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Zombie Storyline: the confusing parts and a new theory


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So the most popular theory about the "ending" in origins goes like this:


1-samantha is trapped in agartha.


2-the players (Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen) does the easter egg (little lost girl) and frees samantha from agartha.


3-samantha says that their award awaits them, they just need to step into the light.


4- Samantha gains ultimate power from being free from the limitations that she had before, she wishes to make everything normal again.


5-the cutscene begins, she is in her room with her friend and fluffy (her dog) is alive and so is her father. So everything is back to normal, but the toys in her room, pretty much everything from COD WaW zombies to COD BO2 zombies is in her room,


6- her friend says that he wish the characters in their stories were real then samantha replies, daddy has a plan.The cutscene ends.


7-this plan is the same plan from before (improving human condition) (he want's to re-animate his old friend Richtofen because he saved his life once(one of the heroes)).


8-he starts group 935.


9-he manage to brainwash someone and insert some memories that Richtofen had so that it would be the same person.

"Richtofen" joins group 935.


10-the group takes another course when they get low on money, and then excepts the funding from the natzis but in return they make weapons for them.


11-this makes Richtofen angry...etc...etc...he finds the pyramid in moon....etc...samantha gets into the mpd....you know the rest.



Now to the confusing parts:


In paragraph 3 it says "their award awaits them" this raises your eyebrowns:


-what  award?,


-if sam went into the normal world, where did they go?


In paragraph 5 we find out that not everything is normal, she  seem to remeber alot from what had happend, but not that it was real.



-ok, so she remebers some things but it's all a fantasy for her. this seems a little vague, it doesn't quite hold it, if she wanted everything back to normal how could she still have these items in her room?


 if we would go on another theory (the theory of the whole zombies storyline being made up by samantha + her friend) paragraph 5 would make alot of sense, but it's a theory that dissipoints many zombie fans but this theory might even be stronger than the first theory.


moving on.......


Here are the real quotes from the ending cutscene from origins:


Her friend:"I wish the heroes in our stories were real sam."


Samantha:"I know what you mean, but we will make everything okey. My dad says he has a plan."


Now this dialauge between Samantha and her friend does not support the theory (samantha restoring all to normal and then everything happens from WW to BO2) because it does not signify anywhere that the plan is to make the heroes from origins real again, in fact that is imossible, you could only make copies, but that doesen't matter because there is no reasonable reason for Maxis to re-animate the heroes, I mean what are you going to do with them, sit down and drink coffe with them? they have already recieved their award and are probably in some kind of heaven as samantha says in the beginning of the cut scene "from that day forward they knew that samantha would ceep them safe, forever" although that supports the other theory...


+if Samantha wanted everything to become normal then that wouldn't be so smart since it was from the normal life that she went into the MPD, so there becomes this endless loop where it all happens over and ove again.


here's an image: post-136994-0-41818200-1418859819_thumb.



Made up zombie storyline Theory


This theory has irritated many including me, some might like the sudden classic plot twist in movies and stories but in zombies no one does.


This is just a theory, but with a little change in it which I'll present later on. Now let me explain the theory.


-everything that happend in zombies from WaW to BO2 has been made up by Samantha and her friend.


(pretty simple theory)...


Samantha and her friend plays in turns, meaning that when it's Samantha's turn to decide things the zombies have red eyes in the game(like in kinoder toten and etc..) and when her friend has his turn the eyes are blue in the game (tranzit and etc...)


Now treyarch would never end their zombies like this, so what kind of zombies would be in the next BO3 /WaW2?


take another look at these quotes:


Her friend:"I wish the heroes in our stories were real sam."


Samantha:"I know what you mean, but we will make everything okey. My dad says he has a plan."


  Her friend's wish catches my curiosity because he says that he wants them to be real, but why? to fight zombies? maybe....


  Samantha says something very interesting, she says that she knows what he means, and that they will make everything okey, who are they? and what is wrong? Then she says that her dad has a plan, what plan? for what?


Put it all together and you get:


her firend: I wish our heroes were real (to fight the zombies).

Samantha: I know what you mean, but we will make everything okey(end the zombie apocalyps)  My dad says he has a plan(a plan to end the zombie apocalyps)


so basically they use their real life experience(the real life zombie invasion) in their made up zombie stories,


Is it only me or can you smell a new zombie storyline growing out from the ground?



PLEAS ask a Question or comment on what you think and some improvements that i could do.




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At the end of the day (end of the year fallowing origins) the best explanation I could come up with was this: 


Origins, like MOTD, is in hell. I do not base this off the fact they were soposely "made by the same team" forget that, it's not important. My reasoning was why would they even have MOTD if It has nothing to do with zombies. But then it hit me: The same hell-based scenarios from MOTD's hell are Origin's basis. 


Origins is hell, according to my theory: 

Evidence (not proof, but evidence): 

-Who is actually in hell: 

-Tank Dempsey (Died on moon) 

-Takeo M. (Died on moon) 

-Nikolai B. (Died on moon) 

-Richtofen's body (Died on moon) 

-Samantha's voice: Bound to richtofen's body. 



The way maxis enters the game is also important: Remember, we never see a living breathing maxis, we see his corpse laid out; His body, then later his mind joins the group. In the real world, maxis's body was dead long before his body was as well. 



-Mob of the dead has many references to Dante's Inferno as hell. In Origins we see, not as diffident, but apparent things from "Inferno" as well: Muddy landscape (7th layer), massive beasts, gargoyles (panzers) winds that blow the damned, ice that freezes the damned, fire that burns the damned, and storms which… you get the idea. 


-If this is hell, it's currently being shared by all 4 souls, or in this case, 3 souls and richtofen's basic biology (who he would be if he never touched the MPD) Its possible origins is the only place this could have happened. 

- If this is hell, it would explain all the paradoxes in the story created by origins, as multiple things would be questioned to happen in origins as well as any map after it. 


-If this is hell, then the aether is the cutscene at the end, again this makes sense, richtofen is there influencing sam, samantha talks as if she's american or soulless, and then maxis comes in, JUST HIS VOICE MIND YOU, with instructions and an accent. This can happen as a result of the events of origins sending maxis into the light. 





This theory works for me, and until I get some solid evidence, it's the one I'm going to go by. 

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