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Edward Richtofen, Beware the Doc

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NZ_Richtofen.png"Hunt for power, madness to creation..."

DISCLAIMER: What is written is based off of what we know, some is speculation, some VERY probable speculation. This is to help us connect a story to the man of a thousand brains.

“Cavities again Edward? My my, time for more fillings. Soon your teeth will resemble the mines of the Gold Rush!” As a child, Edward had a keen attraction to pain. His father was a very kind and gentle man. His mother on the other hand died during WW1 due to illness. Perhaps it’s why he enjoys paint. Maybe it was his way of dealing with the loss of his mother. His way of telling himself it’s alright. In his childhood he would love to visit the dentist, feared by kids, loved by Edward. He loved the drill and the pain of it in his mouth. The torture to many. As a teen he would excel in science, learning new ways to torture using science and technology. Earning a Science Doctrine and Ph.D, he earned the title of Doctor. His talent in science caught the attention of the Illuminati. Edward joined in his late teens.

In 1921 he joined the Nazi Party to use the opportunity to test his methods and love of torture to convince weary people to join the Party, or stay out of the way. Given the rank of Captain due to his education, he was in charge of a company of Brown Shirts. The protective service to Hitler during his rallies. Torturing those who attempted to crash the rallies gave the Nazi Party a reputation for a brute force of evil. In 1930 now at the rank of Colonel, Edward was put in the Wehrmacht, now in charge of a regiment of soldiers. In 1935, noticed by the High Command, he was promoted to Major General, then transferred to Group 935, a scientific organization made to “Improve the Human Condition”. Edward’s bright mind in science landed him a job as Assistant to the Head of Group 935, Doctor Ludwig Maxis. Working on technology not to be seen for hundreds of years, such as teleportation and alien weapons. Mainly using the newly found element 115, 935 created weapons such as the Porters X2 Ray Gun and the Scavenger. In need of test subjects for these new discoveries, Edward was given the task of extracting humans for the job. Gaining a reputation in torture and experimentation, Edward gained the nickname, “The Butcher”. Constantly made to carry out the tasks of Maxis, Edward had little time to work on personal ideas.

Having watched the horrid tests with the teleporter and the recreation of dead humans, Edward wanted to dig deeper in the field of teleportation and theories and legends of zombies. In 1939, while testing with Dr. Schuster, by using a walnut, they successfully teleported it from the unit to the reciever. Maxis was unfortunately not impressed. Edward, distraught, sought to continue work on the device. On January 4th, 1940, the first human subject was used for the Matter Transference Prototype. Edward as the subject was then teleported to a cave like room with no gravity. FIlled with alien technology, possibly in the future, Edward was fascinated, but a peculiar object caught his attention. A massive black pyramid. Upon touching it, he was electrocuted. Seconds later, he was teleported again to a jungle, a Utopia thought to have been lost. On January 24, 1940, Edward returned, with work to do. In 1942, they were able to teleport men and workers to the cave, which turned out to be the moon. They built a base there and named it Griffin Station. Edward presented the Black Pyramid discovering it was an Ancient Vril Device. During his presentation he received applause and praise, but only to hear voices in his head. While reporting to the Hitler at the Eagles Nest in Berlin, Edward contacted Griffin Station to discover that death fuels the Black Pyramid. Having sent over a shipment of civilians, they were slaughtered, therefore fueling the pyramid. Preparing his plan to control the newly made army of the undead, Edward trapped Maxis and his daughter in a Teleporter. The daughter was then teleported to Griffin Station and trapped herself in the Pyramid. Saving Maxis from Aether, Edward then got rid of him, but his last words to Samantha, his daughter were, “Kill them all”. Now in control of the zombies, Samantha raised hell on Edward.

Needing a way to get her out and get himself in the pyramid, Edward started assembling a team. In 1944 he went to his allies, Japan and tasked a Captain by the name of Takeo Masak to bring back another subject. He then established a base in New Guinea to continue work on the zombies and also to construct a weapon he had in mind for years, the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Testing on Japanese soldiers, the weapon proved successful. Using a fallen meteor of 115, he was able to continue testing. In 1945 Takeo returned with a Russian named Nikolai. Planning on using both men, he knocked them unconscious and commenced Maxis’ Super Soldier Program he had planned before he died. In September, 935’s base in Wittenau was breached by American Marines, Edward flew down to capture one alive. He captured Tank Dempsey, now completing his group, Edward was prepared to complete his plan. After he touched the Pyramid however, he felt himself slowing fading into madness and begun hearing voices. Beware of the Doc they said. Beware of the Doc.

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Hes in Uniform and the rank on his uniform in WAW and BO is Major General, he may have not believed in the Nazi Ideology but he definintly was apart of it

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Guest MexicanIlluminati

Huh...coulda sworn I saw that somewhere. Anyway great job, very interesting insight :) Have you checked out my Zombies Novel in the "Zombie Stories" section yet???

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Another great read if I say so myself!

Also, I think you should compile these into a big thread in case people want to read all 4 at once!

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Guest Shooter

Great read! Anyone feel free to correct me but, don't we know for a fact that Richtofen was NOT a Nazi?

He worked under the Nazi party and Group 935, but was only using them as a front for his own mad agendas.

This is good stuff here! It's a nice take on the current bios they have.

:lol: Just a heads up, but the two weapons you named are two of the few weapons not created by Richtofen and Maxis. The Scavenger was created by Harvey Yena, and the Porter X2 by H. Porter.

Richtofen created the Wunderwaffe DG2, Monkey Bomb, and QED. Maxis created the Shrink Ray.

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I know, arent they apart of 935? Thats why i named them. I said richtofen created the DG2 and i didnt name anything maxis created.

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Guest Shooter

I know, arent they apart of 935? Thats why i named them. I said richtofen created the DG2 and i didnt name anything maxis created.

Oh gotcha. Well you might want to consider rewording it a bit. It makes it sounds like you're stating "Maxis and his assistant Richtofen created such weapons as Porter X2, Scavenger etc...". Just a suggestion though.

I'm really digging all these character bios BTW.

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