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The derailed train

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The first time I saw the rail near the power plant in tranzit, I was wondering what use it had.
It couldn't be useless, why would treyarch make this?

JimmyZ once tweeted:
"A train car is a train car....unless derailed....that is....than it's junk, right?"
And: "Crashed and derailed, it is the players who have failed".
I know many people think he is just trolling.
I don't know, but I just wanted to mention these tweets, maybe he's right and refers us to the train.
The train which lays next to the power room, the train which was overlooked by so many players.
"Overlooked and never found, but one does simly run around".

Also, if you turn the fog in tranzit off, you see a large structure behind the train, which you cannot see in the game with the fog.
Why would treyarch do this, if you only can see this when theres no fog.

And why is there a derailed train anyway, just trees and rocks would be easier to do.
Why a train?
You also can hear train sounds sometimes.
I believe there is something with this train, something with an easter egg.
Maybe just a small one, like the musical EE, but maybe something big.
Maybe you can open the train, so you can reach the structure behind it.
Maybe it has something to do with the story behind tranzit, and the train is the reason why this place is infected with zombies.

We aren't done with Tranzit yet.

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Interesting I would love something like that even if it seems very hard 

but more than once Treyarch confirmed that Tranzit hide many things

who were not found yet 

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Aw, thank you. Finally a reply on the very first topic I've posted on this site. It feels nostalgic :P

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