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George Romero/ COTD Questions

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COTD has always been a myserious map, what with submarines, green lights, strange pulsating lights and the like appearing. Here are three more questions I'd like to add to the mix.

-Why does George Romero posess such blatantly different characteristics than normal Zombies? His size, durability, irritability, strange glow. His capability for speech and the aptitude to use tools (stage light). Not to mention his strange glow and ability to remember his life before Zombification. Why does the water calm him down? How is he able to miraculously re-appear only a few rounds after we "kill" him? Is he even a Zombie at all? He defies every traditional quality of a Zombie.

-Why do we see George in the closing cutscene, as if he was somehow "de-zombified"? Is this the effect of the VR-11? If so, why does the VR-11 demonstrate no such effect in-game?

-Why does the Zombie that kidnaps George in the opening cutscene completely ignore the human that was attempting to lead him away? The Zombie seems to not care that he was within biting distance of food. He passes by, no, in fact he THROWS aside the stagehand and heads straight for George. Does Sam want George dead (or zombified) for some certain reason?

Are these questions over-analizations? Simply for gameplay purposes or dramatic effect? Or does someone out there have valid theories as to why this is so?

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1- George Romero is the way he is because the Zombies team thought it would make the game more interesting. I can't think of a reason why that fits storyline purposes however.

2- The ending cutscene isn't supposed take place after the CotD map chronologically.

3- I have no answer here other than the fact that the cutscene is just made to look cool and so Treyarch probably didn't care about making it realistic. After all, Michael Rooker is shown wielding two double-barrel shotguns and shoots the right one three times without reloading.

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