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Map concept: Der Eisendrache

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WOW! Been a long time sense I've done one of these! For those who are new, a map concept is a basic walk-through of a map that isn't real. This is how I envision Der Eisendrache, despite the map not being released for me for closer to two months. 


Lets get started with the basic update, which now offers some new fun features to zombies: 

-Doc. Monty's Factory: 

Introducing SCD: Specialized Concentrated Divinium. These little nickers cost a total of 400 cod points. They work like regular LDs, only there is a limit to the amount you can earn in game: one, furthermore, they're more likely to roll rarer gums or the new gums. The catch? You can only earn these in a DLC map. Shadows of evil won't cut it, however the limit to the amount of LDs that can be earned in SOE is increased to 4. That way it encourages players to buy DLC maps, but keeps the game fair and lets players continue to want to play SOE.  


-New Weapon Kits: 

-The Xm2 (Think that's its name) 

-The hyson- Secondary- A specialized SMG with a DIFFERENT set of customizables. The weapon it's self sucks, simi-automatic, light weight, decent accuracy, basically the SMR but smaller and more accurate. The kicker for this weapon comes with earning XP for it: You unlock a barade of cool things: Duel wield, flame thrower, grenade launcher, scopes, even my personal favorite attachment: Improved melee damage from a bayonette. 

-The ray gun- Not much to this item. You can't even put camos or paintjobs on it. However, you can customize it with the purchase of "Der Eisendrache". What this does is upgrade the gun to the Mark 2, which can be used in any game.


GUMBALLS: 4 new, all megas: 

-Slow Revive:Logo: Swirly Upward arrow- Revives you when downed all by yourself, but takes a lengthy period of time and you don't keep your perks. (Save quick revive on solo) lasts til downed. 

-Preminiscious Reserves: Logo: Magnifying Glass: By standing in front of the wonderfizz, it allows you to see what perk will next be pulled from the machine, before it's use. Lasts 3 rounds. 

-Fallout: When a nuke power up is picked up, radiation is kept on your player, killing any zombie that touches you until the round it is used on is over. Lasts until next nuke powerup, then till end of the same round. 

-Bomb-voy-age: Equips your grenades with broken physics: Grenades will continue to bounce all around with no loss of energy until it either detonates, or comes in contact with a zombie. No splash damage from grenades as well. 


Griffin Castle Quests: These are simply the challenges for this DLC map, each one offering a calling card, once all are completed you get a master calling card. There are 15 challenges total: 

-Bouncing Black Betty (BAMB-BA-BAM!): Using Bomb-voy-age, bounce a monkeybomb from the north tower to the labs in one throw. 

-Winter has come...: Freeze 500 zombies using "Blizard". 

-The weather outside is frightful: Walk through the deadzone without taking any damage or sprinting. 

-Robin Hood: Use the Sparrow to take out 200 zombies. 

-QUICK MARTY: Charge the portal to 88. 

-The desolation of Shuster (play on words of "The desolation of Smaug) : Take out the frozen one before it burns the village. 

-Small, UND DEADLY!: Fully upgrade the hyson

-Tripping gumballs: Find all 4 hidden gumballs in the between. 

-Oh... It's you...: (Reference to Glados) Activate all portal destinations in one game. 

- SOCKING ACHIEVEMENT: Obtain the key-ring without activating the power switch. 

-Pulled from reality, not stirred: Use the wonder fizz 50 times.

-The man in high tower: Survive 10 rounds atop the north tower. 

-Doc Red Oct: As Nikolai, cross the deadzone and destroy the Octo-tank single handedly.

-History Sh-mystery: Find all 9 radios. 

-DARK OPS: The B-team: in Der eisendrache, have maxis summon the back-up. 




SO, now that the formalities are out of the way, let's begin with the OPENING CUTSCENE: 


.... A gondola rides upwards towards the mountain, inside are our 4 heroes...

Tank: Status report, no sign of hostiles as we approach griffen base.... 

Takeo: This is suspiciously easy.... You're sure the subjects are here richtofen? 

Rich: Griffin station, or perhaps castle, was always second in command. If the test subjects aren't here, then we will find something that tells us where they are. 

Nikolai: Griffin.... Wait.... ARH! GAR! (Flashes of bright lights, a dieing earth, the MPD, and Samantha flash on screen quickly) 

Tank: Balinski! Status!

Nikolai: "MY HEAD IS IN A LOT OF FUCKING PAIN TANK! What is this house?"

Takeo: A house? With children? 

Tank: How the hell do you.... 

Takeo: Nightmares... I've had them for weeks, months... Hauntings of two children safe in a house and unsure of the outside world. 

Richtofen: This is not good.... Nikolai's other self is dispersing across realities... We may not have much time.... Furthermore.... This also means we've entered an area with...

Tank: Yeah... 115... I know... Because I've forgotten what we were doing before we got on this thing....


(Epic Flash between each of the 4's faces, richtofen's revealing the summoning key in his pocket) 


The map begins in the castle's eastern gondola station. The station will be down and thus unusable. You'll have fun in the first room, access to quick revive, the shiva and Rk5, and the first gumball machine. You'll also find a part for something called "Project Glocke": A large bell. 


The real action happens when you open the first debris (there's only one exit). Enter: The castle's main courtyard: The Deadzone. At first everything is peachy, and it seems like a really open place to train... That is until you walk past the trigger which activates the Octo-tank: An ANGRY mechanized terror with 8 cannon barrels firing at YOU! You can't do anything about it now, but keep moving, pretty soon you'll be taken out by that thing! If you get to the other side of the room, you can fall off the crack in the ground, and land in the lower courtyard. You can't combat the mechanized terror yet... But you will. Likewise, there are some hidden things in this room you may not notice because everything's trying to kill you. For instance there's a piece to the head chopper in the corner, and a radio behind the tank. (Radio 1).The easiest way to get the achievement is to simply have other players run around like idiots distracting the tank, while the main subject carefully waltzes behind debris to avoid being spotted. It's also best to save a zombie as well so as to not be distracted by them too. 


The next room is much safer, it's filled with some debris however, making it harder to train. There are stairs leading up to the main hall, and a passageway leading to the west wing, both cost 1250. There's also a piece to the 3rd buildable here: A switch. 

Either passageway is fine to take, however in the interest of the keyring before power thing, let's take the west wing. 

The wing it's self is decayed and cracked, nothing new, but it's long and open, so take that as you will. At the end of the hall is a VERY tall metal spire. Useless now, but will come in handy later. Likewise, there's a cliff overlooking the rockets and village. THIS is the best area, by far, to be when the rockets get launched later. Other then that you have two options: Enter the dungeon, or scale down the cliff, be wary of the rocks, slipping will cause you to fall to your death.  We're going for the key ring BEFORE power, so we head towards the dungeon. 

Surprise surprise, this area has some locked doors, open a few and you'll find your way into the atlas chamber. Can't miss it, big glowing room with a big sparky ball. Which is weird considering the power is OFF here. 

Enter the concept of "THE PORTAL GENERATOR". How it works is that zombies in the room are killed, and their life-force is harvested, powering the portal. Each zombie gives about 2 seconds in "The between" which is a big green inter-dimensional zone. Think of the between as the subway station, only after a certain amount of time, you'll be teleported back to the atlas chamber if you don't find a portal out. Likewise, you can find some goodies in there as well, such as one of each of the new gumballs, and a piece to the headchopper. On the monitors you can find a number, that number shows how many charges the portal has, (hence the "QUICK MARTY" quest). There's also the second radio in here, on the upper floor, when activated the monitors can show some alarming images. There's no stairs up there however, instead, you must portal up there. It's easy, you need a minimum of 5 seconds to get from portal to portal. Zombies can't fallow you into the between either, it's useful for bathroom breaks on high rounds with multiple people. WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE NEXT PART: The Key ring. THIS little baby is super useful for two reasons, ONE, it allows any player to activate other portal locations outside the atlas chamber. TWO: The player that picks it up gains the remarkable ability to charge the portal from any place in the map, literally every kill from that point on by that player, unless he bleeds out, charges the portal.  OH, and don't let me forget speed cola in the corner as well. 

The atlas chamber has 3 regular exits, one you came in from, one on the upper level which leads to north tower, and one that leads to the war-room. We're taking none of them. Heading back to that first hallway, we're heading down the main hall now. To which, in the center you'll find the main power switch, as well as radio 3 and another one of those tall metal things. WIth the power on, you'll find that these things are like generators, only, they open up portals. Unlike the atlas chamber, these portals ALWAYS bring you to one location, randomized, and don't need to be charged. There's quite a few on the map. 7 total: Main chamber, the cave, and the atlas room are the 3 you know so far. 

Moving on: WHERE IS JUGGERNOG? SImple. It's in the war room. Lets head there through the next door out of the main hall. It's a boring room with a BIG ass table you can walk on, you can defend it as well, I'd find that to be a fun challenge. Also there's a buildable table and juggernog in here. The exit on the far side of the room leads you to the roof. 

The roof connects the upper atlas chamber to the war room, to north tower. Likewise, there's a big ass cannon here. What's it for? Something that's going to happen 4 rounds after you turn on the power: The robot's going to fire it's deady laser beams. You saw what the der reise version did to that snow pile, Devastating. Only, this one's fully functional, and for some reason linked to Dr. Shuster... HMM... Either way, when it goes off it will destroy the village down bellow, unless you use the cannon to take it out. There are benefits to both outcomes. 

The pack a punch machine is in the village, which is accessible via the gondola you road up on. The machine remains accessible regardless.

Possibilities one-> The robot destroys the town: The Hyson weapon wall buy is destroyed. The training may be a bit easier, but the fire everywhere may be another problem. One house opens up however, revealing a lovely new weapon called C4, it's a lethal that can be thrown, and detonated on command useful. 

Possibility two--> Destroy the robot.  No C4, easy access to the Hyson. The buildings are a bit harder to navigate however... Yet no fire... 

Pick your poison. 

That's a base of the map, here's some other key points;


Perks on the map: Jug, quick revive, speed, double tap (along some hallway), Mule kick (in the between), stamin-up (in north tower)

Perks in wonderfizz only: Deadshot daquiri, electric Cherry, and a new one called "Between the Lies" only obtainable via the wonderfizz, it reduces your hitbox by 40% and allows you to slide further. 



-Headchopper: You know how this work, the last part is in the village. 

-The glock project. This is the DG7 (Seventh die glock project, the first being unknown, the second being the DG2, the 3rd being the upgraded DG2. Four through 6 are still unaccounted for. Unlike 2 and 3, this project is focused on close range combat, specifically, its a laser drill. It's used in the ice caves to open up the frozen one's chamber. However, it can also just be used as a very deadly drill. 

-The ODS: It's a system used to take down the OCT-tank. Simply place on the tank, and it gets shut down for a few minutes. Afterwards it's going to be very angry. It, IS the best training area on the map though. You just have to make a trip to a workbench every couple of rounds. 


Other areas of interest: 

-North tower: A long staircase leading up to a simplistic roof, zombies scale the side of the tower, but tend to avoid the stairs for some reason, fun place to survive. 

-The ice cave: scale down the cliff to find the ice cave, where you can find a nice dark eerie tunnel, one of the walls can be broken in with the drill. Inside you'll find the frozen one: Doctor Groph. Horribly mutated and disfigured, but groph none the less.... Can't wait to have you guys guessing about my story behind THAT. 


Easter eggs:

-The Sparrow: It's a bow and arrow found within the frozen one's chamber in the ice cave. It's a specialists weapon, but it's not all that strong.

-UPGRADING the sparrow: Arround the map you'll find a few ritual locations, activating them summons a big red tentacle-like octo-tank, kill it in all 6 locations, simple process, just like SOE. Once done, head to the between to pick up the raven. The arrows will fire similarly, but the explosion will cause zombies to melt into a black tar-like substance. 

-Plan B: The main easter egg. I'll do it later. Really fun and interesting, but I'm out of time now. Will be back later. 


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Pfft, the frozen one is obviously the Mexican. It is always the Mexican. He will break the ice and let his intentions known, or else. A lot of this stuff is pretty cool like the deadzone and the Hyson. That new perk too, very good idea and makes sense for those two to be together. My one question is, why do you start on the gondola? I imagine we will start in the town, it makes a lot more sense.

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