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Does anyone have all the logos from campaign ?

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I just finished campaign for the 4th time and about midway through I started paying attention to all the logos from military and businesses in the game. 

I wanted to know if anyone has compiled them for research? And if not, I could do it but it would be basically screen shots, I don't know how to dig for files, but I can comb through a game pretty well haha. I'll be starting a campaign soon for the hidden item trophy so in the meantime( first time typing "meantime"...weird) if anyone finds all the logos please let me know.

I think for simplicity sake, I'm going to categorize these by mission number. If I feel it's important to add one logo to multiple missions, you'll see an asteric (*) with a number beside it, that will indicate a previous mission it was found in. Example: Circle is found in mission one, hidden in mission 5 is another logo of the Circle.

Ex: Mission 5 (*1)- ~Picture of Circle~

Mission 1 "Nile River Coalition"

Mission 2 "Terra Farm Technologies"

Mission 2 "Cylimbs Medical Engineering" & "Mevota Engineering"





That's all I have for now, I've only got to comb the first two missions, I'll be doing some more tonight hopefully.


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