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Black Hand Smith

Map Concepts October-December Intros!!!! [Concepts]

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Map Concept Intro Cutscenes


The following are 3 Intros for Stories I have coming out soon. I wanted to do different themes and like always. Different origins to the undead menace. 2 Sequels and 1 brand new story. I am keeping the intro for the new years special to myself

Carnival of Evil 2

Intro: RevengeoftheHeadlessHorseman-1.jpgA child gets ready to go to sleep at night. The mother says good night and turns off the light. The child looks around his room in fear when suddenly the room distorts and everything warps itself into a strange fucked up carnival. The Closet is revealed to have eyes and it opens it’s mouth as the child’s bed turns into a roller coaster and is swallowed whole. The Child falls into a Nightmare world and around him other crying children are falling into what appears to be Hell. Meanwhile on the Surface the town is being transformed. The Elementary School turns into a Hellish detention center as the teachers eat frogs and dress up as clowns. The County Jail is no filled with clown inmates with hideous smiles. One of the inmates open’s it’s mouth and reveals an eyeball inside. We get an overhead glimpse of the town which has grown roller coasters and giant rides. On top of a huge tower made up of undead acrobatics stands a Woman in a huge top hat and a cape filled with live Bats around her as she looks down at her work of art. The Ringmaster aka The Oracle of Shadows stands tall as she performs her magic… She unleashes a flash of red light and the scene changes.. Our 4 main heroes wake up in the middle of the chaos. The Beastmaster….Fantasia….the Fantastic Man…..and the Twins….. will they be able to end the madness?


The Death Voyage


The Mirage Floats gently in space. We get a Glimpse of our main characters. An African American woman Vox with all sorts of mechanics equipment and goggles works on patching up a small box while eating noodles. An older man known as Ash looks out the window as security moves around behind him doing their normal duties of checking on the ship. An Asian Doctor named Ken checks on a patient that seems to have collapsed for some reason. Meanwhile a young girl Liz in her 20’s is writing in her journal. When suddenly she hears something strange. She looks out the window and sees nothing but space. However behind in the reflection she sees a pair of Purple orbs. She turns around and screams as a zombie tries to eat her but she is too quick and knocks it over and crushes it’s head releasing a bunch of Worms. In another part of the ship Vox  uses her blowtorch to burn the face off a zombie that attempts to get her. Ken injects a zombie with a Needle and it begins to bubble up in diseases as it’s entire top half explodes and more worms splatter all over the medical station. The crew up front is getting slaughtered but that doesn’t stop Ash. He fights with his bare fists and crushes all the undead in his path. He gets to the main control and presses the lockdown button as the safe room’s begin to Lock preventing the dead from getting in. As sighs in relief but then the power goes out. Everything is quiet…. Ash looks out the window and realizes that the ship is slowly crash landing towards the Sun.


Dynasty Of the Dead {Intro}


Cutscene: You see the vortex and you stare into it. Suddenly you see pair of fangs and a scream. A young boy wakes up sweaty and scared. He has just had a nightmare. The room is eerie and dark with the only light being the moonlight. He sees that the door is slightly open and he slowly gets out of bed. He walks around the mansion as portraits of his family look down from the walls. He starts climbing down the stairs as lightning strikes revealing the boy’s shadow which foreshadows the boy’s future self. There is a body on the ground. He slowly walks down to the very bottom of the stairs

“ Mom?”

Suddenly his mother looks up at him. Eyes glowing red with fierce fangs. The boy falls backwards into a chair which collapses. The boy’s mother pounces on him and tries to bite him. The boy reaches for the broken chair leg and suddenly it’s all over. His mother is dead with the wooden leg in her heart. The boy looks down at his arm revealing that he has been bitten. The boy’s father and the servants of the mansion come running down the stairs to see what happened. They stop and look at the mess and stare at the boy. We start zooming in to the boy’s eyes and then we see them age 40 years. The camera zooms out to reveal that the young boy is Adam who is now falling down the Dimensional vortex alongside his other comrades. The cutscene ends with Adam saying one line

“I hate vampires..”

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