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Since the game came out I have been noticing a lot of really strange quotes between all of the players. Richtofen seems to be going insane again, and the other three seem unsure as always. Nikolai has killed "at least three Richtofens". It just seems that there is a ton of information in this quotes and was wondering if anybody could explain some of them?

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There are some that we could certainly speculate about, like the Nikolai quote, but in all honesty, the theories at this point are likely to be weak and I'd recommend waiting until we have a better idea of what's happening.

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Yeah absolutely.  There are so many places the story could go.  One that I am holding onto as something I think would be interesting is if each DLC, they brought in a different mythology and lore, but they were all saying the same thing.  Something like religion, for example, where in many parts of the world, people believe the same thing without knowing it, but under  different titles.  As we traverse different universes, we'll encounter different entities and "gods" but when you boil it down, they're all pushing a near-identical message.  I don't think that will happen because it makes future stories predictable, but it's something I think would be interesting.

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