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It's finally here... Almost... 

The thing that's been in my signature for weeks and nothing has been done about. 


May 1st is the day I plan to start the official Waffe-craft: REBORN server!

-Join your friends in and endless war against and with either richtofen or maxis. 

Guns! Jet-packs! Clones! The moon! 

Work together to build replicas of maps!

Make your own maps using Myst-craft for others to play! 


Simply comment bellow any ideas or requests you'd like to see, then make sure to download the technic launcher to play along! 

All you need is a legit minecraft account, tekkit is in every way 100% free to use. 

And most importantly: RESPOND to this POLL!

(Seriously! I need to know how many players are going to be part of the server so I know what size server to get.)




On launch here's the rules: 

1: Build a customized skin, any Steve I see is not putting forth the imagination. It's free to make, or download someone else's skin which you can change on your minecraft profile page. 

2: Pick a faction: Maxis or Richtofen. 

3: The server is online 24/7, I am not, Please PM me any questions to my profile here at CODZ.

4: Play nice. Don't steal or PK any other players obsessively, that's only allowed in an arena or battle. Jokes and mistakes are fine, but If I find you have been doing it as a cheep way to obtain resources, I can and will ban you. 

5: A few blocks in this game don't have a crafting recipe: FOR A GOOD REASON. A few in-comeplete bugs from flans mod and a few tiny things when you combine other mods leads to lag or crash the game. Don't try to craft them. 

6: Have fun.

7: Priority one is to build der-reise on spawn. When players first spawn in I will set them to creative. Once complete I will send you all back to PVP survival. 


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