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My name is Hershel Steven Luxwix, 

it is august 4th, 1993… 

The war is over… 

I ended it… Broke the seal… 

Most of humanity was either destroyed by the war… Or mutated back to either mute forms of basic traders… or changed into a variety of disturbing creatures. 

From what I know of this universe is that despite it's look, it is nothing like my old earth… 

Here everything is separated into cubes with widths, heights, and lengths of almost a meter. 

Most of these blocks can defy gravity and physics it's self. 

Furthermore the resources here are far more manageable, as I am able to construct simple materials into hardened tools with ease…



Other locals I've seen have gained the ability to travel to the moon. 

I've seen other things mutate to mimic others. 

However there is one thing unique to me.. and me alone… 

That box… Red… Unbreakable.. 

That box was meant for me.. I don't know why… Or how… But it was...

I must find the key… 

I only have two goals now.. 

Get home.

And find the key to the chest.  

With hope… That's only one goal. 

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For those who don't know what this is I'm making a storyline fallowing the adventures of H. Steven. Luxwix in the minecraft world. I figured I might as well make my own zombie story with my product sense I can. 


Each part after the prologue will not only be readable, but will come with it's own playable chapter as well using Waffe-craft. I hope all who can will enjoy to the fullest. 

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