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Eddy's Turn: Warm-Up Story for non-zomies related project

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Eddy's Turn



"The moon...once a dusty grey landscape, now swarmed with the undead. But suddenly, from nowhere four men appear and begin mowing throug-" The boy is abruptly cut off before he can finish his story. "No Eddy! Thats not how it happens remember? Last time we played we started somewhere else." Samantha stands up and walks over to her toy box. She begins to rummage through, throwing a lunar lander toy out of it and finally picking up a mode of the MTD. Struggling, she carries it over and puts it down near Eddy. "Oh yeah, sorry Sam I forgot." Whilst apologizing, Eddy places the action figures of Tank, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen and puts it in front of the the teleporter. Samantha then begins to speak. "After the long journey across Nevada, the group finally reach the elusive Area 51. But it is seemingly empty. They stand under Roome Lake." "Groome Lake!" Eddy interrupts. "Sorry... Groom Lake, the zombies begin to rise from the floor." She begins to control her figures of Takeo and Tank, shooting at a zombie and knocking it over.


Eddy runs to the corner of the room, he rolls a fire engine toy on the floor making the sirens begin to sound. "As th sirens sound, the undead swiftly overwhelm the undead, causing them to stand inside the teleporter." Upon returning Eddy picks up a bunch of toys and brings them over to the chalk board on the floor. It has jagged circles drawn into it. He then begins to continue his monologue. "The moon... once a dusty grey landscape, now swarmed with the undead.But suddenly, from nowhere four men appear and begin mowing through the-" Before he can finish, Eddy sees Samantha sighing and looking out the window. "Whats the matter now? Is it the space suits because I was just going to mention that." Sam sighs again. "No Eddy, its just..." Still looking out the window, Sam begins to try and search for something to take her mind off of the subject. "We are growing up now. In a few days I will be to old to play." Eddy's stands up and walks over to her bed and reaches for an object under it. After struggling for a moment he finally reaches it. Still hiding the object behind his back, Eddy walks over to Sam. "I was gonna give you this at your party but... If you are too grown up for it you better enjoy it while you can!" From behind his back, Eddy shows Samantha a triangular shaped object covered in wrapping paper with the pattern of a monkey on it. She opens it, placing it on the ground near the other toy. It is an obsidian pyramid, carved out of actual stone. The textures of it are smooth, yet have a rigid feel to them. Samantha moves it, as she does this a shaking sound can be heard.


Confused, she manages to open the pyramid. Inside is a doll, wearing old yet simple clothing. It roughly resembles her. "What do you think?" Eddy smiles, knowing that she would like it anyways. "I think that we just found the thing that will make our games last forever!" Samantha's eyes begin to dart around the room, she looks for different objects and toys until finally running to get a notebook. She begins writing, in note form, bits and pieces that can aid in the next chapter of the story. Eddy picks up the doll to investigate it, admiring his own craftsmanship. Then, he realizes that in his left hand he still holds the Richtofen figure. While Samantha still scribbles down notes, Eddy places the Richtofen figure in the pyramid, then props the Sam doll up to the others. "It's my turn."



So that was just a short story I wrote, I tried to flesh out Eddy and Sam abit giving them traits and stuff. I also tried to make it dialogue driven, I am trying to find the perfect balance between dialogue for my other story. Tell me what you think! I have never done this sort of thing before, it was pretty interesting to write. Also if their is any spelling errors, I will try to correct them. I wrote this on a friends broken laptop so excuse them for now :) Tell me if you think I should continue this as well, I obviously could make it go all the way to Buried, including Nuketown.

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