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World at War 2: Multiplayer Concept

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This is how my version of a World at war 2 concept would work. First I should enlist some backstory:

-Hitler is killed in Germany (first mission of the game), however, this does not end the war. The reich hits a breaking point and german weaponry improves 10 fold, forcing the american forces back. Before the events of Hiroshima, Germans develop an atomic bomb. They demonstrate it's power on Moscow Russia, blowing it to smithereens. Shortly after america finishes the Manhatten project and use it in Hiroshima, and later in Nagasaki, just like the real world.
The war persist over the next two decades spanning into 1974, by now, constant war efforts have taken their effects. Warfare has advanced far beyond what it was in our world, allowing for things like Drones and EMPS. As well as force-field generators which has, up til now, protected the countries of France and Re-claimed Poland. Likewise, there are even opposing moon bases on either side of the satellite, both of which are considered "neutral" ground and if fired upon means use of nuclear attacks from all countries, including countries which have been neutral for some time now such as China and Australia. American re-enginearing has caught up to german technology. But word of a new super weapon leads american forces to influence a full on strike of the nazi research bases around the world.

Now that that's out of the way: Teams.

Typically you'll be divided into two teams (sometimes it's free for all) of Nazi, Japanese, Russian, American, and British soldiers. Likewise, regardless of the team you chose, you have the option of either Axis or Ally weaponry.

These work in a different system then before: You have 3 different types of set-ups to chose from:
-Singular weapon: Which allows for one weapon, two attachments, two perks, two bombs,two tacticals, and two kill streak slots.
-Duel weapon: Which allows for two weapons, one attachment on one. Two perks, a bomb, one tactical, and two kill streak slots.
-Special: Allows one weapon, one attachment, 1 set of 2 EMP bombs, no perks, one tactical and four kill streak slots.
Each of these focus the player's power to a certain extent. Some are better then others, but others allow for more tactical strategies.

Listed by ally, then axis weapons: 

Vlad-11: A big blunder-buss like weapon with an almost revolver-like amo wheel. BIG spread. LOW distance. 


Spazz-21: Like the BO1 spazz, but it's a bit narrower, fires punches with smaller spread, but slightly longer distance. 




Gren-40: Big heavy shotgun with long range and good spread up close. 


Uti-aa: A super small shotgun with short range and little power, but counts as a one handed weapon and holds a lot of amo. 




Salvador: The basic sniper: Good accuracy, mid power, not that cumbersome. 


Zeus-.88 : Fires bolts of lightning. Not as accurate as a sniper, but can effect two players at once. 


Booth-36- Lightweight and precision accuracy. Poor power. 


Handel-SW: Powerful, but the gun is much more cumbersome. 



Tac-5-0: Basically the M1911. 


Froz-3: Basically the Kap 40, but looks more like a radar gun. 


The joker: A 3 round burst gun like the B23R. 



Hanz-11: Basically the mauser


Dexfeild: A machine pistol, very useful. 


Rai: A shotgun pistol. 



Larry-s0: Like the MP40


Reverend: Like the Stg-40


PMT-5/8: Fires BIG bullets at a constant rate. Slow reload time. 



Barnabus: Like the MPL


Mini-bertha: Unlike it's massive counterpart, this weapon is meant to be fired many times. But the way this weapon's set up, you can't stop firing this weapon until the whole clip is through. Other then that it's one of the strongest and most accurate of the SMGs. 


Baze: Like the MP5




Duel Banter: This gun is a duel barrel LMG, it has the highest fire rate in the game. Great for mowing down many. Although it is quite heavy. 


Spid-32: Like the RPD. 


Jari-32: Like the LSAT. 


Athena's scale: This weapon heats up. As it gets hotter and hotter it uses more and more bullets. Keeping it at it's hottest produces the fastest fire-power. 


Wonder1: This was a wonder-waffe project of the germans. It's basically the MG08 from origins. 




Lex-1- Like the FAL


Sp-99: Like the SMR but more accurate. 


Randal's isitope: A big bolt-action rifle. It fires in succession, 13 bullets before it needs to reload. 


Sheriff: Was a name given to it by american soldiers. It's a special revolver-type riffle, you put 3 bullets in each of it's 8 chambers. It has 8 3-round burst fires before it needs to be reloaded. 


Sna-88: The typical one-shot rifle at it's base. Good accuracy, meant for medium range. 


Kaz-3: Works like the FAL but holds more amo with less powerful shots. 




-Electro-pulse gun: Fires a beam of energy that both shocks and harms a player. Fairly useful, but not strong enough to kill effectively. 


-Balistics knives. 


-Flame thrower makes it's come-back! 


-Crossbow- Explosive tips can not be retrieved, however non-explosive hypothetically has unlimited amo. 


-Riot Sheild


-Pierce: A sword that can melee attack through thin walls. 



Krab-2: A narrow, almost dart-like launcher for smaller, more accurate launches. It also has small heat-seeking properties. 

Dunstand: A bigger RPG that is designed to lock onto vehicles rather then players. 


Under-barrel: A gun that lobs grenades at the enemy. The grenades are slow but detonate on contact. 


Rec-64: A german grenade launcher that works like the china lake. 


China-lake-aa40: Yep it's back, and it's improved. Now it's actually an RPG that locks onto players, but not vehicles. It has a bit of a recognition issue and can attack, but not hurt, friends too. 




Uri's Potent: A double barrel sniper. It's not as good in accuracy, but is great for re-shots. 




Flan-feild: A mix between a pistol and a sniper: It's meant for long range pistol fire. 


Em1: A laser gun, like the one in AW. 


Dart-gun: A mix between a crossbow and a pistol, the darts can poison a player, killing him in 30 seconds if he doesn't get to a care package, or it can be a psychoactive, which will distort one's vision and accuracy for a short 10 seconds. 


Peacekeeper: An SMG riffle hybrid like the one from BO2. 




-Frag: Does what it does.

-Semtex: Sticks to walls and players. 

-EMP: Disables high-tech weaponry, but low-tech weaponry stays operable. 

-C-4: Toss it, click it, BOOM!

-Beacon: Once tossed sends a lazer popping up from the floor it lands on. This laser can get pretty long and anything that touches it will receive damage. Useful for taking down planes from the ground. 

-Threat grenades: Like AW's variant only instead of infrared you get a phased night-vision version. 



-Throwing Tomahawk: Same as it's always been. 

-Stun stick: Like the ones from BO2, toss it and it goes off when walked on, stuns players. 

-Dynamite: Use to break weak walls on a map. 

-Detector: Tiny probe used to help inform where enemy players are. 

-Trophy system

-Claymores/Bouncing betties. 

-Radar: Used to find secrets hidden by both parties. Also detects incoming missiles and warbirds. 

-Hacker- Used to hack into care-packages, moles, and other things of the nature. 




-These arn't really weapons, but I'll put them here.


Type A: Effects the player

-Advancement: Makes kill streaks easier to obtain

- War-bled: You are less effected by being shot. 

-Silent Stealthy: Makes you only detectable by detectors on the mini-map. 

-Backseat driver: Makes it more likely you'll spawn as a vehicle. 

-Survivalist: Take half damage from environment. 

-Ghost: Same as always


Type B:  Effects vehicles

Dogfighter: Missiles automatically seek enemy planes in near range. 

World of Tanks: Tank turrets will now offer you double damage.

Car Insurance: Cars driven by you will take double damage. This doubles for moon buggys, and boats. 

Monster truck: Killing enemies by running over them in a tank, buggy, or car results in double points. 

Maintenance: Fix your tank in half the time! 


These are ordered in the order in which they are unlocked. Kill streaks can not be used by vehicles.

1: The first one: OWS: Overhead watch Satellite, does the same thing as a UAV.

2: Care-packages: These are now dropped by a player in a plane vehicle, without a plane or helicopter on the map it's delivered by the next spawning car or moon-buggy. But never a tank or boat.

3: Field manipulator: Allows one to activate a riot-sheid like protection in the front of one's person. This limits the player to only use tacticals, melee and bomb attacks, but is useful for hacking. The shield will dissipate after enough shots have been taken. The player is still vernible to grenades, melee, and attacks from higher ground.

4: ?: This is a special kill streak that changes depending on the map, it causes a BIG reality change. This can range from Big-Bertha attacking the other player's tank, or a set of explosives causing a volcano to erupt. Either way, the game-mode can effect the use of this Kill streak.

5: ? Hack: Should one activate a ? Kill streak, there can be retroactions, as war isn't fair. Like for instance, if the american team decides to set off Big-Bertha, it will by default attack the American Tank. To compensate for this, a player can activate this hack, which will REVERSE the effects of one-sided kill streaks like this, making Big-Bertha attack the german tank. This rewards players who KNOW their maps and punishes those who don't. I should mention that once a ?Hack has been activated the whole team is set. No one else can activate one. Now, if a player is german and has a ? Hack and uses it on big bertha, the cannon will attack the american tank again.

6: Hounds: Same as always

7: L-54He: This gun is a BEAST, it works a bit like an RPG but locks onto players and vehicles, it can miss however.

8: Despite being so far up, this kill streak cost less then a ? Hack. It's a war-bird: Basically a hunter-killer drone that everyone hated in BO1.

9: Quad-rotor: Same as always

10: Missile attack: A single massive missile will attack a marker you place. (It's infrared, other players can't see it)

11: Electro-magnet: A powerful magnet, if a player is caught in it's (small like a guardian) field, their weapons are ripped off them, should they contain enough metal. Things like shotguns and SMGs tend to pass by. 

12: Turbine-40: A massive mini-gun. RUN FOR THE HILLS!

13: Mole: A sort of rover that traverses the field and blast what it can. It can be controlled remotely.

14: 935 rift: This replaces the atomic bomb option that's become so popular. Instead what this does is activate a game of end-game turned. How it works is, the person who set off the rift will gain a wonder waffe with the usual amo. The players of the other team will then all zombie-fy. The game doesn't end however, until every player ON the person who activated the 935 rift's team is dead. The zombies can be killed over and over however, each one counting as a kill for their score and a death for the enemy. It's this OP state that makes it so that this KS is the HARDEST to achieve requiring a strait kill streak of 30. This only works in TDM, FFA, and other non-party game-modes.

In addition to spawning in as a foot soldier, certain maps will allow you to spawn in as something special. On most maps, you have a chance of being the player that spawns in as a tank, car, or plane. On special maps you can spawn in a boat, moon buggy, Helicopter, and maybe some other things later on. Regardless, one has the ability to earn different variations of the vehicles you spawn in on via custom class earnings. There are also certain parts of the map which are ONLY accessible by a plane or tank or other vehicle. A player can spawn in a vehicle in most game modes, unless it's like one in the chamber or something like that, also games with out teams can still spawn a vehicle, but has a much lesser chance of doing so. Be thankful when you spawn in as a tank.


-Large mechanisms which traverse the battlefield. The player driving the tank has power over the main cannon, which fires a LARGE shot over long distance. Other players may mount turrets on the tank, which while are effective, leave the player at the mercy of the driver.
-Downsides: -Can't travers through narrow areas of the map. -Weak to explosives and EMPS. -Slow to aim -If the wheels receive enough damage they can leave the tank immobile, should this happen the main turret and mini turrets still work, but another player must repair the wheels to get the tank moving again.
-Upsides: -Can crush enemy players. -One shot kill with the cannon. -The driver is fairly safe from normal bullets.


Much faster then tanks, but are also more destructible. Take care not to let enemies shoot your front engine or blow up your regular engine. Unaffected by EMPS. There also CAN be a mounted turret and gun rack in the back of the vehicle allowing players to exchange weapons and take out players from behind. You unfortunately can only hold onto one weapon though.
-Downsides: -Easily distructable, -can be destroyed if you make contact with a solid wall at too high a speed, One handed weapons only for the driver.
-Upsides: -Can deliver weapons around the map. -Can get other players out of a bad situation quick! -Can run over enemy players.


These bad boys are the most common vehicle. One can have two players as planes per team in a team-based game mode. These boys can swoop down and deliver pain unto the ground bellow, but watch out for enemy pilots which you can catch in a dogfight! Depending on the atmosphere of the map makes being a plane all the better, or more annoying then helpful. You get two missiles per spawn, use them wisely on either players bellow, or enemy planes. The gun you get is limitless but has a cool-down.
Downsides: -When swooping, can be destroyed by a well-timed shot from the ground. -Can only effect players outside. -Is at big risk of enemy planes. -If the plane is driven at the wrong angle, such as strait up, it can lose control and crash into the map. If an EMP gets in range of this, it's DONE for!
Upsides: DOGFIGHTS!, bullet raids!, hard target with conventional weapons.

Boats: These traverse the water, they are basically the cars of the water with the same upsides and downs.

Moon buggy: Like cars, but these don't get up to speeds fast enough to crash. Their main use is to deliver players to the actual battlefield after respawning.

Helicopter: A bit like a tank and plane combined. Two players can be in two helicopters firing at each other and be in all kinds of trouble. They come heavily equipped, but can be shot down easily enough.


This does not include DLC maps, those come later.



These maps are each going to be listed with their special attributes. Among that will be listed the ? kill streak's use and the vehicles available on the map. 




This map is set near a nazi weapon testing facility in a boot-camp. There isn't much here but plenty of walls to hide behind and enough secret passages, only operable by the nazi players. Furthermore the ? of the map is the massive super cannon "big bertha" which is actually over a mile outside the map, when it fires it will blast through the American's tank unless hacked by a "?"hacker. Aside from that this map allows tanks, cars, and planes. 



This map is set on the moon's surface and it's fairly large. You'll need a player as a buggy to get to the other player's positions faster. There are two types of areas are outside: Which you can be blown up when shot at enough due to compression of air. Inside, you don't have to worry about this, but you also have to worry about enemy players being crammed into tinier places. There is no ? activation. Your one vehicle is a moon buggy. The other bonus of this map is low gravity EVERYWHERE! Such fun!



This map is set at the top of a major sky-scraper and helipad. You can explore the top floors and the excessive roof. The ? activation is "lockdown" in which every room on the map is closed until opened back up by a hacker or a minute passes. 


Archimedes: This is a german submarine sitting in the ocean. You can explore inside, or use a boat to explore the area around the boat. ? will cause the sub to subsurface quickly, killing any who arn't under the hatches or in a boat. 


Reich: A german testing site, it's actually a model of "der reise". Only planes can be accessed here and the ? is that the mystery box will spawn on the map, giving players a short opportunity to hit the box for free. It's possible to even get a ray gun here!



This map actually takes place in a ruined german port. There's an American submarine in the distance which can actually be driven to by boat. Boats, tanks, and planes all have their purpose here. Should one activate the ? on this map, the american ship will send out a massive attack against ANY Germans it sees. Likewise, if a team member pulls the ? Hack, the ship will instead self-destruct and sink. 


Colosseum: This map takes place in the battlefield of Rome, specifically in the colosseum it's self. Tanks can traverse the main stage, but it can't enter the audience or inner levels of the place. ? will cause the gates to lock down, any players left in the arena must fight to the death, regardless of the team. This will result in a bloodbath. 



This takes place along the great wall in china. What makes this map interesting is, teams spawn on opposite sides of the wall. They will need MASSIVE weaponry to actually gain access to the other side, like the tank's main cannon, or dynamite. ? Causes torches to be lit, and soon, neutral chinamen-bots will show up. They will attack both teams on site. Tanks and planes are available. 



In the arctic tundra, Japanese and British soldiers fight to the death around a submerged ship.  Tanks need to watch their step as their weight can put them through the ice. ? Will call forth a blizzard which will slow those out in the open. 



Underground: This map takes place in the trenches of London, aka the abandoned (?) railway beneath london. No tanks or planes on this map, but cars and their headlights have their advantages. ? Activates what you can guess: A massive train comes in and will flatten any cars or people in the way. 


Fortress: A Scottish castle landscape. Tanks will have issues with the rolling hills and changes in altitude. Same with cars. It's a CLEAR day out too so planes will have to watch out for everyone. There's a castle on the far side of the map, it's drawbridge is mainly closed, should one use the ? kill streak, it will open, allowing for people to enter and use it's height as a sniper location. 


Ruin: Takes place in the ruins of Moscow. Radiation pits are your enemy as you traverse this terrain on foot or car. Tanks and planes arn't bothered with it, although the endless smoke can be an issue for the pilots. The ? activates nothing on this map. 


Port: The famed lady liberty is all but in ruin. This is the first map set in america, in the port of New York. While most of the city is protected from a force-field blockade, the docks are a battle-ground. Boats come in handy here as 60% of the map is water, tanks are not on this map, and planes have a clear evening to deal with. ? doesn't do anything. 


Temple: An aztec temple in south america. Simplistic enough, it bears similarity to "shangri-la" from black ops 1. ? Will activate a blood ritual. If the activator kills enough people around the blood table a massive boulder will come down and crush the other team's spawn. 


Outback: A map that takes place on a massive cliff in Australia. Players can use the height to their advantage depending on who spawns on top. ? Does nothing. Tanks, cars, and planes can be used here, but tanks and cars run the risk of falling off to their doom... 


Swamp:  A foggy swamp environment. Marshes everywhere can eat foot soldiers alive. Too many trees for fat tanks. Too many trees for planes to be of much use. ? does nothing. 

New vehicle: The U-boat, it can be used as a boat, and a car! Same general concept. 

Iron: A iron factory in Sweden. It looks simplistic enough. No vehicles at all on this map sense it's entirly in doors. There is a few massive vats of molten ore one can fall in, if one does it becomes tainted and is immediately poured out onto anyone in the lower levels of the map. ? Activates  the cooling process, everything and every one in the map slowly grows colder until their health is slashed in half. 
Glass: An atomic testing site in Egypt. The sand has all but become glass. A series of bunkers survive the blasts. Tanks can't be used here, planes can and so can cars. ? activates another nuclear test, this is sadly fatal for any pilots unless they can shoot down the delivery jet. People will of course die from the blast unless they're in the cargo-area bellow. 
Tribe: A concentration camp in africa. A horrid place. Tanks, planes, and boats are helpful. Should one activate ?, the in-mates break free causing hell. They can't tell a nazi soldier from a british soldier. So look out! 
(This last map I'm iffy about as it seems REALLY wrong to bring a concentration came into a battle ground. ) 





Philosophy of this game: 


-Unlike other games released today, I really want World at War 2 to have something no other major FPS has offered before: An unbalanced advantage. In real warfare, if the enemy brings out a tank, you can't just call that BS and stop playing. You've got to fight back! If the enemy is coming at you with a massive  super-cannon, HACK IT! The game IS fair, but to others it's a bit easier. This allows for epic gameplay with an even more realistic feel of "oh crap! A tank!"  


I also wanted to bring forth warfare beyond the typical foot-soldier to foot-soldier. In real war, planes have dogfights, tanks take each other out, and foot soldiers drive around in cars and boats! It's not all just guns and hiding behind walls! Fight in every way possible to truly experience this world at war! 

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The point is that its an alternate reality where guns they had have progressed into what you see in map. I think that is a genius thing to do. Also a few guns do return from past cods so yeah. :P

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