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Nikolai Belinski, The One Who Was Feared

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1674347-nz_nikolai_large.pngDrowned in drink, feared and forgotten...

DISCLAIMER: What is written is based off of what we know, some is speculation, some VERY probable speculation. This is to help us connect a story to the man of a thousand drinks.

Nikolai Belinski, a tale of sorrow and hatred. Born and raised on a pig farm in Poland, his father never really loved Nikolai. Nikolai’s sister was the one who was truly loved and favored over the 2 children. Over the years of his childhood, Nikolai grew a strong hatred for his loved sister. As a teenager, Nikolai became fascinated with political science and took interest in joining the ranks of the Communist Party. In the 1930s, Nikolai ran away from his home to pursue a life of politics.

Having had watched certain politicians as a teen,observing how they worked, Nikolai used a tactic he thought would be the easiest to become a high ranking political figure. He started out by marrying women connected to the Communist Party. Moving up the ranks quickly, Nikolai did face some obstacles with most of his wives, so those wives he killed, and simply remarried. Murdering any wife or politician that stood in his way, Nikolai gained a reputation. These wives however, didn’t give Nikolai all good things though. With one having had terrible cooking skills and another giving Nikolai Syphilis. One of Nikolai’s wives however became pregnant and had a baby girl. Nikolai took responsibility for the child. Joseph Stalin soon heard of Nikolai’s slaughter tales and his rise to power. Having feared that he would be next, Stalin devised a plan to get rid of the high ranking figure. Having had 9 wives and come considerably close to Stalin's seat of power, Nikolai's political life was over.

As soon as Germany declared war on Russia In 1941, Nikolai was sent to the front lines to defend the Motherland from the fascist Reich. On November 17, Nikolai was placed in the 5th Army and sent to defend the legendary city of Moscow from the incoming Germans. Armed with a PPSH-41 and fueled by anger Nikolai proved his fighting skills by slaying Germans by the dozens. In 1942 his unit was then merged with the 16th Army in attacking Istra. In 1943 Nikolai’s unit became involved in many offensive operations around Belorussia, East Prussia, and Poland. During Nikolai’s combat experience however, he picked up a massive drinking habit due to the fact he was thrown out of life into combat and betrayed by his country. Using an old drawstring backpack he found on a dead comrade, he was able to keep vodka with him for a majority of his combat life. He inscribed, Nikolai’s Vodka on the bag and threatened to kill any man who touched it. In August of 1945, Nikolai and his unit were transferred to Asia, for the attack on Manchuria. It is here where Nikolai’s life would change forever. Fighting in urban environments, Nikolai’s squad was ambushed and slaughtered. Nikolai survived, only to be captured by incoming Imperial troops. While awaiting in his cell, a Japanese Captain by the name of Takeo Masaki transferred him out of the POW camp and put him under his command.

Takeo took Nikolai to a compound somewhere in New Guinea. There, they met Edward Richtofen, a member of Group 935. Takeo and Nikolai became test subjects to the doctor. Nikolai, having had gained an addiction to alcohol, had to have a special serum injected with vodka. Richtofen saw something in Nikolai, a smart mind perhaps. Richtofen saw potential in Nikolai so he kept him close. They were then joined with another American test subject named Tank Dempsey. The 3 were used as puppets for Richtofens grand scheme.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

No need to double post, you can just put it at the end in red or something! :)

Anyways, I like this one as well. Keep up the good work, I'm definitely interested in the next two! 8-)

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Guest MexicanIlluminati

Just finished reading both your stories. Their both great takes on the lives of Dempsey and Nikolai, good work! You should give my "Nazi Zombies Chap. 1" thread a read. Its in the "Zombie Stories" section of the forums; I think you'd enjoy it ;) Looking forward to hearing Takeo's story!

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