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For those who don't know, BO3 will allow players to chose to play as at least one robot character, and as of right now, that character seems pretty OP. 


Reaper comes armed with either a scythe (big mini-gun-arm) or the ability to flash back in time a second or two. Where as Ruin comes with a decent gravity spike attack, but then a stamina boost special, then there's the bow and the hardline perk, and finally the one-shot-kill pistol and whatever the last perk was that I can't for the life of me remember. 

Now, why the personal weapons seem pretty balanced and the perks seem balanced, at least to me, between the 3 humans, reaper seems REALLY OP. I mean, a bow and 1-shot kill is one thing, but a MINIGUN? That' s insane! Then you get hardline and stamina boosts versus being able to JUMP BACKWARDS in time, carefully avoiding fire? 


I think to balance Reaper out he's going to be weak to certain attacks. Like EMPS and System hacks. He's a robot after all, how would we expect him to act? An added weakness would help balance his OP state as of now. 


Of course, I wasn't there at the pre-pre alpha playing so what do I know about evened out gameplay?, but that's just my thinking on this.  It could be a very prominent factor for this game: EMPs could play a whole new deadly role now for some...


Your thoughts? 


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