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Multiplayer DLC concept!

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As a fallow up to my previous MP Idea from a few months ago, here's the multiplayer DLC portion of it, zombies not included.

DLC 1: Deathwish-

New weapon:

The bow: A simplistic weapon, but innovative. One must charge their shot with holding RT for range. They can also change the type of arrow from normal, to explosive, to galvanized, to smoke.

New maps:

Beast: On a stormy night in the eastern seas, an American air-carrier is boarded by Japanese soldiers... And a beast from the depths of the ocean... Planes and boats allowed in this map. The ? Will call forth the beast from beneath to have it's kraken-tentacles slam any nearby soldiers. After its been called, the map will actually break as the ship is taken down. The water is death without a boat and otherwise, players will be separated on two different inaccessible to the other parts of the boat. This makes it so boats and planes are heavily relied on to win after the beast has come.

Eruption: It's the top of an active volcano in Hawaii, the fights between the Japanese and the Americans. Tanks and cars are available for use here, but they need to be careful. One wrong move and down they'll fall into the lava pit. The ? On this map actually sets off the eruption. The facility will be protected by tunnels of heat-proof glass, completely altering the map and removing the use of all vehicles.

Late: This map takes place in a German physics center where the main study is actually time travel! No vehicles are allowed here. When the ? Is set off the facility goes into slow-mo or hyper-speed to test your reactivity.

Retro: This map is my personal favorite. Your character customization is forfeit here to become a red virus or blue virus. The two viruses then struggle for victory along the hard drive. Around the two teams are multiple references to different games. Cars are available here and so are tanks. Both retro of course. ? Will cause power-ups to appear, making one bigger, turn invincible for a few seconds, and shoot twice as fast.

DLC 2: Exile

New weapon: Slime: It's actually a slime launcher. It's corrosive and will kill a soldier in seconds if hit, the issue being it takes a shot to kill them. I should mention that the slime is also bouncy. One can survive falls with this without taking damage if shot at the ground!


Dojo: Atop an Indian mountain sits a sanctuary which is currently being swarmed by Russians against the Germans. The map it's self is oddly composed and varies greatly in height. That slime weapon will come in handy here. Planes are here, but tanks and cars arn't. ? Summons ninja NPCs to fight alongside you. Although they only have melee attacks.

Architect: A sky-scraper is mid-production in new York, and it's an all-out brawl between invading Italians. In this map soldiers will parachute in from the side and land partly up, or on top of the building. Planes are available here but tanks and cars are a no-go. There are multiple cranes, elevators, and traps around the map which can effect the other team if activated by random (hold X) buttons around the map.

Zeppelin: A massive carrier zeppelin patrols the skies of Berlin, but is it expecting a British attack on it? Traverse the inner-workings of the blimp from bagage, to roof, to cock-pit. Planes can be used here. The ? Ignites the helium in the blimp which will set it on fire in many places. When the map ends if the ? Has been triggered the blimp will crash down.

Resort: Theres plenty of things to do in this hotel along a spanish peninsula. Visit the spa, swim in the ocean, drive a damn tank through most of the building. Yep! You get tanks, golf-carts (cars), and planes here. The ? Is useless on this map. Although it does activate a little Easter egg that when found causes a song to play.

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