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Variant Betas! - First patch: Raildex

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After beating the campaign on Realistic and taking the prestige in Zombies, I finally started to work on paintjobs and variants. Here are the first bunch of betas (some camos are missing)!

Due to my playlist the first theme is Raildex! (A Certain magical Index & A Certain scientific Railgun.)


First our #1 strongest esper Vesper, Accelerator!








Second! The top waifu of all time no questions asked nor answers given: Uiharu! (Camo missing -  ???)



Refrence: [Waifu warning]





She may be third strongest level 5 esper in Academy city, but in Black ops 3, she kicks ass the most: Misaka Mikoto, the Ace of Tokiwadai! (Camo missing - Gold)








Last (hehe) but not least, the annoying brat that happens to control an army: Misaka Misaka, aka. Misaka 20001 aka. Last Order! (Camo missing - Something white)







These are just quick scraps, so brace yourselves, more are coming with wider variety of themes!

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You did it! Congrats on beating realistic! Really comes as no surprise, but big congrats, all the same. 

And nice work on the paint jobs, too!

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