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Black Hand Smith

Idea for a Community Wide Storyline

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I just had this strange yet somewhat wonderful idea. A sort of collaborative Storyline. Pretty much it would be like a tournament yet with no brackets or anyone versus anyone. It would technically be a Free for all Similar to User of the Month Awards. What I'm thinking is having Concept makers each create their own maps based on a Community voted Premise, and 4 different community suggested characters. For example, person A came up with this one character that people liked and voted on. So this Character will be one of the 4 Playable characters. This other Person came up with another character. That one was also voted on and will also be the the second character on the group of 4. 

Then for the First map Location we vote on a setting. Where will the map take place.

Once we have the Basic Information

- Characters

- Location

The Concept Makers must create a Map concept based on The 4 Community Voted Characters and the location they were given.

Concept Makers now get creative liberties to create hints at what the characters full back stories are and how exactly they ended up where they are now.

Each concept makers give their own take on the Map and afterwards Members will get to vote on which map they liked the best. The map that has the most votes becomes Canon. Which means that for the Second map and so forth, Concept makers must work with the Canon from the previous map while at the same time Expanding the Story in a direction they would like to see it go. Not to mention developing the characters further.

Then after a Map is voted Canon there are more votes for the second location and from there on out it follows a cycle. of Submitting concepts, voting on concepts, and then Voting on the Next Location.

So that's my idea for a Forum Event.




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I got two questions: 1.) why isnt this in zombie labs? 2.) where do i sign up?

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