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La Grand easter egg concept: Between maps.

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Ok, so I'm not spitting out 20 multiplayer map designs, I'll funnel the concept into one post. 


The concept idea here is that the multiplayer mode in the upcoming COD has a massive easter egg that takes place across all the multiplayer maps on disc. It's a nice little feature and I think zombie lovers and regular codz-ers would LOVE to see something like this. The egg of course would revel information about the continuous war between the 2 factions (which yes, it has been confirmed there's two main factions like AW's Atlas and Sentinel, that was confirmed at some point, don't ask me where I don't remember.) 


So I guess the smart thing to do is start off with all 20 map designs and the main features and ideas of each of these maps. I've already completed monsoon and Nuketown 2065's concepts so feel free to check those out in the link I'll add later: (Bit short on time today) 


Other Map's names: 




4: Death from Above

5: Media

6: Hidden

7: Hunted -Confirmed

8:Strong-hold -Confirmed

9: Combine  -Confirmed

10: Darkness

11: Sub-zero

12: Fault

13: Repel

14: Boom

15: Launch

16: Classified

17: Rail

18: Heat


Now I will describe the map and the type of map it is and what would be most useful in it. 

-Spotlight: Stealth map: You're playing as an elite soldier in the dead of night. Around you spotlights and turrets become a deadly force to be reckoned with. If spotted you will likely meet an unpleasant end if you don't disappear. Don't worry, the spotlights are slow and turrets are only functional after a player is spotted. Til then it's gun blazing. Oh, also louder weapons like shotguns will draw the attention of the spotlights. This is a gimmicky map and I don't expect it to result in too much of a fan favorite. But it's an original concept and I like it. 


-Deep: Water map: This map is the last map up here with a heavy hold on using water physics. The other being monsoon. This map takes place in an underwater base where 50% of the map is in water and the other half is inside air-pocket caves and a large dome underwater. It's a pretty standard map... Until you start killing too much in the water. After too much blood is emitted, it can attract predators like sharks and maybe even more horrific creatures to harm you....


--Front: War-zone: This map takes place in a large mostly-flat area with not much to hide behind other then tanks and debris. Some of the tanks can even be manned and used for REALLY SLOW but DEVASTATING attacks. Sticking in a group will likely lead to victory. Other then that, there's some parts of the map rigged with mines, look out for those... 


-Death from Above: Air-map: This is my personal favorite map, taking place in and on a massive blimp moving at intense speeds. This thing is huge BTW, it's got an armory that's equipped with exploding bombs, one can suck a player out the window by shooting it depressurizing the room, which can kill them or just land them outside. Outside one can jump but it's restricted to move somewhat slower with a constant pull down-wind, making combat difficult. Note: It can get pretty claustrophobic in areas, so look out when you're actually in an open area!


-Media: Penthouse map: This map takes place in a news tower in Germany. It's pretty simplistic, numerous rooms, two floors, and fun (death) to be had in all of them. Look out for the green-screen room though, players with cloaks become 100% Invisible in front of it. 


-Hidden: Stealth map: This is the last stealth map: It's basically a large mansion with numerous secret passageways and of course, killer drones out to kill any player they find. There's also a gun collection in some of the rooms where one can trade their weapon for another, including a special weapon: The Mauser-HX pistol which basically acts as a pistol-sniper. The drones are you're biggest problem. They can't be killed, only stunned with EMPs and hacks. Making them quite the pain, good news is they're sonar based and will only fire at you if you use any loud weapon nearby. A shotgun for instance would alert them, but a silenced SMG may get by. 


-Hunted, Combine, and Strong-hold have been confirmed. 


- Darkness: Dark map: This map relies heavily on what kind of character class you are. A robot like reaper is equipped with night-vision, which is good until you get to a place where light is present, like the beam of a flashlight, to which a human like On-rider may only get a flashlight giving them decreased visibility, but the ability to blind night-visoners. One can toggle both of these with a D-Pad button. This map by the way is a massive cave underground where close-combat is key to a good game. Night-vision snipers may seem like they'll get the advantage, but only if they're lucky enough to find a spot to snipe and not get killed as well. 


Sub-zero:  Frozen map: An arctic tundra, and a big lake. The ground under your feet may not be stable just about everywhere on the map, and the water beneath is COLD and will KILL you, man or machine, after about 1:00 of direct exposure to the water. Bet the nice warmth of that grenade sounds nice now huh? Either way, it's pretty simple: Shoot the player, or the ice underneath you or your enemy to change up gameplay. Ice seals back up after about 30 seconds, so you need to make sure you can get OUT after going INTO the frigid region bellow. Also there's penguin NPCs on this map! You can shoot them, but don't get angry if killing too many of them turns you against BOTH teams in a game of TDM. (Achievement get: Global WTFing. ) 


Fault: Collapsing map: This map takes place in a small town in Oregon, where a massive earthquake has split open the ground, revealing a top-secret government lab. The map can experience some after-shock, causing some paths to close under rubble, and sometimes paths will open. Either way, this map is basically a big hole with a few tunnels out. It's pretty cool! 


Repel: Hanging map: This map takes place on a massive mountain side, where one must jump from ledge to ledge to survive. The wall running feature will be pushed here as players fight to be the literal king of the hill. 


Boom: Cannon map: Middle of the Pacific- Hawaii- Home of the HC-27 BOOM cannon: The most devastating weapon in known existence, a nuclear cannon, capable of almost shattering the moon, for use against potential threats such as meteors only. It's main cannon is so large this whole map takes place inside of it. There's 5 chamber rooms to be traversed, and under no circumstances should the 10 activation switches be pulled in unison, the cannon will launch and kill everyone on the map, forcing a respawn of everyone. 


Launch:Scaffolding map: This map takes place inside of the NASA space station's ruins in Florida. Have fun traversing the dormant rocket's scaffolding, or is it? 


Classified: I've always wanted a map like this map: This map takes place in the English's secret service's base. Have fun with all the cool gadgetry and ridable helicopter as it watches parts of the map. 


Rail: Train map: In the middle of Poland, there's a train station for bullet trains. Use switches as traps for unsuspecting players to be taken out by bullet trains that have switched lines. One can also run atop moving and stationary trains  however it IS fast and you will be taken out by a sign if you're not careful. 


Heat: Desert map: This is the biggest map in this game. It's a massive landscape with numerous hills in an Iranian desert. There's an under-sand ruin area, a bunch of dunes, as well as an oasis with water, and the occasional quick-sand pit, that will kill you slowly. This is the best sniping map there is. 



Easter egg: 

The first part of the easter egg requires on to complete the campaign. If one person in the lobby has, Spotlight will be slightly different, specifically, there's a new prisoner which one has to escort out without being killed by turrets. Once he's been carried out, he'll evac and this map's basically done for a while. 

Now he's free, a different map has changed now: Fault. Normally one of the tunnels exposed by the tectonic shift would be a dead end, but now there's a larger piece of machinery. 
You'll need the parts from the Nuketown and monsoon easter egg now to repair the machine, likewise the man you released earlier will now be at one of the computers in another room. Once built and operable, one can push the big red button on the wall. "Activating HARRP mechanisms"

Now for the next step, you will need to head over to the "Media" map where one can now find that weather anomalies are occurring across the globe. But beside that, head over to the main studio. One must now tap X on the camera to let it film. A responding player will then need to stand in front of the camera and dance around a bit. 

Here's the cool part. 

To continue, back OUT of the game and head over to Theater mode. The player who was in front of the camera will now have an EXTRA video which they can watch to get the code "4-1-3-7". 

The numbers correspond to a code that can be used in the map Launch. There's a door with a code that needs to be put in via holding X on a phone-like grid of numbers on the wall next to it. In put 4137 then push go. It will open the door triggering this message to play: 

"Hello, if you are receiving this message... Project Walrus is in the process of being uncovered. A train will be arriving in Poland soon, make sure it doesn't reach it's destination. Also... You may need to survive this..." The entire rocket will now begin to launch engulfing the map in fire. YOU NEED TO SURVIVE THE FLAMES to progress. The only way to do that is to rush as fast as possible to the bunker near the bottom of the map. 


Obviously you need to head to "Rail" next. Where during the course of a normal game, a train far off map will be speeding down the line. Take a sniper and find the red switch off-map. Shoot it and the train will pull into the station, open the train and you'll get the case of plutonium.  

Next you will need to head to the map "Deep" where you'll need to open the crate of plutonium on one side of the map, then traverse through the water to the other side, fending off sharks and the squid alike. This will power the nuclear canister allowing one to use it. Upon doing so will cause one to exit the game and INSTANTLY be placed into a lobby for the next map: 

Sub-zero: Similar to the last map, you need to take a bar of a different material to the other side of the map. The issue now being if you get too hot, you die. You'll need to stay under the water for a long period of time to keep that bar from going BOOM. Do that, and you'll get half a mechanical heart. Where is the other half? 

If you've played it before the map "Classified" has a pipe that has an odd bent opening that APPEARS to be the result of a pipe burst. However insert the heart and you'll find a secret chamber where a group of soldiers are escorting a crate out of there. One will escape with the crate, the other 6 you will need to kill to progress. 

The runner can be seen again, as there's now an unidentified body at the bottom of the cliff in "Repel". You will need the scavenger perk, walk up to him and you'll collect the bloody note. To clean, simply head to combine, where the water is somehow more favorable then other water points of the game. The note will then need to be taken to Strong-Hold and then "Hunted" to get the black box. 

The black box can be put into the BOOM cannon on the map... Boom... You will then need to activate the cannon, only it won't kill you now. The end result is after the map is done, the cannon fires. 

The sky is now laser-green for 1:00 of any map you choose. Head to "Death from Above" to find the shelter is now open, get inside and take the radio, the radio will then need to be placed in the helm of the ship where one then gets a micro-chip. 

Now we head to "Darkness" where one has to find and put the micro-chip into the large machine. It will stutter and make all kinds of noises. You will need to turn off your light source and fallow a trail of sparking wires to find a door, a door that will open, exposing one to the light, and off in the distance one can see a mansion. 

In the map "Hidden", there's a new secret passage way if you can find it. Inside is a shrine for an artifact that's missing. The artifact is actually in the map "Heat" where one can enter the temple and activate a chamber which dispenses the artifact in the water of the Oasis. Return to the mansion in "Hidden", insert the artifact, and one finds their reward: a new character! 


In addition to the original 9 characters for MP. One now has character 10: Malfunction-Project Nova.  

Mal is a robot, he's pretty basic, but he gets 3 cool abilities. 

-Number-vision: This can be a hassle, but numbers appear and does sort of a threat detection, only it doesn't show you where people are, but rather how damaged they are (Red-screaning or full health). As an added bonus, little secret messages can appear on the maps detailing some of the mysteries of the camp. 

-Gas-Cannon: Spits out poisonous Nova gas clouds for players to run into and slowly hack at their vision and health. 

-Last-Ditch: While running, if one cooks a grenade, they can charge into a player and create a big explosion, but will also take you out in the process. 



DLC maps would also contain little easter-eggs, only they unlock smaller things, like weapons. 



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