until eventually they appear in the teleporter at the der riese location. It’s snowing.  And Samantha’s Tears roll down her face. Edward isn’t here. The summoning key is all but broken now…

At the base of the stairs are the N4 characters… Silent. Samantha breaks down, crying for her dad. Richtofen approaches her: Come on samantha…. Let's go home…


The screen then becomes a comic book page: The final comic book page.

The scene depicts the O4 walking off, and the N4 being concerned about where they are, and joining the O4. Each of them are saying something:

Tank: So… Does anyone know how we actually get out of here?

Nikolai: Finally, we can go home… I have no idea what wife I’m on but I’m sure she will have drinks for us all!

Takeo: After so long… I will join you in drink Nikolai.

Richtofen: Come along samantha… It’s all over now.

Samantha: *Hugging richtofen “Sniff…”

Samuel: So...Exactly what time are we at again?

Marlton: Please tell me the internet has been invented yet!

Russman: HAHA! I can beat you in a drink-off any day Niky!

Misty: Don’t worry Marl-wuss.. You still have me dont-ya?


The page then turns to show the back of the book…


Coming soon:


With an image of the O4 and the N4 fighting off the horde.


This ends the game, but unlocks a very special prize: You can now get the golden raygun from the box in any game. Fun tool to use!














I do hope you enjoyed my map concept. Be sure to pick your favorite from our little competition held here:

- -






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