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I think when the game releases there will be many different types of MP characters, each with a specific skill and weakness. Bit like TF2 ( a lot like TF2, will the zombies be like Mann vs machine?). 


Here are the 9 classes as I see them: 


Humans: These 3 rely on gadgets to survive, and arn't as "perfect" as robots.  But this also means their internal batteries are less prone to draining. 


Ruin- Gravity well class: Overdrive

Seraph- Annihilator class: Combat focus

Snap- Grapple class: Gung-ho (Works like in advanced warfare. The grapple is applicable on all maps, but only to snap Gung-ho does what it does in AW)


Cyborgs: These get benefits from both robotic and humanistic types, and some downfalls as well. 


Mag-  Chainsaw class :Scavenger (Mag is the most resourceful character, using his scavenge skill to turn extra amo into his amo, and using his chainsaw effect to not only take-down players with ease, but also smashing 50% faster into ANY care-package of any kind. )

Outrider- Bow class: threat-detection 

Yui- Guardian class: Eagle Eye (The guardian weapon puts players in front of Yui in the same position as a guardian from BO2, the difference is Yui can move slowly. However she can not fire and once her battery is drained the guardian effect stops. Eagle eye on the other hand allows for perfect vision in the dark, and under water. 


Robots: As we've seen, there are fully robotic players in this like reaper. These soldiers are considered the strongest and the toughest but are also HARSHLY effected by things such as EMP devices. 


Reaper-  Scythe Class: Glitch

-Death-   Bomb :Cloak (The cloak move turns the player invisible until they shoot their weapon or run out of battery. However, their shadows will still give them away. The bomb move loads a large sized bomb, like the ones you pick up in burgertown/the funhouse map in AW. Toss this for a big AOE attack, but watch your bomb-amo, and the FUSE! Even works underwater! )

-Angel-    Hover class :Slam: (Angel, as the name implies, is an air enthusiast, but decisions decisions, you have to chose one: Either the ability to fly (which works like hover from AW) or the ability to slam like you can after jumping off from height or thrust jumping) I suggest this class may receive more hate then others, simply due to the fact it maintains maneuverability, while still slowed, similar to AW. 






And those are the 9 classes I think will come and how I think they'll be administered. 

I also think that ONE of the DLCs is BOUND to include a 10th class to play as.... What are your thoughts on that? 

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