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Takeo Masaki, Born To Kill, Made To Serve

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NZ_Takeo.pngHonor, Duty, Sacrifice...

DISCLAIMER: What is written is based off of what we know, some is speculation, some VERY probable speculation. This is to help us connect a story to the man of a thousand Samurai.

In 1180, the Gempei War erupted in Japan. Samurai soldiers came to and fought for their lands. This is the start of the Masaki legacy. Takeo’s childhood was full of wealth and prosperity. Growing up in Japan, he was made to train in the ways of the Samurai at an early age. Eager to learn from his father, he trained in the ways of the saber, the mind, and the soul. Mistakes however brought him punishment from his father, only to help him further learn so he would never forget. A happy energetic child, Takeo loved to play in the streets with his friends. They would sword fight, play games, and even cut the tails off kittens. Showing a love in poetry, he had a legacy to fulfill so at age 16, Takeo was accepted into the Japanese Army Academy. He learned quickly and showed talent and skill in military tactics and bloodlust. Graduating from both the Senior and Junior Schools in the Academy Takeo brought his legacy honor and triumph. During a celebration, Takeo and some friends had some drinks to celebrate. Takeo, having a weak stomach, grew sick from too many drinks. As a punishment from his father, he was made to tattoo the Japanese proverb “Life is light when compared to honor” in his eyelids, so he shall never forget his place in the family.

In 1939, Takeo took the opportunity to fight for his honor. Sent to the Soviet Far East and China, Takeo showed great skill in cutting clean through his enemy’s bones. After 3 years of fighting British, Americans, Chinese, and Russian troops in Eastern Asia, Takeo was sent to Guadalcanal in 1942. Being promoted to Captain, Takeo was tasked with attacking Henderson Field, an American Air Base. Takeo, armed with his trusty Type 100 Submachine Gun and his men with fixed bayonets, they charged into the base. Unsuccessful in their attack, losing about half their strength. Then in 1944, takeo was sent to Saipan to fend off the US Marines invading the island. Slaying hundreds of men with his type 92 LMG, he quickly ran out of ammo. Protecting his position with his katana and Nambu Pistol, he was forced to retreat due to overwhelming numbers of attacking Marines. Having seen his potential, Takeo was sent back to Japan to meet the Emperor. After their meeting Takeo was pulled aside to meet a German doctor by the name of Richtofen. They spoke about war and blood, a common love between the two. Then, the subject of aiding the doctor in his research came up. Takeo was tasked with finding a test subject for his experiment. Preferably someone from the Allies. In July of 1945, Takeo was sent to Manchuria to prepare for the Russian invasion. With Richtofen’s task in mind, Takeo set up an ambush in a small roadside neighborhood. The Russians commenced their attack in August. With an incoming unit of Russian troops, Takeo’s men were prepared to kill. Walking right in their trap, Takeo’s men slaughtered the Russians. Having only 1 survivor, a plump drunk Russian by the name of Nikolai. Takeo deemed him a fit subject for Richtofen. Takeo then took him to New Guinea, where Richtofen’s compound was. Little did Takeo know, Richtofen was going to use Takeo also as a test subject. Betrayed by his handler, Takeo formed a deep grudge against Richtofen and vowed revenge. Only to lose his memory due to Richtofen’s tests. Now a pawn in Richtofen’s plans, the future is a mystery for Takeo Masaki.

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Hmm, I think that the general message is kinda right, but most of the specifics don't have any backing. It's a good thread, but I'd like to know where you got some of your statements from.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

If you can write like this, you can do storytelling.Man, you should put a more detailed (and longer) thing of this in Zombie Stories :)

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Guest MexicanIlluminati

If you can write like this, you can do storytelling.Man, you should put a more detailed (and longer) thing of this in Zombie Stories :)

I second this! I smell potential

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Well, i have to do Richtofen first, I lost a little detail with Takeo, hard to piece together his combat experience. The japanese having to fight on a ton of islands with each unit being destroyed. Ill see what i can do! BTW, i have Gun guides for WAW and BO comin up, called the Quick Weapon Reference

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