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Day 2 Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Concepts

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The WatchDog - The Watch Dog is a brand new animatronic that will chase away other animatronics. However activating him drains your power. The watchdog is a new addition given to security Guards to help them survive the Night. The watchdog wears a blue vest and a Security Hat


The Burglar - A mascot that is a Classic antagonist for freddy fazbear. Most people know of Foxxy the Pirate Fox Playing a somewhat villainous role but The Burglar has always wanted to steal the Show. His appearance is very similar to hamburglar if he were a Mouse. If the Burglar manages to break into your office he will steal your Freddy Fazbear Mask and you will no longer have that to protect yourself. Once the burglar steals the Mask from you he will no longer attempt to break into your office and can be seen standing on the stage wearing the stolen mask. Like Balloon Boy he is not aggressive to the security Guard but his actions can lead to your death.


Dazzle Frazzle - A clown animatronic with White makeup, Purple Lips, and a rainbow afro made up of Balloons. He resembles something out of Shakespeare’s plays and wears a striped outfit consisting of Shiny Purple and Blue with Frills.  Dazzle Frazzle is afraid of Bright Lights and does not focus on Attacking the Player. However Dazzle Frazzle will often follow the Original Animatronics around and attempt to destroy them. This would be fine for you However under your contract with Freddy Frazbear Pizzeria you are supposed to prevent any destruction of Company property. To stop Dazzle Frazzle from destroying Animatronics you have to shine a Light on his face. This will chase him back to his spawn. Another Hazard is that Dazzle Frazzle will chase Animatronics causing them to Flee, sometimes Even chasing them into your office.


Doctor Croc - Doctor Croc is a Scrapped Animatronic that was originally intended to teach kids about healthy eating. However he was unpopular with the Kids and was soon Scrapped. His teeth are Unusually Clean and he wears a doctor’s coat. Unlike the other animatronics who chase you down for not wearing your suit, or for supernatural reasons. Doctor Croc is actually trying to Clean your Teeth and by clean I mean rip them out one by one and then Install them again.


Sally Squirrel- A brown Squirrel with Pink cheeks that is Defective. It was Dismantled for Parts and all thats left is bits and Pieces here and there. However some of those Pieces move around. Sally is Missing Half her face and the Exposed half reveals a Human Skull. Sally Squirrel Avoids Cameras and Only appears in Later Nights. You will never see sally Squirrel until she attacks you but Since she Generally avoids cameras you can view certain Cameras and force her to Move to another Area. You need to listen Closely for the sound of Chittering and Squeeks. Also listen to which speaker it’s coming from. The direction of the Squeeks will tell you Sally’s Exact Position.



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These are really cool especially watchdog, doctor croc and sally, when I was a kid I went to 2 kind of places which were called soft play areas, a bit like a pizzeria but different. One was called Sirrels the squirrels nut hut lol and Sally reminded me of it. The other was called Freddy's O_o but it was a dragon, I live near it actually

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