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Remaining 3 characters and a possible story?

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Ok, so I'm here to discuss two things about the call of duty black ops 3 multiplayer we don't know yet. 

First, characters: 

We know 6 of them: 






and Nomad


But treyarch also said there'd be a total of 9 characters, meaning we're missing 3: Who could they be? Post any ideas you have in the comments bellow. Here are my 3 ideas: 

Fuze: this guy is the bomb. His special ability is that he can become galvanized and impervious to melee attacks using "Spark" likewise, he has the added bonus of his special weapon: The Experiment 514: A big very unstable bomb that can be set off remotely or just thrown at players. The explosion is slightly wider then a normal frag explosion, but it's height is huge, going all the way to the top of the map and even injuring airborne score streaks. 

War-lock: This girl is downright evil with her abilities. Her special action is a move called "Defuse" where she sends out a small EMP system hack. To make maters worse, her gun is a sort of flame-thrower only it slows enemies before snuffing them out. 

And of course: Hook: uses a grapple instead of a jetpack. Special weapon: The grapple. Special ability: None. 


But onto my next point: I think the multiplayer isn't a real battle. I think it's a simulation.

There is a bit of reasoning behind this: 

-characters are one of a kind, yet we see multiple of them enter the battle field. 

-The move "Glitch" used by profit allows him to "hack the battlefield simulator" to send him back in time. Well... Last time I checked you can't just hack real-life to time travel. 
SO I think this is actually a simulation used for training the 9 characters for the real battles seen in the campaign, and no battle we endure here is real. Any thoughts? 

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New character idea: The mad scientist. 

His special weapon is called "the scalpel" and fires bolts of lead that if they land in a player's head will cause them to go berserk, lose control over their motions and weapons and all kinds of horrors. 

As for his special he gains the ability called "hi-jack" in which a player is literally forced to obay the scientist's commands if melee-ed like they take total control and have the ability to shoot one's own teammates. This continues on until the controller is killed or the receiver is killed.

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