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Symbiotes Concept


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Today I looked at where Call of Duty is going and how it has revolutionised the genre of near future and far future. I know people want a return to the past whether it be World War 2, Vietnam or the Cold War but I want to keep those ideals out of this post. Not because I do not like these settings, having a game set there would be beautiful but to compete with other FPS games and to keep fresh we do have to evolve and even though yes a past game would be nice, futuristic games are inevitable. Just because the genre has been “done to death” does not mean every Call of Duty would be the same because of it. Advanced Warfare introduced Exo-Suits. Some people do not like them which is fine but Sledgehammer took a big risk with that idea and it was a drastic change from their original Vietnam idea. Many people have said that returning to the classic Call of Duty format is difficult and I can understand that as they are essentially different ways of playing a game. This will be the same for Black Ops 3, bionic augmentation of soldiers and essentially a whole new level of playing. Though we do not know how the game will play due to not playing it, I am sure it will take a step away from any Call of Duty so far but also retain the core components that make playing Call of Duty fun.

So after summarizing that topic, I will talk about my idea for what could be done next within the Call of Duty genre. Which, if you read the title, you may or may not know. Let me state again that this is not to talk about why the future has to be every Call of Duty, I am just giving ideas of how we can progress in the future and have something new. My idea starts off in the future, slightly further than the 2060’s meaning that robotics has already taken its course. A new material has been created which can have its properties changed so that it fits the soldier. Essentially it has a mind of its own and bonds with the user. This is called a Symbiote. Now I know some people may think of this:


I was thinking more like this:


But the idea of a Symbiote does not directly originate from Marvel, though they arguably have the most famous portrayal of it to date. The reason I set this idea further than Black Ops 3 is because having a material which can form itself around someone, depending on their needs, which gives them different properties and has an essential mind of their own is not something we will see within our lifetimes, let alone the next generation or even after that. In a world like our though, I think this could be possible and if it were to happen (no matter the origin) the government would adapt it into a weapon. Soldiers would become the weapon and would have a lot of abilities that they did not have as a normal soldier. 

The main outline for this game would be that these Symbiotes are explained a bit but have already been around for a while and are now becoming normal for warfare, much like how Exo-Suits are. Whatever soldier you playas would not be anyone special, unlike usually where you really are a hero who is important in all of this and is some sort of super soldier. You are just a normal soldier. Symbiotes seem to be a type of living thing so I imagine they would be bonded to someone who suits them. This offers the idea of classes in multiplayer depending on what type of Symbiote is chosen. Back to campaign. When this soldier gains his Symbiote, he no longer is this standard soldier and begins to become a well known super soldier type. The people you fight against are apart of whatever war is going on in this future (probably Russia and the 80th Cold War) and they are simply fighting for territory. Aside from this idea, the main campaign revolves around both the idea of some of these Symbiotes becoming tampered with, killing their host and becoming soldiers of their own. This begins happening near the end of this fight which leads to both sides beginning to work together, your enemies become your allies. It takes you and your team, fighting against soldiers who you are equally matched against, a while to win and break the connection between whoever caused all of this. We have delved into the idea of your friends becoming your enemies multiple times in Call of Duty but we have not seen enemies becoming friends that much which I think could be explored in this way due to a common enemy.

Taking a break a second, this is very far out there for a Call of Duty game. Some people could hate the idea of this as it is far out there and even I can see that. But, within the Call of Duty genre I think this could work as long as the plans are pleased with a game set in the past that is not as far out there as this idea.

Gameplay is going to be changed a lot as a result of the Symbiote. Aside from some of the movement features in Black Ops 3, the game would keep fluidity and feel more natural as opposed to robotics. Multiplayer wise this could be a big game changer. I am a fan of Titanfall so I imagine a big evolution of this which I know people do not like. 

So anyways, that is my main idea for Symbiotes and I know it is out there. To be honest I do not see why this would have to be a Call of Duty game and could be any new FPS really but I just think Treyarch could make this idea of a Symbiote that makes more sense then I probably explained it and could make it something fans want. What do you guys think? I know about the past and touched on that a lot so this isn’t about that, it is about how far in the future would you really want to go and are there some ideas that are too far out there e.g. this one? Aside from having essentially Halo instead of Call of Duty. Thanks for reading this long piece of text if you did as well.

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I was actually thinking bout symbiotes yesterday....and I was thinking..... meteor crashes to earth containing alien symbiotes which begin to populate the earth and take the form of anything they can gain control of. Using other life forms as a Host they change and adapt to earth's environment and thus, begin taking over the planet. 


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