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"TheGiant" Cipher

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I have been looking at B64 character "/" bit pattern "111111".
There are 3 occurances of "/" in the whole of the ciphertext.
The only ASCII character i can map that to is "?"  bit pattern "00111111".
That would mean it would only fit into the 4th slot (bit 18-24) of the 24 bit block.
I dont think that "?" question mark would be in the plaintext so that would mean a transposition only on the ciphertext and then decode from B64 cannot be possible.


What do you people think have i got this right and do you think that assuming a question mark in the plaintext is so unlikely that i can write off transposition only encryption entirely ?

As i explained in the post above and my work is correct substitution only encryption wont work because there are too many unique B64 characters that are in the first B64 character block of the 24 bit block.


I know tried bruteforcing it before with both individual methods but as i said last post i made mistakes and i wanted to rule these methods out a second time a more methodical way.


So I'm really puzzled how the keyword "TheGiant" is used  


Also you must think I mad with my previous Lorenz posts as I didn't realise it was confirmed that it was simplified Lorenz cipher and the wheel positions had been posted by DragonGJY I'm kinda

glad in way because I didn't understand how the full machine worked or the cribs involved :)

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Sorry for the double post again but i thought this was interesting.

I dont know what to think about and cant be sure if its correct or not.

If you take "TheGiant" cipher text and input it as ASCII and then convert to UTF-16 you get this.






What is strange that it seems from a first glance it seems the glyphs are from the same language and all the symbols are there and none are missing so it seems like it isnt just a random load of bytes converted to unicode.

If it where surely there would be glyphs from all different codebases. 

Im not sure what to think of it can someone take a look at it.

I have no idea how to go about translating it or working out its not what the cipher converts to.


I actually doubt this is what its supposed to be and maybe printable ASCII is in this character sets byte range but would be good to hear what everyone thinks




I have thought about it and I think this is just a coincidence that 2 printable 8 bit ascii characters line up with 1 utf-16 character and its in the same codebase

The reason I think this is, why only use the B64 alphabet and also "TheGiant" keyword isn't used so I think its a false positive

I also tried to translate it and the first character is for a mystical goat like creature so that doesn't make sense  

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