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Progressive play

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Ok, so my idea for the next CODZ game involves 3 main aspects for what I call progressive play: 

1/2: Creation: On a related note, these progressive play rounds are actuallly created on the new App released which allows one to check stats in zombies and MP, as well as choose which maps to play and the over-all objective's goal. You can pick and choose a variety of goals to add to your playlist of games. 

1: Planning- To start progressive play, you need a plan of attack. For example lets say: Multiplayer: Your goal is to locate, infiltrate, and destroy a prototype weapon from the opposing faction.  You can choose this mission from your console, and it will start you and your team off on a specific map...

2: Execution- Now that you've been dropped into a match it's your team's job to perform the task, while the other team tries to stop you. It's important to perform the task asked of you, as only the WINNING team moves on to the next part of the mission. As a bonus, players who stay in the game get a 1.25 multiplyer on their score for staying in. Once eliminated the opposing team is replaced by another team with a better shot at the final prize, but no multiplier. 

3: The rewards: As a reward for progressive play every player on the winning team gets a gift of either a customizable item for their gun-creator/painter, but, as well theres a bonus gift to the player that -Killed the most enemy players, -Completed the most objectives (like gained points in hard point), and the player that got the most assists. This gift is mainly about 1000 XP bonus or more I forget what's considered a reasonable amount of XP. 



Progressive play is also available in zombies, to begin take your app (to create), select a map, and set some goals. -Don't use the mystery box, -Don't exit the first room until round 5, Collect Jug by round 7, Ect. then enter the game and have fun. At the end of the match, should goals be met, each player will get a mystery box, inside can range from anything like XP to things like PAP camo variants and new attachments for your PAPed guns. 

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