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My theory on the alternate timelines. Maxis already knows it all.


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Okay bare with me here this is a lot haha. Also let me know what you guys think or if you have any other possibilities that can be added or explained by this.


This is how I think of it. It really all links back to origins and the ending cutscene. You know how when your sleeping and you have a dream and something happens in that dream. Then the next day or week or month the same thing happens but in real life and you get a quick feeling of dejavu. Well I think the same thing happened to maxis. The dimension/ timeline where there is no zombies. Is the real true time line, also it's years before group 935 was founded and 115 was discovered and Der Riese. Also that origins is in the same time period but in a alternate/ parallel timeline to the not yet zombified timeline.  So in the origins timeline when maxis is sent to Agartha at the end. He witnesses all of the different outcomes/ possibilities of how this thing can turn out. So he sends the memory's or visions to the maxis in the not yet zombie dimension as "dream" . Telling him that these are all the possible futures of what is about to happen and that it all starts from one single point in time ( der riese) and gives him the knowledge on how to create the teleporters. How it will make him possible to travel to these alternate dimensions. But for him to do so he must have the resources for making the teleports. Which is when and why maxis founded group 395. Which also explains, why  maxis was so keen on denying richtoften and telling him to give up on the teleportation idea. Because he already knew that if he succeeded what the future outcome will be, but.... maxis in secret has already solved and created and perfected teleportation and time travel. At the same time though he knew for things to be set right. That certian events must happen for his plan to start. So he already knew that him and Samantha must get teleported by richtoften but when they do maxis already has a teleporter set up where he is first sent to the caves making it possible to go retrieve and to send the 4 from origins to der riese ( why the origins version of the characters show up) to set things right. Which could also be why the teleporters are already set up in the different key locations around the world. Not because richtoften did it but because maxis knew the places and times, on which the 4 would need to be sent. So by him creating the teleporters almost making a middle junction he can retrieve and teleport the good richtoften and the others to the beginning to stop the "bad" possible future ever starting, and not have  the feud between richtoften and maxis which destroys the earth, ever happen. Because now that evil richtofen is no longer in existence,  giving them the power to create a new and possible better future and change the events and not go into the teleporter with the DG-2 making these other timelines never exist so now its following the one "main story" and letting them rewrite history ensuring the safety of earth.  

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