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THE GIANT: An Interjection in Time

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So, I'm finally sitting down and putting some thoughts on paper!

The question now echoes from the haunted halls and stairwells of Alcatraz Prison, on across the Nazi Zombies universe:

"Where are we going from here? Do we let go of all we know?"

What we just saw was one of the most mindblowing developments in the Zombies storyline. 

Young Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo have broken into Der Riese and confronted Edward Richtofen immediately following his betrayal of Dr. Ludvig Maxis. Despite their warnings, Richtofen re-opens the teleporter, revealing his younger self, apparently filling him with joy and awe.

However, the look on his face moments before his younger self summarily executes him, is the look of one who knows more than he is saying, and willingly submits himself to a fate that he knows is necessary and inevitable.

Or is he just naively unaware of the hatred in his younger self's eyes, and the weapon in his hand, expecting a reward?

Whatever the case may be, as he is now dead, he will obviously no longer be so predisposed to complete his Grand Scheme. Yet, as is indicated by the color of the zombies' eyes, and the fact that Maxis and Samantha are once again gone, Samantha has now found herself at Griffin Station and has taken over the MPD. How Young Richtofen plans to deal with that now, is yet to be seen. I would not be surprised if we get another opportunity to visit Griffin Station, ourselves. 

And as far as where the NO4 have come from, could it be that they themselves have come from the Agarthan teleporter in Origins via the MPD? Bear in mind Richtofen's statement at its unveiling on the Moon:

"Nein, I know what it does! It is a direct connection to another dimension"

Granted, the devices at Der Riese are teleporters, but have never (correct me if I'm wrong) been a portal to Agartha, merely a passageway through the Aether to another location or place in time. 

The MPD, on the other hand, has long been known as a portal. Therefore, having come from Agartha, (assuming the cavern in Origins is...which is debatable), they could have come out through the open and powered MPD, and taken the teleporter at Griffin Station back to Der Riese, to where, presumably, it had been linked previous to America reverse-engineering and redirecting it to Area 51.

In other notes, Takeo points out that the "test subjects" (their older selves) must be awakened. Yet another conflict, as previously, they had been awakened by Old Richtofen to begin his conquest. I do not, however, believe that there are alternate or cyclical timelines here. It has cyclical properties, but has not actually been repeated multiple times.

Also, though we have no idea how Richtofen got his hands on the vials of blood labeled with the Alcatraz prisoner's numbers, he did appear to kneel down and take a blood sample from the body of the older Richtofen  

So anyway, just wanted to throw those thoughts out there, particularly that Samantha is now once again in control. 



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