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Black Hand Smith

Dawn [ Concept ]

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Note: Although Roger is killed before the events of the Raid, for Gameplay purposes all 4 Characters are present.



Easter Egg Song


The map is in Color however the coloring is bright like the actual film.


Cutscene ( Comic Style similar to Die Rise)


Doctor Foster: “ The Dead get up and Kill!, The People they Kill, GET UP AND KILL!”

“If we just handled this without emotion, Without Emotion! Things wouldn’t have gotten as bad!”

The screen cuts to a priest within the apartment under siege. He is talking to Peter and Roger
Priest : “ You….are stronger than us…...but I think….soon, THEY will be stronger than you”

Cuts to the Helicopter lifting off

Stephen : “What’s that over there?”

Shows an image of the mall

Peter: “Must be one of those indoor shopping Malls”

Fran: “Why do they come here?”

Peter: “ Maybe they remember this place, It must have been an important part of their lives”

Peter: “ When there’s no more room in hell……..

“The dead will walk the earth….”


Cutscene ends with a view of the horizon as the raiders approach the mall


The Map


if you have ever seen dawn of the dead then you will know what the map looks like. You will be able to kill zombies in many iconic locations within the mall. Some of which have been slightly altered to Fit in Perks While other locations have obstacles placed so that the map does not become a big Train Station.


You Spawn on the Roof. Next to you there is a Helicopter and besides that helicopter there is the Quick Revive. There are vents here and on these vents you can find starting Room weapons. All over the Roof there are Glass windows allowing you to see into the Mall. However one glass window grants you access to the Living Quarters. This window can be knifed and destroyed. The view from the Roof allows you to see into the Horizon. A scripted event allows you to see the Raiders approaching the Mall when you first spawn. Any other time you look in the Horizon you can see as the Dead slowly approach the Mall


The Living Quarters is a small place and the dead can only get in through the stairway. However the weapons in this area will not be useful for too long and it is important for you to keep moving deeper into the Mall. A special Item can be found here. There is a small color T.V which will Relay Transmissions from the Emergency Broadcast Network


The Gun Shop is a Key location for our survivors. Inside you will find the Mystery Box. The Box will always spawn here first. You can hear the sound of african Music as well as the sound of animal noises. The gun shop is close quarters but if you set things up right you could camp in this room behind the counter. Consider strategic positioning in case you need to close the gates for a brief moment.


The Ice Rink is one of the More unique locations in the Mall. Your sense of Balance will be lost and although it appears to be the Ideal location for training, the slippery Ice will cause you and the undead to slip and fall.


The JC Penny store is a 2 floor store. It is pretty open but at times can also be very claustaphobic as you may mistake the mannequins for zombies or the other way around. The escalator provides a safe escape in case you get cornered as undead come up the escalators. Press X to to the Iconic Dawn of the Dead escalator slide down to the first floor. Zombies can’t harm you when you slide.


The rest of the map is pretty open but the looters have caused chaos and debris will make the map feel more confined than it actually is. Some of the stores can definitely be entered and their products range from video stores, a bank,  to restaurants even the Arcade from the film.


The Car: The car costs 500 points to operate and works similar to the tank from origins. You pay and you can ride on top of it or inside the trunk crouched. Only 2 players can ride in the trunk and 2 can ride on top. The car will take you to all corners of the mall. It isn’t too fast but it also isn’t too slow. It will run over any zombies that get in the way and players can also take care of any zombies that chase after you.


Character quotes



“ Why do they come here?”

“ I can do this just as good as you”



“ We got this man! We got this by the ass!”

“ Don’t do it till you are sure…..I’m gonna try…..not to come back… I’m gonna try….not to…”



“ We took it first…….it’s ours……..we took it…..it’s ours…”



“Come on Flyboy watch your shooting”

“ Perhaps they remember being us”

“ Get your shit together Roger!”




The undead do not have glowing eyes. Their skin is also slightly bluish and their blood has a pinkish hue to it. Unlike the Zombies in previous installments the undead do not call out for Sam or give large yells. Instead they merely moan, and groan. Sometimes if they get closer to players they will make an Aaaah ing sound.


Special Zombies


The Dead

From Time to time special Zombies will spawn alongside normal zombies. These zombies will not run but shamble after you. They can not be killed except for Headshots.

Boss rounds


Bikers (Bike)Every 5 rounds you will hear the sound of a horn as a group of motorcycle Gang Members enter the Mall and start shooting at any zombies or players they happen to see. Zombies will still spawn during this round but they are all shamblers. The zombies will also not be entirely focused on players and instead also attack the Raiders. The Raider’s attack pattern is to ride down on a motorcycle and pull out  a gun or a machete. Their damage is the equivalent of a Campaign enemy and when killed they will fall off their bikes. After a while the Raiders will reanimate as Shamblers if they were not killed by a headshot.



Bikers; Sometimes the motorcycle gang will enter the map on foot. They have the same attack patters as enemies from Black ops 2 Africa Stage. They will attack the dead with machetes and if in close range will attempt to slash you. From a distance they will try to kill you using snipers or semi automatic rifles.


The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a large Clock which looms inside the Mall. At the Base there is a small window which will only open when the clock passes 6:57am. At which point the clock will start to Ring 7 times as the Pack a Punch reveals itself. The Clock will sound for 30 seconds before the Window closes. Always check the clock to be ready for the next Pack a Punch opportunity.


Available Perks


Quick Revive - The Roof

Speed Cola- The

Juggernog - JC Penny’s 2nd Floor

Double tap - JC Penny’s 1st Floor

Deadshot - Gun shop

Mule Kick- By one of the mall exits

The helicopter on the roof begins to whirl. However Peter stays behinds and commits suicide. Fran looks from inside the helicopter at the swarm of undead and realizes that the world she knew is gone. She raises her head to the propellers and gets decapitated.
The game over screen appears showing you your stats as the helicopter runs out of fuel in the background and the blades begin to slow down. Even if they HAD made it out the helicopter would have failed them and crashed.
Game Over Dark Earth: Dawn of the dead
Edited by Black Hand Smith

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Never seen the movie but the dead get up and kill quote is one of my favourites, this was a pretty good read too.

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