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Kino der Toten and the Giant


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I have always held the belief that certain parts of the story have been planned since the beginning. By that I mean that Treyarch had a lot of ideas for how things are going to go, such as maybe the earth is blown up and Richtofen takes control etc things they just think would be cool in the future but then a lot of maps are just filler and expand on more story. There is one overall arc in the story that I think 3arch have planned for a while and it is going to solve some things that players don't expect.

In Kino der Toten, Dempsey makes a quote when he looks at his portrait "Ahh, a tale of two Dempseys. Starts slow, but, has a happy ending." I always thought there was more to Kino because it just seems really out of place, I have my own theories on it but I think that this quote could relate to the Dempsey we are playing as from Shi No Numa to Moon and now we have a new Dempsey. I am a firm believer that the Dempsey in Origins is just him when he is younger, so this is not the Dempsey I mean. I mean the Dempsey that is going to be created once the Test Subjects are awakened. Without Richtofen, Dempsey will be a different man and his timeline is going to be altered so this is going to be another version of himself and is going to show how there are two of him.

Then there is the blank portrait, nobody knows who it is and its been open for interpretation in the community for a while. Whoever it is, I think that it is a fourth test subject who Richtofen would have ended up killing but now that he is killed and we need another character to fit the group, he makes sense. Takeo says "Maybe what was is no more but shall be again." in relation to the portrait. A theory that Tattoo came up with is that the picture is blank because this character was written out of history. That could mean that now we have an altered timeline, this portrait will be complete. How that would happen, I do not know but I think if there was another map that was remade like the Giant it would be Kino der Toten. In that version, we could have Richtofen blacked out and the blank portrait could actually be not blank anymore. I also think these two portraits are related because of their placements in FIVE.

That is just my theory of how things go, I have always thought Kino had a lot more information in it that people didn't understand but now I think it makes sense. It is also worth noting that Kino seems to have a connection with Origins because players can go to Samantha's room, which we saw next in Origins after.

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Good theory. I forgot about the quotes when looking at the portraits. I need to go back and play that map tonight.

The only thing wrong is that some of the characters look older, and some younger. Time to get my grey matter working again. Good post!

Thank you, I am looking forward too it!

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