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New Multiplayer map concept: Monsoon

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This map actually takes place in south america. As the map progresses it gets more and more wet, until at about 5 minutes when the ENTIRE lower map is filled with water. The water doesn't harm you, but debris flowing in it can. Furthermore REALLY low areas can be swum through once the water gets deep enough. 

Other then that buildings will provide protection from slowing water, but there's a risk of being struck by lightning above. The buildings are aligned in a circle around a small town square which is the lowest point in the map. The insides of buildings can be opened by holding X on a door, but opening certain doors can flood rooms.


As an easter egg, if one finds a defused bomb in the flowing debris, they can take it atop the citadel (a large building on the map that can be accessed by ladders to get to it's roof, but is otherwise impenetrable. Place the bomb and wait for lightning to strike, when it does one can descend inside and find a large cell battery you can pick up. This is another component that's linked with the nuke town easter egg I posted earlier. NOTE: You can only hold 3 items at a time, so make sure you know where to put these things so you don't end up swapping them for pieces you don't need. 


Sorry this map is slightly rushed, I have to be somewhere unexpectedly, sorry! :(

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