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Black Hand Smith

Shi No Numa Revisited: The Storm, Despair, Progress.

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Shi No Numa Revisited

Map Description: “Welcome to the Jungle of the Rising Sun……the first taste of Hellhounds and the lightning gun. Little miss maxis watches you as you indefinitely run, turning only momentarily to Re-Murder the Dead ones. This is one of two of your earliest Memories before the horrors that you witnessed in the hallways of Der riese.” – Cornelius Pernell





The Map features some more Changes than Verrukt, Both cosmetic and Gameplay wise. Cosmetically the map now has bodies floating in the waters and many bodies are hung from the trees. The Meteor now has Blue Glowing Patches around it. The map no longer takes place during the day and now takes place at night during a thunderstorm giving the map a much darker and Grimmer feeling to it. 





While the Basic Map structure Remains the Same a 6th Cabin is now available which can only be accessed by using the zipline. Meaning that if you wish to leave you will also need the zipline. Thus making the zipline much more important. You can become stranded in the barracks area if you are not careful.


The waters of the swamp will sometimes have buried treeasure similar to origins. Max ammos, zombie bloods, bonus points. And sometimes it will uncover a Slimy, creature that looks like a denizen but with sunken in Eyes.


New Area


The Barracks


The Barracks is full of Beds which soldiers once used to sleep. Pictures on the wall portray family members as well as pictures of children. These Japanese soldiers will never return there but then again...there is nothing to go back to anyways. There is also an Armory  which can be opened and inside you will find a familiar friend. The Flamethrower. 


Pack a Punch.

The Pack a Punch now appears at random starting round 15. It will emerge from the murky waters and then vanish after a short period of time passes. Similar to COTD.



Once more the Perks return in Syringe form. The perks appear randomly each time you Open a new area. It will cycle through the Dispensers and then spawn in whichever it landed on.


The Barracks also brings in a 5th Perk however that 5th Perk cycles through every perk aside from the original 4 and whatever it lands on is now the Permanent 5th Perks for your match. 


The Flogger

The Flogger has been updated for this version of Shi-no Numa. Bodies are stuck to the Flogger and whenever it hits a “ Zombie” they stick to the flogger. Impaled by the spikes and hung like an ornament.


Wonder Weapon

Wunderwaffe DG-0

A strange version of the Wunderwaffe. This weapon was not created by the group 935 we have come to know and despise. No, this is different. The Wunderwaffe DG-0 Sends out a Bolt of Black Lightning which electrocutes your Enemies.



Once again the enemies in the Map are not Zombies but rather people being controlled by The Darkness. The same control which Richtofen Dreamed of achieving by activating the pylons. Full control of Earth and it's inhabitants instead of just control of the undead. 


Japanese Army Men: Red eyed Japanese soldiers


Scientist: Men wearing Labcoats. They have syringes stuck all around their bodies.


Gas Mask Soldier: Men with Gas masks. 


Hell Hounds: The Hellhounds have been remodeled.No longer a Hybrid of Fluffy and well....you know...but they are now full Demons without any Fur and Burned skin.


Kappa: A strange denizen like creature that can be pulled out of the Murky waters of the swamp. It has sunken in eyes and it's body is hairless and slimy. It has the same effect as a denizen but only spawns in when you dig.


Radios, Morse, and Hidden intel


Radio: "NEIN! WHY IS IT NOT WORKING! ......No...NO..NO.,NO...NO...........WAKE UP......WAKE UP DAMN IT!...."


Radio " Ok..we have gathered new information regarding the attacks...umm....since that -------- the world has been turned upside down...a mysterious third party has appeared. What are their motives? We do not know. in fact we ---------. Those who have ----------------------------- begun eradicating the Planet of all those who oppose them. Even if one of our own is to defect to their side, the defector ----------------------. There is no knowing what has occurred but we believe it may be..-------------" uproar head in the background". ... Sir...what about the glowing eyes? Can you explain that?....... No...we cannot...in fact the Glowing Eyes seem to be what indicated ---------- control. In fact...control would be the best way to describe it...they have no free will of their own anymore... Is it viral? Can not be...there is no trace of Disease in their bodies. They are perfectly------------. ....Shh....do you hear that? .....They are coming.....EVACUATE THE BUILDING HURRY! SEAL THE DOORS! TO THE----"


Hidden intel 2:  - .... .  -.-. --- -. ... - .-. ..- -.-. - .. --- -.  --- ..-.  - .... .  --. .- - . .-- .- -.--  .. ...  ... - . .- -.. .. .-.. -.--  .--. .-. --- --. .-. . ... ... .. -. --. .-.-.-  -- --- .-. .  . .-.. . -- . -. -  .---- .---- .....  .-- .. .-.. .-..  -... .  -. . . -.. . -..  .. ..-.  .-- .  .-- .. ... ....  - ---  .- -.-. .... .. . ...- .  --- ..- .-.  --. --- .- .-.. .-.-.-  .-  -- .. -. .. -. --.  ..-. .- -.-. .. .-.. .. - -.--  .... .- ...  -... . . -.  ... . -  ..- .--.  .. -.  - .... .  .... .. -- .- .-.. .- -.-- .- ...  .- -. -..  - .... .  -.-. --- .-.. .-.. . -.-. - .. --- -.  --- ..-.  . .-.. . -- . -. -  .---- .---- .....  .... .- ...  -.. --- ..- -... .-.. . -.. .-.-.-  






Easter Eggs

There is no Main Egg in this map however there are smaller Easter Eggs that you will be able to hunt for. Some of which appear as the Rounds go on. Here is a List of Eggs

1.       The Bodies of the O4 can be found in each area. One body per area.

2.       A dead Dog can be found Half Buried beneath the murky waters

3.       The Meteorite can be examined by walking up to it and Pressing X

4.       The Zombies are not Just Japanese

5.       The telephone plays audio from another time before the song

6.       The Teddy Bear has been replaced by a Small statue.

7.       The Shovel can be used to dig up a strange weapon

8.        The Barracks holds the Flamethrower. Hello old friend






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Who do you play as by the way?

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Der Riese revisited will soon be up now that the reveal has been released

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