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Note: The images used in this idea were not created by myself and are used to represent aspects of the game that cannot easily be described.


Nightvale is the beginning of a story set in an alternate universe where technology had advanced far beyond what is should have. The year is 1999, humanity has become more obsessed with enhancing themselves using the latest cybernetic augmentations. The line between what is right and wrong has been blurred to the point where human can barely describe the residents of the planet anymore. But people have been going missing on the streets. For months they had disappeared without a trace. Out of nowhere, people began reappearing, although they were a shell of their former self. Now the dead walk the streets and infect others so that they will join the army of the undead.

Overnight the world was ravaged by a curse. This ended with only a few pockets of survivors remaining. Even then these survivors died in the remaining week that passed. Now only four humans remain and they have each awoken next to Nightvale City, where the darkest nightmares of any person have emerged. They do not know why they are here but what they do know is that the curse that has plagued the world must be broken.



Loading Screen


While loading the map, an old television screen will appear and begin to tune into Channel 23. Static will cover the screen and create the sounds of people whispering and the start of a broadcast.


“Attention citizens of Nightvale City. The dead are walking the streets and are hungry for human flesh! Stay inside, lock your doors and under any circumstances, do not let anybody in, even if you know them. I repeat-do not let them into your homes!”


This is then cut off by screaming and panic. The television will then change channels to the image of a question mark. For a moment a phone will ring. Then the sound of a click will cut this off and the theme music will the map will play until the game has loaded. Also when loading a gear will roll across the progress bar.



Introduction Cutscene


On screen will be a small, red phone. It will begin to ring and a ghostly question mark will fade over it. Then a dark and raspy voice will begin to speak.


“A darkness is coming. The curse that has been cast upon the world will open the gates to an even greater evil that is already trying to break through the cracks of reality. Humans are weak. They have ripped themselves apart and already resorted to horrific actions for their survival. In spite of this you remain alive and pure, without needing to succumb to the temptations that lay before you. Each and every one of your lives holds more value than anything else left on the planet. Alone you are nothing. But together you are a force that could vanquish the evil consuming the world and even reconstruct the universe from the bare bones that it began from. To reach this future, you must let me guide you. Only I, the Engineer, can help you change the fate that lies ahead. All I ask is that you depend solely on me. With my help, you will find your salvation.”


Inside of a broken down console room, four people wake up and look at each other. They begin to recognise one another but have no time to question this as the undead begin breaking through. In their hands is a gun, they then prepare to fight for their lives against the undead.





Alexus Valentine:


Profile: Known as the Outlaw, Alexus is a 21 year old girl who has brown eyes and short, black hair with purple streaks in it. Her clothing consists of a grey prisoners uniform that she had been previously wearing and a brown guards jacket that she stole on her way out of the prison. Also on her belt is a sword that she stole to defend herself with. Covering her legs are cybernetic augmentations which help her to walk, something she had lost the ability to do after being hit by a car as a child. Her favourite weapons are pistols and submachine guns. She likes the Sparrow and Annihilator out of the Specialist Weapons.


Personality: She is calm, reserved and threatening. Though Alexus likes to keep to herself, she does treats the other survivors as friends and will not argue with them. She enjoys the company of Magnus the most and will sometimes makes quotes when alone about liking him more out of the group. When speaking to Dexter she often treats him like a child and teases him about his intelligence. But when talking to Sergei she compares him to her father because of his love of warfare.

Background: Alexus Valentine was incarcerated in prison for killing an innocent man in broad daylight. She has been locked away in a cell for a year without feeling any remorse for her actions. Unluckily for Alexus, the night the apocalypse began was also the same night she had planned to escape the prison. She had been digging a hole in the floor under her bed for the past year without being noticed. As the prison was not strict, she had enough time to do this without letting them onto her plans. Zombies began to ravage the prison and each cell was locked so that the prisoners could be killed by the guards instead of being infected by the rapidly spreading zombie virus. When they finally got to her cell, they found that she had already left.





Profile: Otherwise known as the Rogue, Magnus is a 23 year old man who has green eyes and messy, black hair. His clothing is made up of a long brown trench coat covering black and grey body armour which is on top of a fern green turtle neck jumper. He also has a robotic mouth mask which changes the sound of his voice. When he was chasing a criminal in a motorway chase his motorbike crashed and his right arm was trapped under it, meaning it had to be removed and replaced with a robotic arm. His favourite weapons are shotguns and assault rifles. He prefers to use the Scythe and Ripper as specialist weapons.


Personality: He is a brave, tenacious and fearless survivor who leads the group in their actions. Magnus was decided to be the leader of the survivors by proving his skills against fending off against the undead. He gets a lot of respect from his team but also returns this when talking to them. Magnus prefers Alexus the most out of the group because she has a similar personality to him. Sometimes he can get annoyed by Dexter and his ego but at other times they put their differences aside. When in the presence of Sergei, the boisterous side of Magnus comes out and the two become merciless zombie killers.

Background: Magnus was a bounty hunter for hire in the past and always kept a low profile. Even before the apocalypse he never disclosed his real name and destroyed all records of his existence. The past few years had been the peak of his career, he had enough wealth to survive but had found that he hunted people down for the thrill and not the money. But he knew this life could not last forever, so he decided to go out with a bang and find a criminal who deemed himself impossible to find and had a high ransom on his head. Magnus spent months tracking him down until he eventually found his hideout in the back of a gas station. Instead of finding the criminal, he found a zombie stumbling around and eating people.



Dexter Plugg:


Profile: Known as the Inventor, Dexter is a 34 years old man who has blue eyes and unkempt black hair that has white streaks in it. A pair of goggles sits on his hair, contributing towards his untidy hair. His clothing is very different to the other characters as he dresses more smartly. Over a brown waistcoat he wears a navy blue jacket. Covering his boots are also white shin guards. To strengthen his right arm, Dexter wears an energy pack that connects to a gauntlet through a wire. His favourite weapons are sniper rifles but he also partially likes pistols. He prefers using the Tempest and H.I.V.E. when killing zombies.


Personality: While a genius and an intricate person, Dexter has a large ego which derives from his intelligence. This does not irritate the other characters as much because he only boasts when alone. Often when surviving with Alexus, Dexter is irritated because she treats him as a spoilt child even though he is older than her. Magnus is the only character to recognise Dexter's ego and will often try to put him in his place. Dexter returns this rivalry by saying that Magnus plays the role of a brooding hero. They are still good friends and can survive easily together as their competitive natures are not out of hatred. Using Sergei to his advantage, Dexter treats him as a bodyguard to protect not only himself but his much needed intellect. Both Sergei and Dexter are able to work together by using their attributes together for the fight against the undead.

Background: Dexter Plugg was always a rich child who had his abilities supported. At a young age, Dexters hyper intelligence was recognised. It lead to the eventual job of an inventor who pioneered the creation of many useful augmentations and technological advancements. Throughout his life he was noticed for his work but the fame and attention he gained from this was boring to him. A new challenge came to him in the form of the apocalypse. He saw it as an opportunity to learn about new concepts in a brand new world while also having to constantly survive, meaning he would never get bored.



Sergei Petrov:


Profile: Also named the Tank, Sergei is a 57 year old man who has brown eyes and very short grey hair and a beard. His clothing partly contains an old soldier's uniform but he also wears a red scarf and a brown jacket over his clothing. Constantly there will be a lit cigar in his mouth. Back when he was younger, Sergei was part of an explosion which caused him to lose his eyesight. Cybernetic lenses were placed in his eyes so he could see again. His favourite weapons are light machine guns and any melee weapon in the map. He enjoys using the Gravity Spikes and War Machine because he can make an impact when he kills.


Personality: He is tough, ruthless and an unforgiving killer to the undead. Sergei is a very friendly person who enjoys being a part of a team. With Alexus, Sergei treats her as a child who needs looking after because of her age. But he still treats her seriously when the situation calls for it. Magnus and Sergei are a duo who love to kill zombies. They become uncontrollable slayers of the undead and enjoy doing so. Dexter's brilliant mind power and Sergei's rough nature make them both a powerful force to be reckoned with. The two of them understand their strengths and weaknesses which make them able to work together to achieve their goals.


Background: Sergei Petrov was a former operative for the HRU (Hostile Retaliation Unit), a squad who would instantly travel to the battlefield and stop wars from breaking out by negotiating with leaders. His prowess and ingenuity lead to him being a decorated war hero. But he could not be a soldier forever. When he had to leave the HRU, he was saddened that he could not continue to be the cruel killing machine had had previously been on the battlefield. Planning to drink away his sorrows, the zombie outbreak was an opportunity for Sergei to pick up a gun and begin fighting until his last breath.





When a player goes into their leaderboards they will be given the option to cycle through two menus.


The first menu will show stats such as kills, downs, deaths, headshots, melee kills and an option to look at another player's profile. If this option is chosen, you will be able to look at a player's profile and see an image of what character they are playing as, along with their weapons, Perks, Specialist Weapons and buildables. At the top of this menu is also a shared inventory that shows how many parts have been obtained for a buildable.


On the second menu there will be a progression system that depends on how many zombies are killed. Using points in game, players will be able to buy space for another gun, perk and curse card. This is known as a storage upgrade and this will cost 2000 Points for each upgrade, although some of these will not be available until certain amounts of zombies are killed. Also this inventory lets you share 500 Points directly to another player in the game or to store them in a shared bank where any player can draw out 1000 Points at a time.




Barriers: Zombies will spawn from multiple barriers in the map which can be repaired. Mostly they will spawn from wooden boarded up windows or metal bars covering entrances. But they can also spawn from the ground, within walls and from top of buildings. Repairing a barrier will give a player 20 Points for each barrier that is rebuilt.


Doors: Although doors can be opened for various prices, they can also be closed if a player wishes to close them. To do this they must pay the same amount of points that the door had cost to be opened. If this door is then opened again, it will only cost 750 Points. This can be done at any time in the game but doors can only be reopened once the last zombie in a round has spawned.


Weather: Randomly the map will have different types of weather that will last for an unknown amount of rounds. The different types of weather are: Fog, Rain, Storm and Clear Skies. Each type of weather can only last up to four rounds at the most before it changes. Weather change will only start on the fourth round.

Day and Night Cycle: With each game that is played, the longer you play it will contribute towards what time of day it is in the map. When beginning a game the map will be night time. Slowly time will progress and dawn will break. Day time will then commence until it is interrupted by the night again. Time works in the map by counting every seven rounds as either day or night. It will then transition on the next round and start the next cycle after this. At random times in the game there can be an eclipse which lasts for a round.





Occasionally zombies will leave behind a glowing drop when killed, picking them up will cast a Spell on the map which will cause something to change in the game. The spells are: Replenish, Obliteration, Cosmic Profit, Fissile Fuel, Mimic, Chronolock, Atomic Victory and the Beyonder. Each spell is called out by a disembodied voice when obtained.


Restore: When the Restore spell is cast, a drop will appear over the body of a player. Walking into this drop will give a the player who has bled out all of their weapons and equipment. This spell can only be cast when other players are in a game and only applies to the player who has bled out. The insignia for Replenish is of two crossed swords.


Obliteration: When the Obliteration spell is cast, all zombies in the map will be killed instantly by any means of attack. The insignia for Obliteration is of a skull and crossbones.


Cosmic Profit: When the Cosmic Profit spell is cast, multiple effects happen. A sale will be made on Pandora’s Box, Perks and Violetta's Heart which make them cheaper. Also the more zombies that a player kills, the more points they earn from killing. The insignia for Cosmic Profit is of a meteor.


Fissile Fuel: When the Fissile Fuel spell is cast, all ammo will be replenished, all Specialist Weapons and Curse Cards will be fully charged. The insignia for Fissile Fuel is of a battery.


Mimic: When the Mimic spell is cast, the player who obtained the spell will be camouflaged from all enemies. The insignia for Mimic is of a crying mask.


Chronolock: When the Chronolock spell is cast, all zombies will begin to slow down and then will be halted with white energy surrounding them. The insignia for Chronolock is of a clock.


Atomic Victory: When the Atomic Victory spell is cast, zombies will begin to explode around the map. Any zombie that survives will also explode when touching a player. The insignia for Atomic Victory is of a biohazard symbol.


Beyonder: Once the Beyonder spell is cast the player who obtained it will fade away through time. In their place will be the last being alive at the end of the universe, the Beyonder. This person is a machine with the essence of a hero still inside of him. He appears to be a broken down automaton that has harnessed the ability of magic. While players in this form players will not have weapons, replacing them will be two gauntlets that are able to shoot blue bursts of ancient magic that will turn zombies into dust. Advanced agility will also be granted to the player with this spell, making them able to run at faster speeds and jump higher. But the price of the Beyonder is that you will lose all perks while in this form. This spell will not end until the player who is the Beyonder has been taken apart by the zombies and scattered back through time, bringing the original character back. The Beyonder speaks in a deep disembodied voice but what he says is incomprehensible. The insignia for the Beyonder is of an omega symbol.



Map Layout


When spawning into the map the characters are stood together in a building named the Oculus. This building is located in the sea and is connected to the rest of the map by a stone pathway. The Oculus is made out of metal which is starting to rust, it is a square building which has a large circular window facing out to Nightvale City. Around the room are consoles which control the direction the Oculus turns. On a console is the Scroll part for the Phantoms Lantern buildable. The building is abandoned and in disrepair to the point that wood has started to be used to repair the broken walls, which is where zombies will begin to break in through.


Opposite the window is a door which can be opened to reveal a set of stairs. These stairs twist and curve upwards to the next level of the building, letting you emerge from a hatch door. This area is completely open and the waves of the ocean crash against the edge. A railing surrounds this part of the Oculus so that you cannot fall into the sea. On this top area is the Regen Serum machine. To leave there is a stone bridge that reaches out towards the sea, this can be jumped down onto and will lead to the Promenade.


After leaving the Oculus, the whole of Nightvale City will be accessible. The map is very big and complex, making it hard to navigate around the streets and back alleys that lead to important parts of the city. There are seven main areas of the map which are known as the Seven Districts of Nightvale. The districts are known as: Promenade, Plaza, Lower Streets, Higher Streets, Quarantine, Outskirts and Vaults.



Promenade District:


When you first leave the Oculus you will be on the Promenade. You can walk along this area to either end of it and also access the entrance to the city by opening the gates in front of the docks. The Promenade mostly has a wooden floor with tall lampposts on each side of it to light it up at night time. Initially you will be at the docks when you leave the Oculus. They are wooden and stretch out to the sea, mostly boards have either broken or fallen making them difficult to walk on.



Walking down the left will bring players towards the Bay. This area is a crescent shape which wraps around the water in the lake that the docks branched out too. All around this area is a big open space that leads off into a forest that is next to Nightvale City but cannot be entered. The area is very barren, only containing things such as crates and boats. But the area is also tranquil and calm, even with the undead climbing from out of the ground. At the edge of the docks is a Crafting Station utility and the Automatic Turret trap. Near the edge of the forest is also a cabin. Inside of it are weapons and the Casing part for the Galvanic Shield buildable.


Going to the right of the Promenade will lead to a set of buildings along the waterfront. Firstly there will be the Fishing Hut. On the door will be a sign that says “Gone Fishing” which has to be shot to open the hut. The inside is very cramped and hard to navigate but inside their will be a lever which can be pulled to open a secret door on the Promenade. The door in question is at the edge of the Promenade and leads to a secret tunnel that directly opens up into the Quarantine District. Also a Pandora’s Box location can be found behind the Fishing Hut.


The building next to this is a small cafe that had yet to be opened for the day, so the chairs are upside down and on top of the tables and everything is untouched. This building is mostly untouched by zombies and everything seems undisturbed. One of the first Pandora's Box locations can be found in the front of the cafe. But when the back is entered, a gruesome sight can be found. Blood covers the walls and all furniture is overturned. Against the wall next to the door is the Torment Tonic machine.



Plaza District:


The Plaza is accessed by the city gates, these are big metal bars which span upwards. Above them is a metal sign that says “Welcome to Nightvale City” with scratches and dents all around it. By either walking around the streets that surround this area or going through the middle of the Plaza, you will find the most popular buildings of the city that were hotspots before the apocalypse. In the centre of the Plaza is a tall tower which is surrounded by the main buildings of Nightvale City.



The first important building which can be accessed is the Saloon. This is a large building with colourful and glowing signs advertising the building. When entering the Saloon, it will be very similar to what older Saloons looked like. The tables of the Saloon can be walked on and weapons can be found in many different parts ofthe building. Most importantly in this building is the Crafting Station utility. On top of the Saloon is Skyrail Station 1, which will allow players to travel on the Skyrail.


Next to this is the Restaurant. Unlike a normal Restaurant, this location has a more sinister past. The owners of the building would take people from Nightvale City and use them as the meat they served to customers. Even though the eating area of the Restaurant is kept well and up to a high standard, the backroom is covered with blood, body parts and tools used to kill the Restaurants victims. When the back room is first accessed, the tables in the Restaurant will sink into the floor and reveal an open area. In the back room of the Restaurant is the Buzz Saw trap that will travel around the Restaurant killing zombies.


Across from these two buildings is the Theatre. This is a big and extravagant building which is easily noticeable to anybody in the Plaza. Entering the Theatre will bring people to the lobby. Within the lobby is the Stimulus Swift machine. From here players can either go forwards or travel up two side paths to the balconies of the Theatre hall. When going up one of the paths, players will be able to walk on the seats that look down from the top area of the Theatre to the stage. The Battery part for the Gyro Sentry buildable can be found at the edge of the balconies. By walking through the middle of the Theatre, players will be able to travel down a path which leads directly to the stage. This area is very open and easy to survive on, also a Pandora’s Box location can be found here.


At the end of the Plaza District is a Jazz Club. The front of this area is covered in flashing lights and a colourful neon sign. Walking inside the Jazz Club will let players explore a big room which has seats and tables surrounding the sides. Also a bar can be found to the left of the building. On the right wall of the Jazz Club is the Jukebox utility. There is also a small stage at the back of the Jazz Club which can be climbed on and walked around to exit the building.


Sitting in the middle of the Plaza and Nightvale City is the Chaos Tower. This is a misshapen stone tower that reaches high into the sky and holds many dark secrets within it. There are three floors which can be accessed out of the entire building. This includes the bottom, middle and roof of the tower. But the outer areas of the tower can be scaled as well to bring players to other areas.



On the first floor of the Chaos Tower is the Magna Vigor machine. This area is an entrance to the stairs that lead up the tower and has many paintings of the people who have lived in the tower. This will then lead to the second floor which was used to contain the living quarters of anybody who lived in the tower. Included in this are two bedrooms, a dining room and a living room. Within the living room is the Flame part for the Phantoms Lantern buildable. Outside of the second floor is also the Doomwheel utility.



At the top of the tower, the area is more open because there is no roof. A set of stairs wrap around upwards and reach up to a beaten up cage that has been broken, showing signs of something escaping. On the stairs is writing, shelves with potions, pictures and notes that had been written by somebody who had began to lose their mind, talking about the dead walking again. The top of this set of stairs holds the Violetta’s Heart utility.



Lower District:


The Lower District is an extension of the Plaza and surround the outer areas of it. This area holds the less important shops in Nightvale City and borders onto the more open areas of the map. On right of the Lower Streets are the smaller shops while on the left there is a pathway to the park.



On the east side of the Lower District, the first building will be the Post Office. This is a small building which only has two rooms to it. In the front room is a railing which makes walking around the Post Office difficult. Behind the railing is a Pandora’s Box location. When entering the back room, all that can be seen is a pile of letters covering the floor. Two chutes can be seen as well which are where parcels are deposited. Jumping into these chutes will bring players to the Outskirts District.


Next to the post office is the Candy Store. Outside of the Candy Store is a broken down Gumball Machine. This building is filled with barrels and shelves which hold different types of candy. The Candy Store is a very bright and colourful area which is also big. Next to the counter will be the Supernova machine. Walking out of the back door of the Candy Store will lead back into the Plaza through an alleyway.


Across from these two stores will be the Bakery. This shop is smaller than the others but is more open inside. Around the Bakery are different foods that are now covered in blood. The floor is covered in a pool of red that makes a splashing sound when walking through it. On the counter of the Bakery is the Turret part for the Gyro Sentry buildable.


When going to the west of the Lower District, players will have to follow a narrow stone path which leads upwards to the Park. This area is a large field with lots of trees surrounding it and a river that runs through the main body of the Park. A bridge goes over this river, which holds the Shinigami Vision machine. Hanging from a tree that is next to a gazebo will be the Lantern part for the Phantoms Lantern buildable. Inside the park is Skyrail Station 2, which will allow players to travel on the Skyrail.




Higher District:


The Higher District is the other extension of the Plaza and borders the top end of Nightvale City. This area is a connecting point for certain parts of the city and is smaller than the Lower District.The river that runs from the Park can be found here, meaning the Higher District has a link to the Lower District.


At the left of the Higher District is the Tavern. This is a much more run down building than the Saloon and has been abandoned. This means the furniture inside is covered and dust has gathered all over the building. The Tavern is also very dark in both day and night, with only some light being able to get through the boarded up windows. Inside of the Tavern is the Fire Pit trap location and the Frame part for the Galvanic Shield buildable.



Within the middle of the Higher District is Skyrail Station 3, which will allow players to travel on the Skyrail. Then on the opposite side of the Higher District is a long and wooden bridge which stretches over the river. On the bridge is a Pandora’s Box location. Under this bridge and next to the river is the Helix Elixir machine.



Quarantine District:


Bordering the Higher District at the east is a quarantine zone which has chain mail fences with barbed wire covering the top surrounding it. A hole can be found in the fence which can be entered to access the Quarantine District. This part of Nightvale City was the main housing district, but after the infection began to spread it was cut off from the rest of the city to keep keep the rest of the survivors safe. But the fence was not strong enough to hold back the undead and they broke through. A green smog covers the entire area which can damage players if they are in the Quarantine for too long.


This district is entirely covered in broken down and boarded up houses which the residents of Nightvale City used to occupy. Most houses are not accessible but the left of this district holds a set of houses which have cracks in the walls that let players enter them. These houses are arranged in such a way that traversing through each of them creates a maze for players to try and navigate their way around. Within the complex of houses is a Crafting Station utility and the Biohazard machine.



At the edge of Quarantine District are two diggers which have been completely dismantled. They had been digging a crevice in the ground that leads downwards to the length of a cliff. Within this crevice are most of the residents of Nightvale City, trying to climb their way back up to their home to kill anything that is still surviving. These zombies cannot be interacted with as they are too far down, but a set of rocks can be shot to crush some of them. Next to the diggers is a Pandora’s Box location and the Wheels part for the Gyro Sentry buildable.



Outskirts District:


The Outskirts District derives from the west of the Higher District. This area is mostly incompletely built as it was still having housing created near it. Due to this the Outskirts are very dangerous and can be hazardous at times because of the structures it holds.


The main area of the Outskirts is the housing zone. None of the houses in this area are near built and only the wooden frames of the houses exist. Only cement and bricks can be found lying near them. Inside one of the house frames is a Pandora’s Box location. Within another house is the Core part for the Galvanic Shield buildable.


Next to the housing is a Factory used to create support beams for the buildings in Nightvale City. The factory is big and spacious, with only a few conveyor belts cutting off the open area. By walking up a set of stairs and going to the overseer's office, players will be able to find the Atlas Endurance machine. Behind the Factory is the Junkyard. This area is filled with objects and items that are unwanted, piling up high above players. Within the mess of the Junkyard is a Crafting Station utility and the Weapons Locker utility.




Basement District:


In different areas around the map there are holes which lead underground. These holes each lead into a hollowed out cavern that is barely being supported by wooden support beams from a leftover mine. At the back of these caverns are the Vaults. To open the Vaults, the door must be activated and a swarm of zombies must be fended off against until the locks on the Vault door release. Each Vault is different and has a theme linked to what they were originally used for. Vaults served the purpose of ensuring the survival of the residents of Nightvale City. But they were not what the population expected them to be and as a result they endured a cruel fate. An organisation had funded their creation to convert the remaining survivors of Nightvale City into zombies through more dangerous and horrific methods than they had ever thought of. There are seven Vaults in the map: Vault 11, Vault 23, Vault 37, Vault 79, Vault 99, Vault 101 and Vault Infinity. All of these Vaults are accessible but Vault Infinity can only be opened through the Waking Nightmare Story Quest.



Vault 11: This Vault can be found in the bay, next to a stack of large rocks. The theme of Vault 11 is survival. In the Vault is a broken screen which cycles through showing the most important aspects of humanity that will help with their survival in the future. This includes an image of fire, a leaf and water. These three represent the basic things needed for humanity to start again. Also in this room are glass cases which hold a never ending flame, a small tree that is beginning to grow and a block of ice that is being kept frozen.


Vault 23: This Vault can be accessed at the park, surrounded by a group of trees. The theme of Vault 23 is fear. While walking through the twisted and dark area players will have to witness the horrors that other survivors had previously endured. The Vault is surrounded by a stone brick wall which has vines hanging down from it. There are also paintings on the wall of monsters attacking people.


Vault 37: This Vault is located under the theatre in the basement. The theme of Vault 37 is hope. Covering the ground of this Vault are bones. Spikes can be seen on the walls and machinery attached to the walls can also be viewed. Whenever a player walks along the ground of this area, all that can be heard is the crunching of bones.


Vault 79: This Vault can be found in the junkyard under a metal sheet that must be shot off to reveal the entrance. The theme of Vault 79 is sorrow. When walking into this Vault, a cold chill will go over players and they will begin to be able to even see their own breath. This Vault is very enclosed and was home to a row of chairs that pointed towards a mirror. When looking into this mirror at some points, pale faces can be seen within it momentarily before disappearing.


Vault 99: The entrance to this Vault is situated under the bridge. The theme of Vault 99 is anger. All around this room are wooden statues of people which have been taken apart and destroyed. Sharp spikes also stick out of areas in the floor, making it hard to navigate in the area without being brought to a halt or being injured.


Vault 101: This Vault is situated under the Post Office, covered by a large pile of letters which need to be shot to uncover entrance to the Vault. The theme of Vault 101 is suffering. This Vault is the most open and is a concrete room that is covered in large amounts of blood. Sitting in the middle of the Vault is a chair with leather straps on it. Next to this chair is a metal table, filled with equipment used for the act of torture. A note can be found on the floor next to the chair, on it the words “He escaped.” are written in red.





At the north, east and west of the map are Skyrail Stations. The spawn location of the Skyrails Train Car will change each game. When getting in the Train Car and paying 750 Points, players will be taken to another station. Once the doors close, all zombies will be shut out. Two buttons will be found at the front of the Train Car, letting players choose which of the other Skyrail Stations they wish to venture too. The Train Car will then grind across the Skyrail and travel to whichever location has been chosen, dropping off players and needing to refuel for a period of time.





Automatic Turret [750 Points]: The Automatic Turret is a trap which will lock onto surrounding zombies and shoot them. Players can be damaged by the turret if they come too close to it but will not die when shot by it.


Fire Pit [1000 Points]: The Fire Pit is a trap which will create a pit of flames for zombies to walk through and die in. Players can be killed if they walk into this.

Buzz Saw [1500 Points Points]: The Buzz Saw is a spinning blade that will travel around an area in a set path and kill any zombies that touch it. Players can also be damaged by this trap and can even be killed if they are hurt by it too much.



Phantom Guise


Above the ammo count of players will be a purple eye symbol which will glow when this mode is available. Each round a mode can be triggered that is known as the ‘Phantom Guise’. To activate this players must find one of the glowing eye locations that can be found randomly around the map. This can be activated once per round, doing so will cover players in darkness and make them take on the guise of the Phantom.


An ancient dark being will possess the players, leaving their character as a masked being that will glide around the map. Colour will fade from the map and the way of interacting with the map will change. Zombies can be passed through at will as interaction between them and the player cannot occur in this mode. Weapons will be replaced with claws that will keep creating sparks of purple and pink energy. In each district of the map, a sobbing ghost can be found walking the streets. By going up to them in the Phantom Guise, players will be able to release them from their torment. This will then cause an energy burst that will power the district. A bar can be found at the bottom of the screen when in Phantom Guise, indicating how long a player has left before they revert to normal.





Zombies: When the curse was put on the world, an abomination was created that craved flesh and wanted every human on the planet to become like it. Their eyes are a piercing and glowing white colour. Zombies are mostly dressed in civilian clothes such as suits, dresses and other clothing that would be seen on a regular person. Soldier zombies can also be found who wear black uniforms and sometimes have a gas mask over their face.


Hounds: At any round after the fifth round, mechanical hounds will spawn and will replace any enemies in the map. The Hound is completely mechanical but still retains the mind of an animal. It is made up of a robotic body and blue lights flashing around it. Once all Hounds have been killed, they will drop a Fissile Fuel Spell.



The Ghoul: Every few rounds, a cloaked figure with a robotic face and red eyes will begin to watch player. This is a sign that the Ghoul is preparing to attack. On the next round the Ghoul will latch onto a certain player and begin to attack them by using its claws to swipe at them. When the Ghoul has almost been killed, it will use the ability to glitch and will travel to the location it was in 10 seconds prior. After doing this it will have time to heal and will attack another player, unless you are playing solo. If the Ghoul is killed it will drop a random Spell.



The Raven: Flying in the skies at random points will be the Raven. This is a mechanical beast that escaped its cage in the Chaos Tower and now seeks out its creator so that it may enact its revenge on him. Not being able to differentiate between humans, the Raven will attack players by picking them up and dropping them onto the ground. It may also grab zombies if it misses a player. To evade the Raven, players must shoot its wings and kill it. Doing so will reward players with a Perk.



Golem: At any time past round 10, walking around the map will be a giant stone Golem. The face of the Golem is featureless, besides the glowing white eyes it as. Horns made of stone stick out of the monsters head, along with spikes which protrude from the its body. The Golem will ignore players while walking around the map. Sometimes he will stand still for a moment and block an area. If provoked, the Golem will slowly follow players around the map and try to crush them. To kill the Golem, a white rock within the chest of the monster must be shot. Once the Golem is killed it will explode into fragments of stone and disappear for an unknown number of rounds, awarding players with either a Perk and a random Spell.





Perks can be obtained through the use of Potion Machines that can be found around the map with the perk insignia on them. This will give players a bottled potion which they will take the cap off of and drink. Doing this causes a momentary effect to happen to them. After this they will revert to normal with the new perk being in effect.


Regen Serum [1500 Points]: Regen Serum will assure a player's survival by summoning a guardian angel to watch over and revive them when they are downed. Reviving other players will be faster with this perk. While playing solo a player will be able to revive themselves and not draw the attention of zombies for a short duration after so they can escape. But they can only buy this perk three times before it goes on lockdown for 10 rounds. The insignia for Regen Serum is pink and has the icon of a set of wings. When drinking the perk a pair of ghostly white wings will flare out of the characters back.


Magna Vigour [2500 Points]: Magna Vigour will protect players from the swarms of the undead. This perk will give players double their health so that they can survive for longer against zombies. The insignia for Magna Vigour is green and has the icon of a broken heart. When drinking the perk green ribbons will wrap around the characters body.


Torment Tonic [2000 Points]: Torment Tonic will alter a player's weapon to amplify its ability to kill. This means the weapon will shoot bullets faster and deal more damage against any enemy that is shot at. The insignia for Torment Tonic is blue and has the icon of a claw. When drinking the perk a blue claw will cover the character's right arm.


Helix Elixir [3000 Points]: Helix Elixir will grant players the ability to handle weapons more efficiently. Reloading, swapping weapons, aiming and readying up will be faster. The insignia for Helix Elixir is orange and has the icon of a helix. When drinking the perk an orange helix will wrap around the character's left arm.


Biohazard [2000 Points]: Biohazard has the ability to make players immune to explosive damage and splash damage. The insignia for Biohazard is moss green and has the icon of a gas mask. When drinking the perk a green mask will cover a character's face.


Stimulus Swift [2000 Points]: Stimulus Swift is able to make players have the swiftness to outrun the wind. The perk will allow players to sprint at faster speeds without losing stamina. The insignia for Stimulus Swift is purple and has the icon of a lightning bolt. When drinking the perk a purple lightning bolt will strike players and will leave purple sparking electricity at the character's feet.


Atlas Endurance [4000 Points]: Atlas Endurance will allow players to become stronger and will allow them to carry more equipment. Another weapon, grenade and buildable can be carried with the use of this perk. The insignia for Atlas Endurance is turquoise and has the icon of a hand holding an orb. When drinking the perk a burden will be put on the characters back in the form of a turquoise orb that will make them slouch over.


Supernova [2000 Points]: Supernova will cause an effect each time a player reloads the weapon they are holding. A magenta explosion will burst out of them and cause all zombies surrounding them to be killed. Momentarily the zombies will stand still and grab their heads until they fall to the ground. The insignia for Supernova is magenta and has the icon of an exploding wheel. When drinking the perk a pulse of magenta energy will surround the character and make them have a ring made up of stars surrounding their body.

Shinigami Vision [3000 Points]: By drinking this perk you are making a deal with a Shinigami to obtain a set of Shinigami eyes. Shinigami Vision will let players be able to see where all perk and utility locations are around the map. Also a health bar will hover above other players and a counter for how many zombies are alive will appear. The insignia for Shinigami Vision is red and has the icon of an eye. After consumption each of the characters eyes will gain a reddish hue.





Pandora’s Box [950 Points]: The darkness of the world was trapped away long ago in a box by a magician known as Pandora. Now that a new form of evil is taking a hold of humanity, the only way to defeat it is by corrupting any soul living by making them take and use weapons from a different time.


Crafting Station [1000 Points]: Around the map are green and grey table like machines. When all of the parts for a buildable have been obtained, the Crafting Station will take them. Using mechanical hands, the Crafting Station will begin to create the buildable. Once this is complete, an image of the buildable will appear on a screen at the top of the Crafting Station. Also in a glass case will be the buildable for players to take from it.


Jukebox [500 Points]: Inside of the Jazz Club is a Jukebox made of varnished wood. On it are colourful lights that will flash occasionally. When activated the Jukebox will play the song ‘Corrupted Lullaby’. The Jukebox will not be able to be used again for another five rounds after this.


Weapons Locker [1500 Points]: Every game there will be a piece of paper with a code on it. Once one player in a match has taken this code, all players will be able to access the Weapons Locker and store a weapon. In the next game, they will also need to find the piece of paper to unlock the safe and retrieve their weapon. Only regular weapons and their upgraded variants can be stored in the Weapons Locker.


Project Butler [3000 Points]: Within each district of the map is a red box with engravings on it. Activating this box will initiate Project Butler. An autonomous being will walk around the district and kill any zombies it locates using two minigun like weapons that are attached to its arms. It will always leave the last zombie in a round. Zombies will not be drawn to the Butler and it will disappear three rounds after it had been called. This will cause Project Butler to need a recharge of five rounds.


Doomwheel [2000 Points]: Replicating a forbidden set of cards, the Doomwheel is able to create any card from the Deck of the Cursed and dispense it to a player. The Doomwheel is a mechanical, old wheel that spins around at fast speeds and draws crimson energy around it to create Curse Cards. Only two cards can be held at a time. If a card is not taken from the Doomwheel, it will go back into the card pool.

Violetta’s Heart [6000 Points]: Using the darkest piece of music in existence, Violetta’s Heart has the ability to draw out the corruption inside a person and merge it with the weapon they are using. This will upgrade their weapon so that it has increased damage, range and rate of fire. When putting a weapon into Violetta's Heart, a player must play a certain sound on the organ so that their weapon can be crafted properly. If this is interrupted the weapon will not be upgraded and given back to the player, but their points will still be taken from them.





Galvanic Shield: Built from the Core, Casing and Frame. The Galvanic Shield can be used to defend a players back from zombies. When melee is used, the surrounding zombies will be pushed away using an electric shock. If the shield is placed down it will create a galvanic pulse which will kill zombies within a certain proximity of it. This will then need to recharge until it can be used again. With each use of the galvanic pulse the shields health will deplete quicker.


Phantoms Lantern: Built from the Lamp, Scroll and Flame. When the Phantoms Lantern is used it will light up the dark at night and in the underground areas. It can also be triggered to send out a burst of pink energy which will eradicate all zombies in the surrounding area. This will instantly destroy the Phantoms Lantern.


Gyro Sentry: Built from the Wheels, Turret and Battery. Once the Gyro Sentry is deployed, it will travel the map on two large wheels while a mounted turret on a gyroscopic ball seeks out targets and kills them. Once the round is over it will return to the crafting station and recharge.



Deck of the Cursed


There are nine Curse Cards in the Deck of the Cursed which each give players different abilities. Each card has an image on it and a phrase that a disembodied voice will say upon using the card. The Curse Cards will appear under the perk slots and reside in the tactical slot, which allows them to be triggered at any time. When they are charging they will go black until enough experience is regained from killing, then they will shimmer to show they are ready to be used. To obtain Curse Cards, the Doomwheel must be turned to dispense a random card. These cards can be dropped at any time by going into the inventory and choosing to dispose of it.


I.) The Travellers Regret: “Run from your mistakes.” The Travellers Regret has the image of an old man walking up a mountain with a wooden stick. Immediately after activation, players will be given a speed boost that will let them run quicker than before. When stopping, you will continue to run for a moment and slow down before coming to a halt. Also walking, aiming down sights and readying up will be faster when using this card.


II.) Vampyre: Eternity is torture.” Vampyre has the image of a bat hanging upside down with glowing purple eyes. Once this card is triggered the map will be shown in sonar vision which will show where zombies are coming from due to them being red. Other players will be green but if they are down this colour will fade into black.


III.) Quantum Glitch: “Time can be rewritten.” Quantum Glitch has the image of a hand holding a fob watch. This card will give a player the ability to travel to the past if they are in danger. These effects will happen immediately once the card is activated and will leave players in the state they were in a minute prior to when the card was used.


IV.) Thorns: “Pain and suffering.” Thorns has the image of a branch with sharp thorns. While this card is active, any zombie that attacks a player will die from a barbed wire effect. It is still possible to be damaged by zombies with this effect in use.


V.) The Sorcerers Fortune: “Serendipity is a curse.” The Sorcerers Fortune has the image of a cloaked figure holding a staff in one hand and a ball of pink energy in the other. While this card is active the player using it will gain more points if they land more shots on zombies. Each time they do this, the points they earn will increase up until the zombie is killed which will give them a large sum of points depending on how many bullets the zombie has been shot with.


VI.) Call of the Phoenix: “Rise from the ashes.” Call of the Phoenix has the image of a bird made of fire flying into the night sky. If a player uses this card while they are down or they have bled out they will come back to life in a ball of flames, which will kill all zombies around them. When they return they will have all of the items they had before going down. This includes weapons, perks and buildables.


VII.) Insanity: “Break my mind.” Insanity has the image of a man clutching his head. With the use of this card, three clones of the player will spawn and draw zombies away. Other players will see these copies of the player as having a pink glow around them. Zombies can kill the clones but they will also fade away after a duration of time.


VIII.) The Phantoms Haunt: “Be afraid of the dark.” The Phantoms Haunt has the image of a blue ghostly man floating. When this card is used the player will turn into a ghostly form that is able to make zombies ignore them. While they are a ghost, they will also not have any weapons but can move around the map without limitations.

IX.) Inferno: “Abandon all hope” Inferno has the image of a world engulfed in flames. When this card is used all zombies around the player will be killed by a wave of fire. The rest of the zombies on the map will begin to stumble around while set on fire but will eventually heal from this.




Spawn Weapons


Mauser CXS- Solar and Lunar



Wall Weapons


RK5- Rex-Kalibur 115 [500 Points]


Sheiva- Cumulus Struggle [500 Points]


L-CAR 9- Flux Collider 935 [750 Points]


KRM-262- Dagon's Glare [750 Points]


Kuda- Crocuta [1250 Points]


HVK-30- High Velocity Kicker [1600 Points]


Vesper- Infernus [1250 Points]


KN-44- Anointed Avenger [1400 Points]


M8A7- The Unspeakable [1500 Points]


Uzi- Uncle Gal [1500 Points]


M1927- Speakeasy [1500 Points]


MP40- The Afterburner [1300 Points]


STG-44- Spatz-447+ [1400 Points]


Bootlegger- Ein Sten [2000 Points]



Pandora’s Box Weapons


Submachine Guns:


Skorpion Evo- Evolved Death Stalker


Bizon- The Byzantium


VMP- The Impaler


Weevil- Barrage


Pharo- Whispering Regurgitator


Razorback- Saberspine



Assault Rifles:


Famas- G16 GL35


Commando- Predator


SCAR-H- Agarthan Reaper


RX4 Storm- Cyclone


ICR-1- Illuminated Deanimator


Man-O-War- Dread Armada


XR-2- Toxic Ravager





SPAS 12- Saga Jett


Model 1887- Nightmare Voyager


Blunderbuss- Clockwork Butler


KSG- Mist Maker


205 Brecci- Stellar Screech


Haymaker 12- Shoeshining 100


Argus- Ancient Messenger



Light Machine Guns:


BRM- Bright Oblivion


Dingo- Dire Wolf


Gorgon- Athena's Spear


48 Dredge- Trapezohedron Shard



Sniper Rifles:


Locus- Arrhythmic Dirge


Drakon- Bahamaut


SVG-100- Ikken Hissatsu





Double Barrelled Pistol- The Dieselpunk


Flintlock Pistol- The Steampunk


Rhino- Rampager


MR6- Death and Taxes





XM-53- Helical Incandescence





Semtex [250 Points]


Claymore [1000 Points]


Trip Mine [1000 Points]


Sickle [3000 Points]


Brass Knuckles [4000 Points]


Grinder Sword [6000 Points]



Specialist Weapons


When in a lobby, players will be able to choose between multiple Specialist Weapons to be used in game. These are accessed by charging the weapon, this will then let them be used for a short duration until they need to recharge again. Specialist Weapons will be activated when each Vault has been given power and cannot be accessed before this. They can be upgraded to make them have higher damage and faster recharge. The following weapons are the Specialist Weapons that are available in the map.


Gravity Spikes- Magna Skewers


Sparrow- Night Finch


Tempest- Galvanic Cyclone


War Machine- Conquest Device


Annihilator- Gunslinger


H.I.V.E.- S.W.A.R.M.


Scythe- Soul Harvester


Ripper- Shredder

Purifier- Embers of Corruption



Shadow Weapons


Deus Ex Machina: Created by an entity from another dimension, the Deus Ex Machina is a weapon that can harness the power of time itself. The weapon is made out of a gold and black rifle. When shooting the Deus Ex Machina a purple beam will travel towards the undead and will be able to annihilate anything in its path.


Vox Sword: Locked away for centuries was a sword that could slay any enemy with one strike. Ancient knights used this weapon to fend off the first ever attacks of zombies but hid it away until it was called upon again. The Vox Sword is a long blade with green energy running through it. A battery can be found in the hilt which gives the sword its power. When the sword is used to attack it will cycle through different animations until it runs out of charge. After this it will need to recharge until it can be used again. Also the sword can be charged by stabbing it into the ground. If this is done for long enough the weapon will pulsate orange and will cause a frenzy mode that zombies will instantly die from if touched by the blade. This frenzy mode will also activate when their is an eclipse in the map.


Hypnotech: The first part of a set used to create the Mask of Fear, the Hypnotech are a pair of hypnosis goggles which can be worn by a character. When the directional movement button is pressed, the goggles will lock onto a random zombie in the area. This zombie's eyes will begin to glow pink and purple. It will then begin to attack and kill other zombies. It will only die when another zombie kills it or it is the last zombie in a round.


Pyschomask: The second part of a set used to create the Mask of Fear, the Pyschomask is a mask in the shape of a smile that guards the bottom half of a character's face. When the directional movement button is pressed, a burst of pink energy in the shape of a smile will appear in front of players. This will then push them out of the way, shielding a player from their front and sides. Any zombie that touches the shield then it will be pushed far away from the players. In some cases they will also die when coming into contact with the shield.


Mask of Fear: Created when somebody possesses the Hypnotech and Pyschomask, the Mask of Fear is a machine that will let players control their worst nightmares. When the directional movement button is pressed, a chain will lock onto three zombies and take control of them. A pink smile shaped shield will cover the players front and a vortex of purple energy will surround the player.



Character Profiles

Each of these profiles can be found via obtaining cassette tapes around the map. Once they are collected, the red light flashing on the cassette tape will stop and a cinematic will be unlocked in the menus.


Alexus Valentine: One year ago Alexus walked along the busy streets of Nightvale City and shot an innocent man in broad daylight. When she was arrested she did not resist but did not comply with saying why she killed the man. She was instantly incarcerated in a prison where she spent the next year seemingly doing nothing. Guards did not pay attention to her as often as others because she was not a trouble maker. In reality she had been plotting her escape since she entered the prison, using a small collapsible shovel, she managed to dig a hole under her bed which would lead her to freedom. The day she escaped was the day the zombies began to attack.


Magnus: For most of his life, Magnus has worked as a bounty hunter for hire. He would chase down criminals so that he could either turn them in or kill them for a profit, depending on what was asked of him. Paranoia consumed his mind though as he thought his enemies may want to take revenge on him. This lead to him erasing all records of his past and using the alias Magnus. His life was fulfilled with a good way or earning money and an adventurous lifestyle. But he decided that he would do one last job before he retired to live peacefully. Once he had caught up to his mark, he found that he could never have peace again.


Dexter Plugg: Coming from a rich home, Dexter was always given attention and his capabilities were tested to the point where he had his whole life ahead of him. Dexter was a prodigy that had the intelligence to revolutionise the world. When he grew up, he began to work for a cybernetic engineering company. Though augmented body parts were already in place at the time he started working, they were nowhere near as efficient until Dexter took lead of the project. Fame and glory were all at Dexters fingertips, but he did not want it. All he cared about was his own opinion of himself, the biggest driving point to his ego. Life became boring and monotonous for the inventor, until an interesting change to the world began.


Sergei Petrov: In his younger years, Sergei became a recruit for the Hostile Retaliation Unit. He was one of the greatest operatives to ever work for them and was even decorated as a war hero. Sergei loved nothing more than warfare. Being able to test his might in battle made up the best years of his life. But all soldiers get old. Eventually Sergei had to be discharged from the HRU, even though he was still determined and able to fight. Planning to drink his sorrows away, Sergei had given up on life now that he was not able to take part in warfare. As humans began to turn into zombies, Sergei realised the only way to survive was to begin a new war. Sergei versus the army of the undead, the perfect last battle for him.


Story Quest


Step 1.) To begin the Waking Nightmare quest, the red telephone in the East Skyrail Station must be answered. When this is done whispering will begin before the call abruptly cuts out.


Step 2.) Writing will appear on the walls of the Theatre, Tavern and Fishing Hut. This will create a message, if put in the correct order. Coinciding with this will be buttons in each area. Pressing them in the order of the message will cause a loud siren to activate.


Step 3.) The source of the siren can be found in the gazebo at the park. Using explosives to destroy the siren will stop it making noise and cause it to disappear.


Step 4.) A red eye will appear on the window of the Oculus. Next to this eye, 50 zombies must be killed using any Specialist Weapon by all players. Once the step is complete the eye will close and disappear.


Step 5.) With the use of Shinigami Vision, the eye on the Oculus can be seen in the Bay. Where the red eye could be seen is stone pillar with the eye symbol carved into it. Aiming at this with any weapon will lock onto it easily. Shooting the eye will make the pillar glow purple and disappear into the water.


Step 6.) Using the Hypnotech and Pyschomask together as the Mask of Fear will allow a zombie to now be controlled to achieve the next step. Instead of making the zombie attack others of its kind, it will run to the Quarantine District. In an abandoned house, the zombie will begin to try and break down a wardrobe. After a while it will fail at doing this and will die. When a player activates the wardrobe, a hand will smash out of it and hold up a mirror. This hand will then retract after a few moments.


Step 7.) Around the map are three mirrors. These must be broken by activating them to put a curse on the players. The first mirror can be found in the backstage of the theatre. Next there is a mirror located in the restaurant. Lastly there is a mirror in the junkyard entrance. Once all three of the mirrors have been broken, a white light will shine out of them which will indicate that the step is done.


Step 8.) Now that the characters will have a curse, they will have less luck using Pandora's Box and will eventually release the evil that it holds and cause it to move locations. This must be repeated until Pandora's Box relocates itself to the bridge.


Step 9.) By using melee weapons, zombies must be killed in the park so that the evil in their souls can be collected back into Pandora's Box. Once the evil has been returned, it will move back to its normal rotation but will also leave behind an orb of darkness.


Step 10.) The orb of darkness can be picked up by any players. It must be taken to the North Skyrail Station so that it can travel along the rails to the next station. Players will need to go to the station the orb of darkness is at within a certain time to send it to the next location or else it will return to the bridge. Once the step is complete the orb will land in the cage of the tower, cracking and releasing a dark cloud that will fill the sky and keep it permanently night in the map.


Step 11.) In the cage will be a silhouette with no features. He will stand in the cage without moving. Using the Phantoms Lantern, Deus Ex Machina, Vox Sword, any upgraded shotgun and the Mask of Fear. The figure will begin to panic and will eventually fade away, turning the map to day time once more.

Step 12.) All players will be awarded with all perks, having all of their weapons upgraded, making Pandora's Box have a rotation of upgraded weapons, making Specialist Weapons recharge faster, increasing the spell casting rate and giving an extra slot for a curse card. If players wish to end the game without dying, they must go to Vault Infinity which can be found at the bottom floor of the Chaos Tower and open it. Once it is open an impossible thing will happen. The characters will see a grass filled field out in the open, even though the vault is underground. Walking through the vault will lead to the screen flashing white and the game ending. A cutscene will be unlocked once the game is over.





Beyond 5G: In Nightvale, gain a higher level of sapience.


Tinker and Craft 5G: In Nightvale, craft all three buildables.


When Night Falls 5G: In Nightvale, witness an eclipse.


Suggestion is Power 10G: In Nightvale, use the Pyschomask and Hypnotech together.


Sword Art 10G: In Nightvale, slay a zombie with an ancient blade.


Imprisoned Salvation 10G: In Nightvale, unlock three vaults in one game.


End of the Line 15G: In Nightvale, travel around the whole map using the Skyrail.


Cursed 15G: In Nightvale, use each card from the Deck of the Cursed in one game.


Enigma 75G: In Nightvale, reflect on the past.

Waking Nightmare 100G: In Nightvale, wake up from the nightmare.


End Cutscene


“Sleep no more.”


A white light spreads across the screen and each of the characters wake up. Everything is quiet, all that can be heard is a distant ocean and the wind. The group are in a beautiful field filled with green fields of grass. In front of them is a golden tower, made out of cogs and gears, built on an old tree. After a while the serenity is broken as the tower begins to pulsate with a white light and chime like a grandfather clock. The light begins to unify into a beam as it shoots up into the sky and leaves, causing a tremor which knocks over the characters. The undead begin to stumble over the hills surround characters and travel towards them. Above the tower a cloud with a city on it begins to emerge from the sky.


Edited by Nightmare Voyager

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I've been working on this thing for like 2 years now and I finally finished it. I had to split up each section into a separate document so now I have a folder full of 11 documents, then another with about 11 more. As I kept working on it and hearing about stuff from Shadows of Evil, there are a load of similarity but most of the time it will either be that map inspired them or pure coincidence really because stuff like the districts or curse cards (which are a bit like Gobblegum) were thought of before I knew about stuff from SoE. Oh also because of the similarities, it makes sense to avoid it if you were trying to go dark because you never know what I could have guessed in this.

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I came so hard I think everything around me just got pregnant. Cums

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